with the implementation of the surrounding expressway toll system adjustment program in Xining, Xining outer ring expressway to ease the traffic pressure in Xining city more obvious.

According to

executives Provincial Bureau of statistics, standard fees before the adjustment and adjustment of regional highway around Xining, the average daily traffic of 129 thousand motorcycles, adjusted around Xining highway average daily traffic of 76 thousand motorcycles, 53 thousand times daily vehicle adjustment area enjoy the relevant sections of the free policy.

adjust the entrance area, average daily traffic reached 24 thousand vehicles Haidong mainline toll station, South Ring Expressway as a contact line Beijing Tibet high speed, import and export traffic reached 11 thousand times daily. DOPA mainline toll station increased by 25.5% in the premise of traffic, due to shorten the mileage charges, the average daily charges fell by 6.8%.