Xining is now speeding up the construction of a drainage artery, a drainage box culvert length of 16.2 km of the new project (i.e. drainage main pipe), the drainage culvert is 2.5 meters high, 2 meters wide, not only people can go, even small machinery can also enter. At the same time, the drainage culvert culvert ahead of the design, after its completion, the city of Xining municipal sewage pipe is expected to 50 years without mention of standard capacity.

2.27 million building drainage artery

is currently in Xining area along the Huangshui River sewage interception dry pipe diameter is too small existing problems, resulting in sewage can not be completely transported to the collection of sewage treatment plant. In recent years, the pace of construction of Xining continues to accelerate, the county population increased in Xining purchase, the park is booming, urban drainage pipe network pressure increases. To this end, Xining started the implementation of the Xining sewage treatment plant into the plant in charge of the expansion (drainage culvert) project, the project estimates a total investment of 227 million yuan.

three or four people in the main pipe and ranked

is the new drainage main pipe (drainage culvert) by the concrete pouring, very firm, into the interior, three or four people can walk side by side, very spacious. At present, to further accelerate the pace of construction, as of now, the first phase of the project (sea lake bridge to Huangzhong bridge 8.2 km) basically completed the task; the two phase of the project (Huangzhong bridge unity plot) box culvert project is being implemented, the plan completed in November; the bidding work is completed through the train station 1020 meters long box culvert project. The whole project is completed by the end of the year.

to meet the city’s sewage collection

The head of

expansion project construction sites in the Huangshui River (from the South Sea Lake Bridge unity bridge), West to the factory, Huang waterway fifth sewage treatment in the construction of the north to collect (fourth sewage treatment plant), South to the south of the sewage waste water treatment plant, East unity bridge area, and transportation to the first, second, third and sixth of the treatment planning of sewage treatment plant sewage treatment plant. The project is fully completed, the theory of water volume of nearly 700 thousand tons, can meet the needs of the city’s urban sewage interception, collection, transportation, City East Sewage main pipe is expected to 50 years without standard capacity, in the network reconstruction project in the future, only partial innovation of the branch.