by the Municipal Statistics Bureau approved, the first half of the city’s GDP of 47 billion 762 million yuan, an increase of 13%, higher than the growth rate of the province’s national (National GDP growth of 7.4%, the province’s GDP growth of 10.2%). Among them: the first industry added value of 957 million yuan, an increase of 5.3%; the completion of the value added of the second industry of 26 billion 369 million yuan, an increase of 15.7%; the value of the industry to achieve the completion of the 20 billion 436 million yuan, an increase of 9.5%. The three industrial structure ratio of 2: 55.2: 42.8.

I milk production increased significantly

the first half of the city’s total agricultural output value of 1 billion 593 million yuan, up 5.4%. Meat production 29 thousand and 700 tons, an increase of 2.9%; milk production of 61 thousand and 400 tons, an increase of 45.2%; vegetable production of 108 thousand and 600 tons, an increase of 14.3%.The steady growth of

the park area outside the industry to maintain rapid growth, industrial growth rebound; gradual adjustment of industrial structure, accelerate the pace of development of light industry; non-public industrial rapid growth, gradually increase the proportion of.

the rural consumption growth faster than in the cities; retail industry leading consumer goods market, accounting for 77.2% of total retail sales, an increase of 15.1%; the wholesale industry 3 billion 628 million yuan, up 7;