March 14th, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, in 2014, the province will be the new town of affordable housing and shantytowns 110 thousand and 500 sets of housing. Implementation of affordable housing projects this year, the province will be innovative mode of operation, to encourage the purchase of affordable housing security object.

– to allow low-income people with low-income housing property of low-income families have a housing property, not only to meet their basic living needs, can make their life more secure. To this end, this year our province will establish a system of property rights, promote the innovation of the mode of operation, low-income housing property transfer, will strictly control the construction of low-income housing costs and selling prices, encourage the security object funded the purchase of low-income housing, to achieve their homeownership desire at the same time, also reduce the financial pressure.

– low-income housing is not less than ordinary commercial housing standards of low-income housing construction is not only built a building, more important is the formation of a livable pattern. This year, all localities and departments will increase funding for the protection of the housing area has been built facilities investment, accelerate the construction of the convenience of the masses in time. In the future, the protection of housing construction projects will be ahead of schedule and other municipal infrastructure construction, priority to improve public transport and other public service facilities. At the same time, according to the standard of not less than ordinary commercial housing area, the optimization of affordable housing design, greening, landscaping community environment, improve quality.