2016 June, the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry hopes to be able to complete the work of the electricity supplier registration, electricity providers to win the recognition of electronic work. Shenyang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau start "I promise you to supervise the activities, to open the whole of society to optimize the services window and promote open government, accelerate market access, encourage entrepreneurship, help the development of enterprises such as 9 commitments, and 117 social supervisors awarded.

to create a "service oriented business", for a period of time, Shenyang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau according to "broaden access, service quality, approval speed, enhance the quality of ideas, adhere to the problem oriented, reinforce supervision and inspection, to all kinds of problems found, timely notification ordered rectification.

is required for the whole system of 358 registration window personnel "will be allowed to say," all the certificates; in January 1st, in the northeast region of the first implementation of individual industrial and commercial households, the sole proprietorship enterprise instant registration mode…… A series of pragmatic initiatives to make positive changes in the style of cadres, the market vitality further release. In the first two months of this year, the city added a total of all types of market players, an increase of 13 thousand and 400 over the same period last year, a total of 39.5%.

according to reports, this year, Shenyang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau will continue to deepen reform, using advanced experience for reference, bold exploration, take a number of innovative initiatives to break the long-standing "restrictions and fetters", make the enterprise registration more convenient, more intelligent supervision.

in accordance with the plan, is expected in June, Shenyang will be the full implementation of electronic business registration. By then, the full implementation of online applications, online acceptance, online audit, online publicity, online hair and electronic business license issued by the work, do not need to go to the hall.

at the same time, the implementation of enterprise name registration system reform, open enterprise name matching query online, not involving pre-approval of the project enterprise, cancel the pre approved link name, the name of the enterprise to maximize the release of resources for enterprise registration, save time, improve efficiency.

is worth mentioning is that Shenyang will also learn from advanced experience, the use of bank outlets and distribution of the advantages of bank agency business registration, the rural and remote areas for industrial and commercial registration more convenient.

wants to better accomplish the full electronic business registration, the need for strong support from all sectors of society, so that more people are concerned, in the wisdom of supervision, the construction of smart business supervision service system in Shenyang City, the establishment of credit information publicity, online monitoring, supervision command in the implementation and supervision of retained traces of the four platforms. To achieve real-time capture, illegal clues analysis, case investigation, task to the entire online operation, make the handling more transparent and open.

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