In the first part of the party’s mass line of educational practice, look back, the work, the city in strict compliance with high standards of education, to ensure that activities do not go through the process, to achieve solid results.

strict standards to look back. To carry out good learning education, listen to part of the "look back", the strict standards, mainly to see the ideological mobilization, the original text, learning organization to watch, listen to the views of the film nominated, outstanding leading cadres, leading cadres of the key in the 8 aspects of learning guidance is in place. Combined with the actual list of Party organization team, team members, ordinary Party members and cadres to "look back" list of items, earnestly carry out the gaps. Effectively solve the problem of learning education is not in place. Requirements of the units to be confirmed by the Central Committee of the program by item one by one inspection, one by one comb, an implementation. More in improving the learning effect of education on the ideas, think of ways and measures to achieve the required hundred-percent contents, communication and discussion, to preach, a typical case of education, people loved folk art forms to carry out learning, enhance the learning effect.