from this year, our province will be the 8 consecutive year, has been in the position of village doctors enrolled each year to receive health education of village doctors, agricultural and pastoral areas (including vocational high school), 400 junior high school graduates, vocational colleges and secondary vocational medical education, cultivating a total of 3200 medical professional and technical personnel, after graduation to enrich the village doctors team, optimize the structure of village doctors, village doctors improve occupation level. This reporter learned from the provincial health and Family Planning Commission in August 4th.

it is reported that the Provincial Planning Commission with the provincial education department, the Provincial Department of Finance issued the implementation of the "Qinghai province order directional free training work program" medicine village, "village to village to take the way of health education is required in the post village medicine village doctor, the local health planning administrative Department selection, recommendation, and commissioned by the college entrance examination basis, target training agreement signed, according to the corresponding qualifications and professional, assigned to the corresponding principal training, including professional clinical medicine (general direction), Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine. Recruit high school (including vocational graduates), commissioned by the Qinghai University, Qingdao Health College School of Tibetan culture; recruit junior high school graduates, commissioned by the Xining health occupation technical school, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture occupation technical school, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture occupation technical school training, education of 3 years, for college and secondary education. The training of village doctors into the national higher vocational education sequence, after graduation, issued a corresponding certificate of education institutions. Oriented students after enrollment, training and to county health colleges and employment orientation, the location of the family planning administrative departments signed training and directional employment agreement, training during the execution of the protocol requirements, after graduation to obtain "the country doctor occupation registration certificate", directed to the village health room service for more than 6 years.