June 2nd, the first in Xining, primary school aviation model contest held in Xining city stadium.

early in the morning, the venue of the Xining stadium, came to the students. They are in the area of paper planes and model planes in the air. More than 260 students from nearly 40 schools in Xining participated in the competition. After fierce competition, a total of 8 first prize, the first prize of the top two, the top three prizes, such as the other 40, and so on. Xining Hui secondary school, Chaoyang School, chase six secondary school won the first prize.

this activity is one of the contents of the Xining Youth Science and technology competition. Earlier, also held the first primary and secondary school students hit the earth egg structure design contest, the second youth of the order of the magic cube speed contest three. Activities by the Xining science and Technology Association, the Xining Municipal Bureau of education, the Communist Youth League Xining Municipal Committee jointly organized by the Xining children’s palace. The aim is to improve the scientific literacy and innovation ability of middle school students, to cultivate and improve the comprehensive quality of students, to promote the development of science and technology activities, and to promote the popularization and development of science and technology education in Xining. (author: Eiko)