to further enhance the city’s Party cadres ideals and beliefs and sense of purpose, stimulate the political enthusiasm and intrinsic motivation of Party members and cadres of entrepreneurship, with new performance to the Communist Party Chinese the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding gift. Xining city decided from April to the end of this year, the party members and cadres in the city to carry out a strong faith, faith, confidence as the theme of clean government education activities.
A, clear meaning and purpose. Municipal leaders attach great importance to the deployment of special research, put forward specific requirements. Asked the city party organizations at all levels should the educational activities and excel activities, grasping style construction, promote the implementation of the work "theme of practical activities and commemoration of the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding activities closely together, around the socialist core value system, strengthen learning, adhere to the transformation of the world, adhere to the pragmatic, effectively solve the lack of belief and belief fuzzy, lack of confidence in the current problems in the part of the Party cadres, with Chinese socialism common ideal to unify thinking, inspiring, cohesion, education for the majority of Party members to the Party of infinite loyalty, great love for the people, the cause of selfless dedication, become loyal Scientific Outlook on Development executives, consciously practice the socialist concept of honor and disgrace, harmonious society actively promote.
three, arrange eight main activities. First, the organization of patriotism education base. By reviewing the history of the party, to relive the party oath, education of Party members and cadres party patriotic love, dedication, the firm ideals and beliefs into action, pioneering meritorious. Two is to hold the situation education report. Invite experts and scholars combined with national provincial and city review, "11th Five-Year", "12th Five-Year", in Xining, the construction of Party members and cadres to stimulate the love family circle enthusiasm, enhance the "four development" the confidence and motivation. The three is held to commemorate the ninetieth anniversary of the CPC founding, with a firm faith, belief, faith "as the theme of the speech activities and chuangxianzhengyou deeds. Four is held to "create a civilized city, sing the Red Classics" theme and singing meeting red classics reading activities, glorious history and eulogize the party’s valiant record, ideals and faith. Five is the organization of the "historical monument Xining" endeavor in the large-scale photographic works of calligraphy and painting exhibition, so that party members and cadres to further understand the great achievements made in the practice of all fronts, actively participate in the construction of life of the city, the city of happiness. Six is to carry out anti-corruption warning education activities. Organize visits to Qinghai;