Qingming outing, rural travel is a good choice. The countryside is not only good air, but also can experience farm work and folk custom." Qingming small holiday, although the provincial capital to cool, but this did not affect the enthusiasm of the public outing tour. April 5th, the Xining public Mr. Hao with the whole family to travel by car, after a rich content, physical and mental Qingming small holiday.

Hao is a self driving enthusiasts, the same day, he and his family drove to Huangzhong. Early spring season, you can see a touch of green. A family walking in the village, you can also enjoy the local folk, picking some wild vegetables, eat a meal of rice." Mr. Hao said.

evening, Mr. Hao and friends come out from the area back to the farmhouse, a farmhouse dish has been placed on the table, Mr. Hao said happily: "countryside scenery is good, and is also convenient, if you have a car, leisure play here is very good."

go out for a walk, a lot of people like to pick some wild vegetables to take home, but not all wild vegetables can eat. In this regard, Fifth People’s Hospital of Qinghai province Dr. Wang reminded that growth in the side of the road is best not to pick wild herbs, because they are likely to be a large number of long-term car exhaust pollution and lead content exceed the standard, polluted the river side of the wild herbs do not eat food, beware of poisoning after use. Wild herbs can not eat too much, such as sowthistle bitter, excessive consumption can hurt the spleen and stomach; green food contains alkaloids, often feed can cause stomach deficiency. (author: Yan Zhuo)