6 1, Qinghai ecosystem service value and ecological asset assessment project results released in Xining. Accounting for nearly 4 years of research shows that in 2012, the province’s total value of ecological assets of $18 trillion and 390 billion, of which the source area of Sanjiang ecological assets worth $12 trillion and 660 billion, accounting for 68.9%.

according to the introduction, in order to further implement the "ecological province" strategy, determine the position and role of Qinghai Province in the national ecological service function in 2012, the provincial government decided to carry out the "science of ecosystem service value of Qinghai province and ecological assets assessment work comprehensively. At present, our province is the first province in China to carry out the research of ecosystem service value and ecological assets evaluation. The work started in May 2012, to carry out the UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and environmental economic accounting system and accounting method based on the data of 15 years, through the use of forestry, agriculture and animal husbandry, land, meteorology, water conservancy departments long-term monitoring, investigation and statistics of Qinghai province since 1998, and by means of field investigation, a comprehensive database construction, evaluation the data fusion model and index system and development platform that.

is the main research contents include: constructing the evaluation platform of ecosystem service value of Qinghai province; development of ecosystem service value of Qinghai province evaluation index system; quantitative assessment of Qinghai province and forest, wetland, desert, grassland, farmland five ecological system, regional ecological service focus and source area, Sanjiang Qinghai Lake basin and Qilian mountain and ecological value asset value; service system of Qinghai province to carry out ecological function regionalization; and to evaluate the investment benefit of key ecological projects, put forward the ecological system of Qinghai province and Countermeasures of sustainable development.

data show that the total assets of 18 trillion and 390 billion yuan in our province ecological, source area, Sanjiang Qilian mountain and the Qinghai Lake basin three key ecological function area assets of 15 trillion and 190 billion yuan, accounting for 82.7% of the value of ecological assets in Qinghai province. From 1998 to 2012, the Qinghai Province ecological construction project total investment of 23 billion 840 million yuan, covers the protection of natural forest, three North Shelterbelt, returning farmland to forest (grass) and pasture, Sanjiang and Qinghai Lake ecological protection and construction of a number of national key ecological construction, ecological construction of Qinghai overall contribution rate of ecosystem services 6.83%.

according to reports, the annual ecological benefits of ecological construction in Qinghai was 4 billion 100 million yuan, the investment rate of return of up to $137.3%, of which the source area of Sanjiang average annual ecological benefits of $3 billion 500 million, the return on investment as high as 204.3%. Qinghai each year to provide 472 billion 400 million yuan in the downstream area of ecological service value, of which fresh water resources, water and electricity, hydrological regulation, soil conservation value of up to 264 billion 900 million yuan of service, "Asian water tower" worthy of the name.