May 8th, Xining City, the first recycled water plant, the staff in order to purify the equipment in order to operate, from time to time to extract sample observation records. After 168 hours of performance testing, the same day, Xining City, the first renewable water plant officially put into operation. Here the recycled water will be mainly used for industrial water in Dongchuan Industrial Park, urban green water, pouring water on the city road and lake water.

Xining City, the first renewable water plant is located in the north of Bayi Road, Xining, third sewage treatment plant in the southeast side of the plant in Xining. Project started construction in October 2012, the construction scale for the daily treatment of sewage 35 thousand tons of recycled water. In recent years, with the development of Dongchuan Industrial Park and the maturing of copper, aluminum, silicon manufacturing and other large industrial enterprises stationed, the increasing demand for industrial water. These industrial water is now completely dependent on the exploitation of groundwater and tap water. Dongchuan Industrial Park is located in Xining City, the first and third sewage treatment plants, with adequate and stable sewage resources. Through the advanced treatment of wastewater, the regenerated water can not only meet the industrial water, but also can meet the needs of urban roads and green watering.

As the first pilot project of Xining municipal wastewater reclamation and reuse project, the project of the first reclaimed water plant in the city of

is one of the key projects of Xining "water into the city" project. After the full implementation of the reclaimed water plant, the annual use of sewage is about 16 million tons, the annual saving of water supply of 11 million 600 thousand tons, can effectively improve the comprehensive utilization of water resources. The development and utilization of city water second, for the construction of water-saving city, improve the water environment quality of Huangshui River Basin, are of great significance to create a national environmental protection model city and Xining city.