to further publicize the spirit of the central rural work conference, the central and provincial Party Committee document No. 1, in accordance with the unified arrangements of the municipal government and the city article wide bureau Party committee, Xining people’s broadcasting station Party branch actively organize the "five to send five five to help push" as the theme of the three village cadres to the countryside activities in early March I arrange Taiwan three cadres to bridge in Datong County town for a month of work in the village.

I Taiwan village cadres to carry out work, adhere to the farmers to do good, do practical work requirements, combined with the "two letter" Qiang Wei, Secretary of the spirit, earnestly to convey the spirit of the central and provincial Party Committee document No. 1, discuss jointly with the village team developed planning and helping plan this year helping. During this period, the radio Party branch often contact with the cadres to the countryside, to strengthen the work of guidance. March 27th, branch and labor union leaders, I came to Taiwan village where the countryside cadres, seriously understand the village staff, income, land, economic crops, etc., to the village of rural culture and industry development, the next step is also carried out a detailed understanding, and puts forward some suggestions. At the same time, but also for the three villages were recommended for the poor households of the six condolences to each household sent a condolence payment of $500.