Lantern Festival night, the city of Xining was decorated with a variety of lanterns colorful gorgeous, attracted public praise. And more worthy of praise is the Lantern Festival this year, in line with the spirit of thrift, thrift, focusing on the "snake" culture at the same time, playing "low carbon environmental protection" brand.

It is reported that

, in the Lantern Festival, in the District of Xining city to create beautiful lanterns, the lantern art tradition combined with modern technology, and in the production process as much as possible the use of waste materials, energy-saving materials etc.. The reporter learned from the North District of Xining City, to achieve the purpose of saving money and long lighting, in addition to the north area of the transformation of traditional lantern lantern for environmental protection, combined with street lighting scheme, the street lighting poles, trees, green belt to replace the disposable lighting and lighting lanterns will be permanent, together with to economize and beautify the environment effect. (author: Peng Na)