reporter from the East District thirteen session of the six plenary meeting was informed that this year, the area in the city to enhance the management level of the fine, will further improve the relevant policies and regulations, to change from passive to active fine fine, improve the management level of the eastern city.

to this end, the district will be in the new situation of urban management, new problems, and comprehensively promote the big urban management work model, and strive to eliminate loopholes and gaps in service management. According to reports, in 2014, the East will vigorously implement the "open project" construction, make the greatest efforts to improve travel conditions; will accelerate the digital city management platform construction and grid management level, promote the integration of the two platform of digital city management command system and social management system, make the disposal process more quickly and efficiently, realize the management city operation and service security and intelligence information; to further innovate the "Long Street" and "building of" system, realize the city main road "all-weather" cleaning and "seamless" management to the development of deep; atmospheric and water pollution control on the mobilization of all sectors of society to participate in.