December 25th, Xining Railway Station officially put into operation. The first day of operation of reporters at the scene found the Capitol, although in the train station, subway everywhere in the volunteers and service personnel, but there are still many passengers "not clear".

remind one:

pit must be two

for the new station elevated waiting, progress under the layout, the public also need to adapt. To get into the train, must go through the two floor waiting hall. However, the first day of the Xining Railway Station, some passengers because they are not familiar with the path, carrying luggage ready to go out from the station (underground) break, was stopped by staff and indicate the correct path.

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stop path: Xining Railway Station building consists of three layers, respectively, out of the station hall (basement) and the platform floor (ground floor), elevated waiting layer (two on the ground floor, waiting hall where). Passengers in two ways, one is to enter the basement from the square in front of the station, take the escalator or take the stairs into the elevated waiting layer (waiting hall waiting); two is traveling along the ramp bridge directly into the passenger platform on the elevated waiting layer, a door can directly enter the waiting hall.

reminder two:

do not need to buy tickets to the hall crowded

December 25th morning, reporters at the railway station ticket hall to see, 9 individual workers in front of the ticket window are lined up long team, more crowded. The self-service ticket vending machine in front of the people who buy a ticket is not much, there is no way to automatically check whether there is a ticket before the operation of the computer. Mr. Song is a leg injury, crutches with a person, he is ready to buy from Xining to Jilin train ticket booking team, looking at the long artificial ticket window before, he began to worry. Under the guidance of the staff, he quickly bought tickets before the vending machine.

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self-service ticket: passengers can choose a variety of ways to buy train tickets, respectively, through the network ticketing, telephone booking, railway station window ticketing and self-service ticket vending machines, etc.. Choose self-service ticket vending machine is a way, in addition to the network is the last two years the most commonly used passenger tickets.

reminder three:

take a taxi to the waiting point

reporter saw a taxi waiting in the underground space, a row of taxis lined up waiting to start, but the drivers are worried about, waiting for a few passengers did not wait. On the contrary, in the vicinity of the railway station on the ground waving a taxi. Staff to maintain the order of the scene told reporters that the taxi cab waiting for a few people, because many people do not know to wait on the ground floor.

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to the underground Taxi: in the west of Xining Railway Station set up a dedicated taxi waiting area, located in the basement, from the square in front of the underground entrance into the reach from the train station, the subway can enter the hall. Members of the public can ask the staff or;