The first stage of

in-depth study and practice of Scientific Outlook on Development activities carried out since March, the Municipal Government Offices Administration party pay close attention to the implementation of the work, highlighting the work of many highlights.

in order to identify the scientific development and practical work in thought, the idea does not meet the problem of issuing questionnaires to the service object, to improve the canteen management received food, increase varieties, improve food quality and recommended that the municipal government building two elevator according to single and double operation, in order to improve the efficiency and improve the office the suggestions to improve the deadline. The offices in the study and practice activities to implement "zixuandongzuo". Directly associated with Chuangwei department, positive action, paint the canteen, Clinic, barber, according to high standards, chusihai, sorting out the data. The offices of efforts to solve the dilatory, perfunctory and other issues, and actively promote organ standardization management, the first phase of the study and practice activities and achieved tangible results.

at the same time, blue Huangyuan County help contact point for the village Party Branch built new party room, TV, VCR and other equipment based on various facilities, equipped with rural practical books, tables and chairs and sofa. Active and relevant departments, for the blue village road hardening projects accounted for 32 km, a total investment of 5 million 500 thousand yuan; 5000 yuan to raise funds to purchase 2 tons of urea and compound fertilizer, for Dong Xia Xiang Kou Cun, blue gray bars accounted for 5 villages every village village 8 – 10 needy households to solve the difficult of fertilizer the problem is solved in 6 acres of vegetable seeds and mulching field.