provinces and cities focus on key construction projects – Xining Central Plaza North expansion project started on 26.

Central Plaza North expansion project was listed as the provincial key construction projects in early 2012, the year began in March, after nearly two years of painstaking research, the successful completion of the first phase of the project all the demolition tasks. Xining city as one of the "core engineering Shu" plan, through comprehensive measures of road green space construction, river water, urban governance, through business development, ease the old city population and building density, building the west gate of gold business circle, which has become the province of finance, commerce, tourism and leisure center. By planning the exhibition hall, youth activity center and other public cultural facilities, enhance the social function of the square.

this project total investment of about 5 billion 500 million yuan, the implementation of two phases. The first phase of the construction of the public square, green space, public service facilities, the comprehensive utilization of underground space and commercial office integrated resettlement area. At the same time, by supporting the provincial planning exhibition hall, Youth Activity Center, city emergency shelter and other public cultural facilities and service facilities, further enrich the cultural life of the people, to become the city waterfront leisure centre public activity center and city public culture in city public cultural space, leisure activities, ecological landscape in one of the. The two phase is the development and construction of the east of Changjiang road. Through the comprehensive development and utilization of the central square, the Yangtze River Road and on both sides of the underground space, the construction of underground pedestrian passage and large underground parking. Through the Datong Street and Hing sea, Jiefang Road and the 54 road between the city municipal road, connected city east direction of traffic, the construction of the west gate of central business area up and down the slope, ground and underground transportation network, effectively alleviate the traffic congestion, parking lots, traffic stream and other outstanding issues. And through the transformation of the Yangtze River on the eastern side of the road, to create a new landmark in the city of new products, improve quality, and mine water business district, Wangfujing commercial building up in Xining city and Qinghai Province financial trading service center. (author: Su Jianping)