reporter learned yesterday from the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, in order to prevent the burning of straw, leaves on the air pollution, the city of Xining issued a ban on the prohibition of burning garbage, leaves, straw, etc..

since the autumn, Xining city and the surrounding area at the incineration of waste plastics, rubber, leather, garbage, wheat straw, leaves and other phenomena occur. This random burning behavior, causing some pollution to the urban atmospheric environment. Such as burning straw leaves, the atmosphere will emit carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc., smoke coverage greater impact on the residents of the area. In order to optimize the air quality, create a clean and beautiful environment, protect the health of the masses, Xining City, the requirements of the relevant units to actively implement the garbage and leaves Jinshao work, improve the understanding of the residents of the area freely burning garbage harm. At the same time, to increase the "urban village", community residents, Beijiexiaoxiang areas focus on clean-up, do the timely removal of garbage, Nissan Nissin, key sections with the product with the cleaning, it is strictly prohibited to refuse incineration and leaves, and increase inspection efforts, the organizational strength of the commonly occurring phenomenon of burning garbage road and area regular supervision and inspection; in violation of the provisions of units and individuals without burning leaves, Bacillus subtilis and Other Waste waste, according to the "People’s Republic of China Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act" and "Xining city appearance and environmental sanitation management regulations" punishment. (author: Zhao Junjie)