3 19 July, the Xining garrison Party committee held its two session of the nine plenary (enlarged) meeting, the provincial Party committee, party secretary, first Secretary of the Party committee Wang Xiao garrison, garrison commander Wang Shumin attended the meeting, municipal committee, garrison political commissar Wang Kailin work report, municipal committee, Secretary General Zhang Yonghai attended the meeting.

Wang Xiao pointed out that over the past year, Garrison has made new achievements: one is the prominent political army, continue to firmly cast the soul; the two is to highlight the preparedness training, improve the ability; three is the standard management, and promote security and stability; four is the mutual support, and forge ahead in unity.

Wang Xiaoqiang, garrison to study and implement the spirit of the important speech President Xi series, the line as the most important political, to strengthen political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, resolutely obey the command of the President Xi, absolute loyalty to the party, with the goal of strengthening the military to lead, promote the overall development of the army building, reform and preparations for military struggle, actively support local economic and social development in the new journey to new heights, and make new contributions. First, we must strengthen the political awareness, to the president of the political arena on the line. Focus on efforts to arm our minds, firmly cast the soul, to strive to build a firm conviction, strong organization. The two is to strengthen the sense of hardship, on the reform of the armed forces to the president xi. To achieve a new transformation of ideas, decisions, work, and promote the development of national defense mobilization and civil military integration, and promote the construction of new forces and reserve forces to achieve new results. The three is to strengthen law consciousness, to emulate the President Xi in the army according to law. To strengthen the rule of law, two to strengthen the style construction, to strengthen the three strictly. In accordance with the requirements of the rule of law governing the transformation, adhere to the discipline construction as the core, and resolutely oppose corruption privilege, correction of the four winds, to maintain a good image. Four is to strengthen the sense of mission, in the military and civilian integration to the president xi. Both military to better docking "chess game" economic construction and military struggle "war", realize the depth development of civil military integration.