on the morning of May 10th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau held a news briefing on the creation of the national environmental protection model city work on the situation introduced.

reporter learned from the briefing, Xining City, the "year" working closely around the social economy, environmental quality, environmental construction, environmental management of four major categories of 26 indicators to the crucial, a number of "year" key projects have been built and continue to promote, to further improve the environmental infrastructure, environmental management to further enhance the level of environmental quality further improvement of the public environmental satisfaction rate increased year by year, 21 standard indicators to be further consolidated and improved, 5 sprint index has been the basic standards, the "year" sprint stage of work and achieved remarkable results.

total emission reduction targets successfully completed

2012 to organize the implementation of emission reduction projects planned 30, reduction of chemical oxygen demand, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides accounted for 120%, 101%, target 148%, 100%, four indicators are the completion of emission reduction targets. The total discharge of major pollutants were controlled within the scope of the total control index issued in Qinghai province.

four economic indicators have been consolidated to improve

urban residents in Xining city in 2012 per capita disposable income is expected to reach 17426 yuan; annual investment in environmental protection index is expected to more than 2.45%; yuan GDP water consumption of 35.5 cubic meters / million yuan, down 17% over the previous year; above scale industrial added value of energy consumption decreased by 3.26% over the previous year. Million yuan of industrial added value of major pollutants emission intensity decreased over the previous year, four economic indicators have been consolidated to improve.

environmental quality further improved

"blue sky project", "clean water project", "quiet project" and "drinking water safety" all like to bear fruit. People’s environmental satisfaction rate increased year by year.

to increase environmental infrastructure

promote the city green space, theme parks, leisure facilities construction, the completion of 74 new rural village green, investment 570 million yuan, the new green garden of 40 hectares, the per capita public green area reached 10 square meters, in built-up area green coverage rate reached 37.63%.

after the meeting, the reporter to follow the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau is responsible for the relevant personnel conducted field visits to the "year" key project. (reporter Bao Tuoye photo coverage)