Recently, the mayor of the city of · which Leheli Nepal Patan; salad Mary · Patan city delegation to visit Ning Banda interest rate collar. The visit aims to promote friendly exchanges between the two cities, to strengthen bilateral cooperation in education, agriculture and animal husbandry, trade, cultural and other aspects of the city of Xining, and signed a friendship city of Patan city and economic and trade cooperation agreement of intent.Accompanied by

Nepal Patan city delegation in Huangyuan under the leadership of the county, in Huangyuan county were investigated in Cameroon cultural tourism development project site and visited the local leather embroidery factory.

later, the Xining municipal government and the municipal government signed the "Xining Patan city and Patan City, the sister city agreement"; Huangyuan county government and the chamber of Commerce signed a "China Nepal – Cameroon cultural tourism development project agreement". This project is the introduction of a total investment of 13 million 900 thousand yuan were established in the comprehensive development of tourism and cultural projects in Xining Cameroon Nepal; vertical Shakodi Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd. signed "rapeseed and edible oil export contracts with Qinghai province Chang Choi grain and Oil Trade Co. Ltd.". Signed 2000 tons of edible oil and a total of 5000 tons of rapeseed, exports amounted to RMB 69 million 600 thousand yuan.

Nepal Patan city mayor Bhandari at the meeting expressed the hope that the foundation in two city economic and trade exchanges, deepen exchanges and cooperation in trade, culture, education and tourism etc.. Three the signing of the agreement marks the exchange and cooperation between Xining city and the city of Patan has entered a new stage, to the actual project cooperation to support the friendly relations between the two sides will be more solid and meaningful. (author: Xiao Shu)