May 19th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Bureau of education, this year’s test time is from June 17th to 19, the total score of 680 points (including sports test scores of 50 points). The Chinese test score of 120 points; math test score of 120 points; the English test score of 120 points; chemical and physical volume, score of 150 points (90 points physics, chemistry 60 points); the political, historical volume, score of 120 points (60 points of political history; 60); sports 50 points.

will implement the reform of independent recruitment of senior high school this year. It will be conducive to the scientific connection between the entrance examination and college entrance examination, which is helpful to improve the enthusiasm of ordinary senior high school, and is conducive to the promotion of quality education. Senior high school entrance examination enrollment distribution group according to the high school enrollment plan, completing the volunteer candidates at the same time, senior high school entrance examination scores, concentrated Toudang to each school enrollment, each school admissions login "caught" management system for online self admission. Admission results publicity, publicity without objection by the admission of the school issued the admission notice.