today (June 21st) morning, the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision in Yonghe building launched an emergency rescue drills.

it is understood that in recent years, the rapid increase in the use of elevators in Xining area, the city has more than 1 thousand and 800 elevators, with the increase in the amount of use, elevator trapped people, the incidence of injury accidents have increased. In order to improve the ability to use the elevator unit, the operation of the elevator maintenance unit used in all kinds of unexpected events, wounding people trapped in elevator maintenance, improve the emergency rescue plan, the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision selected in Yonghe building residential buildings No. 1 elevator to carry out emergency drills, the elevator maintenance unit learning organization in Xining city. The exercise in operation of passengers trapped in an elevator is arranged between the danger, in the exercise of the property companies and the elevator maintenance unit protection duties, successfully excluded the elevator failure, 4 trapped passengers from the elevator in the elevator safety rescue, restoration of normal use.

quality supervision departments to remind the general public, elevator operation failure, passengers not impatient, panic, to ask for help from the outside by the elevator alarm button, telephone communication, patiently waiting for rescue, do not take the doors and other measures, so as to avoid unnecessary damage. (author: Da Ying Ying)