Xining city support work to consolidate and develop the support model based on the results, to strive for the province’s support model city "eight", national "seven consecutive years" as the starting point, to promote rapid and healthy development of local economy, maintaining social harmony and stability, promote the modernization of the armed forces as the focus, focus on the fusion type development requirements, innovative ideas support, development support work, effectively enhance the level of support work, making a positive contribution to maintaining harmonious and stable society.

after various efforts, Xining double support work to achieve the "ten per cent", namely military twinning coverage, build a civilized unit of military police, police forces in Nanjing in support of the local "Four city" participation rate, with the rate of placement of demobilized cadres, and Suiqian families resettlement of demobilized army cadres, troops stationed in Nanjing have a computer room, reading room, training field of science and technology to support the military penetration, special care and placement of funds in a timely manner according to the standard of payment, retired military officers and non army workers to receive placement rate, compulsory family discount gold soldiers according to the standard rate of payment, retired soldiers to carry out occupation education and skills training rate reached 100%. Out of a relationship as the foundation, rely on education to guide and use regulations for the new way of security support work.