these days, over seventy years of age, the old man was paralyzed in bed Zhimei particularly happy. In the office of the office of the office of the slope street street community neighborhood committee’s call, Li Guorong and her party members signed a one to one assistance agreement with the disabled.

like Ceng Zhimei, like the elderly, the party members to accept a lot of people with disabilities. A caring activities held for the disabled in the stone slope street community in the area of the disabled members and signed assistance agreement, each party signed the agreement, or regular contact with the disabled, door-to-door service for them. To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of persons with disabilities, concerned about the rehabilitation of the disabled, to help and condolences to people with disabilities, encourage people with disabilities to participate in community activities, so as to encourage them to face life bravely.

signed an agreement for many people, community rehabilitation center, and now the party one helping them feel a mainstay. Encountered another big difficulties, but also to share, especially in the heart.