From the beginning of September, Xining city Industrial and Commercial Bureau spent 100 days in the well-known and famous trademarks hundred days special enforcement action to protect the system. The County Council, bureau of comprehensive attack, just a few days, end off fake black dens Triumphant news keeps pouring in.

September 7th, according to the West Branch of the master clues, seized a number of more than 103 yuan worth of suspected counterfeit Moutai, Wuliangye series of wine, to achieve a law enforcement action, a good start".

in September 8th, 9, the East Branch of law enforcement officers in some way, after two days and nights Dunshou, destroyed 5 dens selling fake alcohol respectively in North Street No. 39, No. 71, No. 246 South Road, No. 125 of families, hotels and other Eastern government IDA may intersection, seized on the spot "Wuliangye", "mutual aid" series of wine and other famous 421 bottles of liquor, and the other furongwang cigarettes 1027, a total value of $260 thousand. On the same day, the North Branch of law enforcement officers in the north building materials market seized suspected counterfeit "Nippon Paint 80, a total value of 1. 30 thousand yuan?.

September 10th, the West Branch in Kunlun Road No. 26, No. 59 West Main Street 5 cigarette and liquor vendor alleged trademark infringement seized "Luzhou Laojiao liquor" series of 64 bottles of wine, "Wuliangye" series of 99 bottles of wine, "Moutai" series of 23 bottles of wine, sales income 4000 yuan, worth 6210 yuan. Day night, suspected counterfeit "mutual Daqu" 200 bottles in the East North Branch seized three rental housing, worth about 1700 yuan.

September 11th, the East branch in a nearby landfill in the east area of houses, seized the alleged infringement of "eight mills" 42 pieces of red wine, a four-star, Samsung tianyoude "46," Wuliangye "series of wine 73, 150 pounds of bulk wine, packaging and all kinds of counterfeit mark 4500 sets, involving up to 210 thousand yuan.

in just 10 days, the city’s industrial and commercial systems seized nearly 20 cases of the unit, in the proof of the results of the crackdown, but also shows that the situation is still not optimistic about the crackdown in Xining. Fraud from the current means of fraud, the way and the results of its investigation, the crackdown is not the scope of the law enforcement industry and commerce can be exhausted. (author: Shi Fei)