March 26th, the official approval of the civil aviation authority of the northwest region agreed to upgrade the level of Xining Caojiabao Airport 4D class 4E, and issued a valid license for the airport for 5 years. This is the northwest region after the Xi’an Xianyang International Airport, the first access to the 4E license trunk airport, marking the arrival of the era of Xining airport operators big aircraft.

for a long time, due to lack of resources and lack of time to operate large aircraft routes, Xining airport annual production season part of the route, a ticket is hard to find the contradiction is very prominent. To solve the bottleneck restricting the development of long-term conflict, to meet the rapid development of Qinghai aviation market demand, to boost the economic development of Qinghai, the Qinghai Airport Inc proposed in March 30th this year have been the long-term use of license 4E airport level objectives, therefore, Qinghai Airport Inc will go all out, enhance the level of work time compressed to less than 50 days from 6 months, completed a total of 23 categories, nearly 100 work.


4E Xining airport license changes include flight area index change from the current 4D 4E, fire rescue level by level 7 to level 8, can use the models by B767-300ER and the following changes to the models and the following models A330-300. Get 4E license, will greatly enhance the Xining to Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other hot city access capacity, to improve the investment environment of our province, to promote the level of opening up our province will have a positive role in promoting.