to the spring festival. Do you want to buy a ticket? Is the road smooth? Which is the most convenient way to buy tickets? Transportation authorities have any deployment and arrangement……
which is the most practical way ticket? Answer:
1 can go to the train station ticket office or outlets ID card ticket.
2 by Chinese railway customer service center website booking, the first to be registered as users of the website. Registered users can also buy tickets for themselves, but must provide accurate information on the identity of the passengers.
3 call 95105105 telephone booking according to the prompt provide passengers identity information for booking, just call the local telephone booking in Qinghai Province, Tibet autonomous region, other regions can dial the area code (0971) telephone booking system can access the Qinghai Tibet Railway company.

2 do not use false tickets;

4; do not easily believe that on the Internet, purchasing agent train ticket information, so as not to be deceived.

in addition, without the identity of the passengers to the railway station in the temporary identity card for the window to do the temporary proof of identity, proof of identity with a temporary ticket. Three people in politics: