Xining County of Huangyuan Industrial and Commercial Bureau to truly grasp the "Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday food safety work, to further standardize business practices of food operators, to ensure consumer safety Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day is approaching, with the ongoing" chuangxianzhengyou "and" building a civilized city "activities, the deployment of a month the food safety special law enforcement action.
the special enforcement action to grain, oil, meat, milk, cakes, beverages, candy, cakes, children food, health food, wine and other food festivals as the key species in food operators to establish and improve the purchase inspection, certificate and invoice, purchase ledger, three expired, spoiled fake food the main content, determine the supermarkets, bazaars, shopping malls, grocery stores, food wholesale business households, urban and residential areas, around the school, tourist attractions and other key area. A total of 992 households to check the food business, and the county’s main business of the moon cake of the 18 households conducted a key inspection, check the moon cake of the 31 varieties, did not find quality problems. At the same time in the dairy market inventory, the circulation of dairy products and dairy food business operators have signed more than 550 copies of the book, with the signing of the responsibility of the industry and commerce book of 3 copies.
through special inspection of law enforcement focus: one is to further standardize the management behavior and management order of food business operators; two is to further enhance the sense of responsibility and quality consciousness of operators; three is to supervise the operator to perform the purchase inspection certificate and invoice, purchase accounting obligations; four is to further purify the holiday market food quality the five is the issue of food; do early detection, early investigation, specification, to ensure consumer safety during the festival.