For a long time, Chengzhong District, Xining city will strive to solve the problem of kindergarten crunch, will invest 16 million 120 thousand yuan of new before Camp Street Kindergarten, general town kindergarten center, enjoy three kindergartens in church kindergarten this year, all three kindergartens for public kindergarten.

it is understood that the former Camp Street Kindergarten before Camp Street primary school site construction, investment of 11 million 580 thousand yuan, mainly the new integrated child 3 layer frame structure a total construction area of 5130 square meters of teaching buildings, including the standard activity room 16, dormitory 16 rooms, 1 standard canteen and the multi-function rooms 8.

general town center kindergarten will use the upcoming idle Xin’an village primary school site construction, investment 3 million 822 thousand yuan, the new one has a certain scale, combined with the public kindergarten teaching. According to reports, the project covers an area of 3520 square meters, the comprehensive children’s 3 story frame structure building area of 1647.78 square meters of the main teaching building, including standard room, dormitory, canteen and teaching auxiliary room. The project is scheduled to be completed at the end of June bidding, construction started in early July.

new kindergarten church to enjoy a total investment of 725 thousand yuan, the use of idle to enjoy the hall elementary school renovation construction area of about 400 square meters of kindergarten. Is expected by the end of July to complete the preparatory work and the project bidding, construction started in early August. (author: Sheng Nan)