to implement the municipal Party committee about the conduct of "firm belief, faith, faith" as the theme of the clean government education activities in the city’s cadres in the implementation of the views of the city’s education system, further improve the work of honest government, recently, Xining city education bureau Party committee held the whole education system to carry out the "Sanxin" theme of education mobilization cum clean the construction work conference, the arrangements for the deployment of "Sanxin" Theme Educational activities. Bureau Party committee, deputy level cadres above board units, the offices responsible comrades attended the meeting.

the meeting pointed out that the city’s education system and the anti-corruption work to continue to carry out anti-corruption education, promote the culture into the campus, strengthen style construction, strengthen supervision mechanism, strengthen the leading cadres and office workers style construction, seriously deal with the six aspects of letters and visits, carefully follow the central and provincial and municipal government anti-corruption work conference spirit, closely around the theme of building the harmonious education, the implementation of anti-corruption work tasks, unremittingly to grasp clean government education system.


meeting asked all units to strengthen leadership, to the theme of practical activities into the overall work plan, and excel activities, grasping style construction, promote the implementation of the work "theme of practical activities and commemoration of the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding activities closely together, firmly establish the" Three Represents "and" establishing the party for the public and governing for the people "thought, strengthen the party spirit and moral consciousness, earnestly diligently for the people, clean from teaching, good people satisfied with the education.