Recently, the Xining Municipal Forestry Bureau held a working meeting in the island base Hall


recently, the Xining Municipal Forestry Bureau held a working meeting in the island base hall. Party secretary Li Sandan, Provincial Forestry Bureau, the city’s deputy director Feng Lijun, municipal government deputy mayor Fan Guoqing, municipal government deputy secretary general Wu meason to guide the meeting, all units subordinate to the middle-level cadres and staff representatives of more than 160 people attended the meeting.


meeting conducted a comprehensive summary of the work of City Forestry Bureau in 2010, affirmed the achievements and find the shortage; on the implementation of the the fifth Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee and the municipal Party committee twelve plenary meeting of the Ten Session of the spirit, and actively implement the "cohesion, key projects and projects in 12th Five-Year" period, to do a good job in 2011 the work arrangements and mobilization specific; informed the meeting of the 2010 annual level leadership performance appraisal, in recognition of the 2010 annual assessment of the outstanding performance of the unit, "chuangxianzhengyou" advanced Party branch and "chuangxianzhengyou outstanding communist" activities.

Fan Guoqing, vice mayor of the city forestry bureau a year to fully affirmed the work, and from six aspects that the next step of work: one is the "theme park" construction as an opportunity to enhance the city landscaping level; two is to clarify the property right as the goal, and promote the collective forest right system reform; three is to create a high standard of forest as a means to accelerate the construction of green ecological barrier Nanshan; four is to focus on the project, continue to focus on the forestry ecological construction; five is to consolidate the results of afforestation as the center, and do a good job of protection and management of forest resources; the six is to promote the project as a leader, to promote the rapid urban and rural areas the development of green.

provincial forestry bureau party secretary, Secretary Li Sandan made an important speech on the achievements made in Xining forestry ecological construction has been fully affirmed. At the same time, the Provincial Forestry Bureau of Xining City, as in the past will give support in ecological engineering projects, we hope to grab a government at all levels, the central province, attaches great importance to grasp the opportunity, ecological construction, pragmatic innovation, solid work, to promote the ecological construction of Xining City to a new level.

meeting the requirements of global units to seriously implement the spirit of the meeting to convey learning, leadership speech and implement the ten plenary session of the twelve party spirit together, the meeting proposed requirements into practical action to implement the work, do a good job of the work in 2011, a good start for the implementation of the "12th Five-Year" planning a good start, good start.

meeting also do a good job in the current forest fire prevention, production materials and seedling preparation, before the festival to send warmth and help condolences, during the festival, self-discipline, safety and other work arrangements.