reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Bureau, recently, I opened the provincial public security organs of law enforcement and case handling information system, through the law enforcement information system will achieve online handling, to prevent arbitrary law enforcement has been existing for a long time, law enforcement is not standardized, not fine, not standard, even law enforcement illegal, illegal procedure, violations of human rights and other law enforcement problems will resolved.

According to

reports, law enforcement information system for smooth opening, new law enforcement model to promote the province’s public security organs of law enforcement information online entry, law enforcement process of online management, online supervision, law enforcement activities of law enforcement quality examination, will play an important role in the promotion and protection. Provincial Public Security Bureau requires public security organs at all levels will be included in the construction of the case information system to focus on the deployment and promotion of the year, a wide range of learning, training and organization, in order to achieve full preparations for the online case. At the same time, in the transition phase of the system operation, it is necessary to optimize the function of the case handling system, ensure the security of the service, and ensure the realization of the goal of handling the case online.



illegal ground satellite receiving facilities cracked the case of

reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Bureau, in cooperation with the provincial radio and Television Bureau, Xining City Public Security Bureau cracked a major illegal operation of ground satellite receiving facilities case, and arrested the suspect hemou. According to them, since 2011, the suspect Hemou in the East District of Xining City Ji Sheng small commodity wholesale market of illegal business ground satellite receiving facilities "is the" brand ground satellite receiving equipment disk base 1055 pieces of silver, 169 pieces of satellite reception base, "Samsung" satellite receiver decoder 123, "long card" frequency demultiplier 350, "Hans Bell" brand frequency demultiplier 568, has more than 410 thousand yuan profit. Recently, the city of Xining City People’s court hearing the suspect Hemou illegal operation of ground satellite receiving facilities case, sentenced him to 8 months imprisonment, suspended for one year and fined $twenty thousand.