in March this year, along with the beautiful spring, seven of us went to Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County town of Gan Jing Yang Shu Wan Cun. With the dawn of Sichuan infiltration in a grand view of exuberant vitality, gurgling water is along the road on both sides of the meandering channel merrily toward pingchou jiangmen.

into the village of Gan Shu Wan, we were in front of this neat beautiful, fresh and beautiful village to attract. I saw a row of two storey courtyard well-proportioned stands in a straight section of the road on both sides of the cement, a fan with color tile mosaic door style appearance. Eager to get up early Gan Bay villagers are gathered in the village on the central square of leisure, is being carried out in the morning. The villagers in a piece of new fitness equipment, or turn the wheel, or bent down on his back, or his arms hanging lead pull. Bao Jidong, Secretary of the village Party branch, told us that 270 people in Gan Wan Village, a total of about 1040 people, were covered with new houses. And by convenient traffic conditions, the majority of people in the village engaged in transportation and agricultural products processing industry has gradually become a rich life, has been established as a well-off model village.

In fact, like

, like Gan Wan Village, taking advantage of the new rural construction of the genial spring breeze, those of us who are familiar with the cottage cottage cottage, inadvertently quietly disappeared. Especially since 2010, Datong County, each village can see the farmers are busy building a new house of the figure, an upsurge of rural housing boom in Beichuan.

reconstruction: the first step in building a new countryside

cotton Glenn Qing Lin Xiang Village is one of the typical remote poor village in Datong county. Affected by natural and economic conditions, the villagers living conditions are very poor, 60% of the village housing is a dilapidated housing.

in order to change the backward living conditions, so that the villagers live in peace, happy life, truly feel the warmth of the party and the government, in 2009, Datong County Civil Affairs, poverty alleviation, integration of the three new rural construction funds about 12400000 yuan, the implementation of the overall relocation project for the village. In the flat Hering River, each banqianhu built 6 spacious and bright house, conditional tenants are still supporting funds support, built two storey building. New cotton village water, electricity, roads, communications, everything is smooth, the villagers have a spacious place to move, in one fell swoop changed the living environment behind the block. Villagers Qi Yanping moved into a new home that day is particularly happy. As they moved the furniture, while from time to time with the author revealed the joyful mood: "to be honest, we are accustomed to these poor villagers have never thought about the future to the new house to live on such a good day. Used to live in the top of the mountain, not the way, the draft is very difficult, can only rely on cattle carry; children reading is also very convenient, the road is far, the dolls are bitter, adults do not worry. We are now moving down the road, in front of each new home are the tap water, worry about the draft, children go to school is also convenient, we sincerely thank the party and the government’s great kindness." < /;