On the morning of December 27th, the Qinghai local film "Qinghai Ranger’s plan" new film promotion will meet with the audience in Xining. It is reported that the film crew were Qinghai, filmed in the area of Datong County, several stars also have profound martial arts skills, the Qinghai has become the first martial arts films. The movie "Qinghai Rangers" outside the plan about a policeman and a group of cultural relics in Hongkong forces, for hidden in the Datong mountain classic cultural relics in the final justice defeat evil, the story will return the relics. Reporters learned that the shooting of the film’s staff, from the director, screenwriter, actor to other staff are Qinghai people, they are a group of young people with a film dream. At the same time, a few actors have served in the military school, Shaolin Temple and other places. The years of studying martial arts, has profound martial arts skills. So all the fights in the film are the real performance of the actors. The film, which took a year to shoot, is based on the local natural landscape. The film is not only to train local talent, to build Qinghai’s film and television culture, but also will be a group of young people keen on the film dream together to lay a solid foundation for the local film culture.