in order to improve the rural poor medical security level, effectively curb and reduce poverty caused by illness phenomenon, March 22nd, reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that the province will fully implement the medical security and relief of poverty alleviation action plan, and issued the "Qinghai provincial health care and assistance to poverty alleviation plan of action in the past day". In the future, the province’s 520 thousand poor people will enjoy the sunshine of a number of health care policies.

it is reported that the "Qinghai Province health care and assistance to poverty alleviation action plan" established a poor medical security system, to ensure that the poor are all included in the medical insurance coverage, improve medical security and relief operations are precise and targeted; perfect "one-stop" health care and assistance service mode, to solve the poverty the population of medical errands loaning problem, reduce poverty burden. The establishment of the "payment mechanism and one-stop real-time settlement of funds", the implementation of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical assistance "three medical security", the province’s 42 poor counties (city, District Committee, 520 thousand, 1622) of poverty of poor villages to implement participatory health care and poverty relief crucial action.

"plan" the four initiatives, the implementation of poverty population medical treatment "minus seven free medical, precise poverty ten coverage, reduce the medical burden of poverty population; perfecting the system of medical insurance system for urban and rural residents, improve the medical insurance for urban and rural residents financing payment mechanism, improve the overall level of urban and rural residents in health care, enhance the ability of medical instant settlement service the implementation of special subsidy policy; poverty insurance, for the poor population in urban and rural residents basic medical insurance for individual contributions, the Civil Affairs Department of the province will give full support from the urban and rural medical assistance funds at all levels of the financial arrangements, ensure that the poor and enjoy the benefits of all insured.

at the same time, the plan to increase the poverty relief efforts. The implementation of the poverty relief policy of major diseases outpatient and inpatient policy for the poor need chemotherapy for malignant tumor, chronic renal failure renal dialysis (ESRD dialysis) and other major diseases, outpatient treatment occurred within the scope of the policy cost, giving medical aid according to the proportion of inpatient medical expenses incurred; poverty the population in the designated medical institutions, the policy of relief, basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance reimbursement, remaining within the scope of the policy or the compliance of medical expenses, with no deductibles, give aid according to the proportion of major diseases; suffering from poverty in the designated medical institutions hospitalization medical expenses incurred during the year, a personal expense (including the expense part of a total of more than 30 thousand yuan), according to the proportion of aid.