8 24 April, sponsored by the Nonferrous Metals Society of China, Western Mining Group Limited company to undertake the first Saline Lake magnesium industry forum held in Xining City, Dr. Chinese Academy of engineering, Beijing University of Technology and other research institutes, 20 academicians and experts for the development and utilization of resources of Saline Lake Qinghai wise advice. Nearly 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of nonferrous metals and magnesium salt industry experts and scholars, nonferrous metals industry entrepreneurs, nearly 150 people participated in the summit forum. The forum, Saline Lake will accelerate the magnesium industry in technological innovation and brand construction of our province, inject new vitality into the development of the power and the development of Saline Lake magnesium industry in our province, also bring the exploration and Enlightenment for the reform and development of magnesium industry in Saline Lake.

Saline Lake is rich in mineral resources in our province, which has the characteristics of large reserves, high grade, complete type, good resource combination and multiple beneficial elements. "Since 12th Five-Year", the focus of our province to build a core of potash fertilizer industry, comprehensive utilization of sodium magnesium resources and Saline Lake brine deep processing industry chain of circular economy, built the country’s largest chemical fertilizer and potash, Saline Lake large base. The exploitation of mineral resources in Saline Lake has become one of the four pillars of the development of national economy in our province. But because of the deep processing and comprehensive utilization of resources of Saline Lake is still in the initial stage, leading to resource development in Saline Lake there is a single product, small scale, low level of comprehensive utilization, production process backward, poor technical problems.

under this background, the Nonferrous Metals Society of China and Western Mining Group Company held the first Saline Lake magnesium industry forum, industry experts on a wide range of Saline Lake magnesium resources under the new situation, the development and utilization of the potential value and development trend of issues such as communication, to discuss the existing problems and the magnesium resources in Saline Lake specific measures for our province Saline Lake magnesium resources industry to adapt to the new situation, to effectively meet the challenges and seize the opportunities for development suggestions.

"we are confident that the Qinghai resource advantages into economic advantages, in the effort to do the 100 thousand tons of high purity magnesium hydroxide and its downstream products project commissioning work at the same time, actively planning the future development planning of Saline Lake magnesium industry, and strive to build West magnesium as" domestic first-class, internationally renowned Saline Lake magnesium resource development enterprise. The." Li Jiankang, general manager of Qinghai Magnesium Industry Co., ltd..