The one and only

Qinghai Sanjiang source of tourism resources has become a global tourist tour of the holy land, from January to August this year, our province domestic and foreign tourists reached 22 million 639 thousand and 800 passengers, and these tourists, self driving tourists accounted for 70%. This figure tells us that Qinghai tourism promising! The next five years, our province will be fully docking Great Jiuzhai tourist routes, tourist routes in the Hexi Corridor, the initiative into the Chinese the West link, opened 10 specialty tours with self driving and ecological exploration, special tourism products, to build a new tourism brand of Qinghai characteristics.

ten major tourist routes:


] to visit the Silk Road Tour the line to build Xining – Urumqi – Istanbul Silk Road boutique tourist routes and products, opened in Xining – Golmud – Lhasa – Shigatse – Kathmandu – Patan, the "roof of the world the Silk Road" and opened in Xining – Golmud – Dunhuang – Urumqi – Kashi – Bishkek – Osh "in the Silk Road" international friendship city car lines.


] the roof of the world adventure line building in Xining as a starting point. The Kumbum Monastery, mountain, Qinghai Lake, Saline Lake, shell beam, tea card Kunlun Shenquan, Xidatan, Kunlun mountain, Hoh Xil, the source of the Yangtze River, the Tanggula Mountain scenery, on the roof of the world "concept of plateau ecological fam, Chinese mother’s visit Heyuan tourism products.

[Tangfangudao cultural tour line] to Dan in the ancient city, the mountain as the key to expand the Daotang River, Qinghai Lake, Jinyintan grassland tourism resources along the series, reproduction of the tea horse trade, Han culture relic.

[Sanjiang] source ecological tour line opened Xining to Sanjiang natural reserve, Zaling eling, Anima Qing Xuefeng, Nianbaoyuze, Princess Wencheng temple, LeBaGou, temple, Nangqian based boutique eco tours, create world famous, the one and only the original ecological sightseeing tours.

[passion to drive the line of Dulan] to play the Xining distribution service functions to self driving as the main way to open up the Qinghai Lake, Saline Lake, Saline Lake, Cha Cha Khan, Populus euphratica forest scenic area, such as driving routes.


] to plateau folk custom tourist line in Huangzhong Hehuang folk culture, Tu Xunhua customs, Guide customs, Sarah clear of the Yellow River, Tongren Regong Art visits ethnic folk resources, to build Xining as the center of radiation surrounding the diverse ethnic and folk custom tourism products.


] Forest Park scenery tour line to Datong national Forest Park classic mountain, kite ditch, Heiquan reservoir, Chahansala River as the core, in 227 national highway as a link, to expand the Menyuan hundreds of rape flowers, Xianmi national Forest Park, in Beishan, Qilian scenery tourist zone to the south, moon mountain Qunjia National Forest Park. That extends to Guide Danxia landform, Kanbula national forest parks, geological Lijiaxia reservoir etc. product line.

[] multi religious quest tour line to Kumbum Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism culture as the core, to showcase the Tibetan Buddhist culture, Dongguan mosque, Nanchan temple, in view of Tulou scenic spot as the focus;