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Report: Scottish Bakers continued

first_imgHere British Baker looks at the work of Scotland Food & Drink and the top tips of Tom O’Toole.SFDF: the Scottish food success storyJames Withers, chief executive of Scotland Food & Drink, also spoke at the Scottish Bakers conference and outlined the work being done to promote the country’s products abroad.He said he wanted bakery to understand the “important role” it was playing in the Scottish food and drink story.Withers said the organisation had set a new target for food and drink sales in Scotland – after hitting a previous one six years earlier. The SFDF now aims to have a turnover of £16.5bn by 2017 and bakery was worth £1.1bn of that total.Outlining the seriousness with which Scotland sees its food success he said the country had a “food story” that could rival any in the world.Tom O’Toole: raising the barAustralian baker Tom O’Toole was the keynote speaker at the Scottish Bakers conference and told delegates how he had expanded his rural bakery chain during his career.O’Toole had some top tips, which included:Set goalsWrite things down (O’Toole said he never achieved anything until he wrote down his goals)Work has got to be fun (his staff are regularly challenged to bring in new ideas)If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t sell itKeep it simpleO’Toole told delegates: “I’m only a simple baker.” But of course he then proceeded to tell everyone in a really humorous, and effective way how he was anything but simple. For reference, O’Toole has one bakery unit that takes AU$3m a year.And the winner is…Craft bakery and family-owned business Ashers of Nairn was named the Scottish Baker of the Year 2014.“We are extremely pleased to be recognised as Scotland’s best baker,” said joint managing director George Asher.“The company is one of the leading retail bakers in the north of Scotland and we are proud to be a long-established family concern, we take our business very seriously. We use traditional methods and craftsmen’s skills and the brand is steeped in valuable heritage. But we could not have come this far in the competition without our dedicated and skilled team and without the votes of all of our customers. Thank you.”New president: John GallSpeaking at his installation, the new president of Scottish Bakers John Gall, managing director of Brownings the Bakers, who replaced Gordon McGhee, said: “I would like to thank Gordon for his valedictory address and I know he will be a tough act to follow.  With his leadership and working relationship with the Board, Alan & the team at Bakers House, the Association has gone from strength to strength.”He added that during the next two years the Association would engage in a number of activities including:The development of the James Allan Bakery AcademyBuilding on it strategic relationships with government and other key stakeholders in Scotland to raise issues on behalf of our members.Establish a number of Special Interest Groups including the Scottish Bakers Export Group, The Edinburgh Bakers Group and the Past Presidents Forum.Continue to run the World Championship Scotch pie Competition and the Scottish Baker of the Year Awards and further develop our communications including our Scottish Baker newsletter, website and social media.Ensure that our membership fees provide real value for money and will continue to build on our range of services including Scottish Baker Utilities, our Employment Law & Health & Safety Advice helpline and fuel card etc.last_img read more

Kunal Nayyar Will Join Jesse Eisenberg in The Spoils Off-Broadway

first_imgThe Big Bang Theory’s Kunal Nayyar will team up with the previously reported Jesse Eisenberg in the world premiere of The Spoils off-Broadway. The new comedy, penned by Eisenberg and directed by Scott Elliott, will begin previews on May 7 and play a limited enegagement through June 28. Opening night is set for June 2 at the Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre at the Pershing Square Signature Center. Show Closed This production ended its run on June 28, 2015 Related Shows View Comments Nayyar is best known for his work as Raj Koothrappali on The Big Bang Theory. He is the voice of Vijay on the Nickelodeon animated series Sanjay and Craig and recently recurred on TBS’ Sullivan & Sons. Other screen credits include Dr. Cabbie, Ice Age: Continental Drift and Consumed. His theater credits include Huck and Holden and Love’s Labour’s Lost at the U.K.’s Royal Shakespeare Company.center_img Nobody likes Ben (Eisenberg). Ben doesn’t even like Ben. He’s been kicked out of grad school, lives off his parents’ money, and bullies everyone in his life, including his roommate Kalyan (Nayyar), an earnest Nepalese immigrant. When Ben discovers that his grade school crush is marrying a straight-laced banker, he sets out to destroy their relationship and win her back. The production marks the third show in The New Group’s current 20th Anniversary Season. Additional casting will be announced later. The Spoilslast_img read more

Bar MJP panel considers the pro and cons

first_img Bar MJP panel considers the pro and cons Associate EditorCalifornia lawyers, though not admitted to practice law in Florida, were hired to represent a Florida corporation in negotiations with investment bankers and served as the corporate counsel during the corporation’s initial public offering.Massachusetts lawyers represent a Delaware corporation headquartered in Florida for the sale of securities to a venture capitalist out of state.Louis Conti, chair of The Florida Bar Tax Section, offered those recent examples of out-of-state lawyers plying their trade in Florida without passing this state’s bar exam, when he testified at a public hearing of the Bar’s Multijurisdictional Practice Commission that met January 10 at the Midyear Meeting in Miami.“One thing is certain: Reform is necessary. The current rules do not meet the needs of transactional lawyers,” Conti testified.His opinion: “Attorneys in good standing in other jurisdictions should be able to represent clients without being in violation of the unlicensed practice of law.”What other members of The Florida Bar think about the MJP issue of ethically serving clients whose needs do not stop at state lines is being digested on a tight time frame by members of the MJP Commission chaired by Rich Gilbert.Driving the Bar’s deadline is the timetable of the ABA Commission on Multijurisdictional Practice — appointed by former ABA President Martha Barnett and chaired by Harriet E. Miers of Texas — that issued its recommendations in an interim report in November (available on the ABA’s website at ).Gilbert said The Florida Bar MJP Commission will fully debate the issue in Tampa on January 30, after this News went to press. He’ll report February 1 to the Board of Governors, which will vote on it in March. The ABA has asked that comments to its interim report be submitted by March 15, so the final report will be completed in May. The ABA House of Delegates plans to vote on the MJP issue in August in Washington, D.C.One of the questions the ABA commission is posing: “Should a lawyer rendering legal services on a temporary basis in another jurisdiction be required to comply with CLE obligations, provide pro bono legal service, and make a contribution to a client protection fund?”Board of Governor member Alan Bookman objected to the tight deadline to respond to the ABA.“This is a critical issue with many prongs.. . . I would urge you to do something. The timetable is way too fast. This commission needs to hear from the RPPTLs (Real Property, Probate and Trust Law Section) and any other section that wants to weigh in,” Bookman said during the public hearing in Miami.John Marshall Kest, a BoG member who serves on the Bar MJP Commission, acknowledged that lawyers are just beginning to understand the issues.“The guys in my law firm hear me talking about MDP (multidisciplinary practice) and now MJP, and they think I’m slurring,” Kest said.“Florida is one of the biggest states. We’re a big player; we’re not just one of 50 states.. . . We should say this is our preliminary report and we need more time. In my mind, this is even more important than MDP. I’m on planes every day going to different places.. . And I don’t think the general practitioners are aware of the issues.”But Gilbert pressed on, saying he didn’t want The Florida Bar to “miss the opportunity to participate in the deliberations.”“With MJP, the perception is something needs to be done. The rules are so incongruent, something has to be done,” Gilbert said.Former Bar President Alan Dimond, who serves on the ABA’s MJP Commission, told The Florida Bar MJP Commission:“It would be very helpful to me if I knew how my home state feels about the issues.”The ABA Commission, he said, has heard a full spectrum of opinions, ranging from the proposal that lawyers have international and national law licenses to the narrow view that lawyers should not cross state lines, no matter what their clients need.The ABA’s interim report spells out a middle ground:Its first recommendation nixes the national law license idea, stating that the ABA should “affirm its support for the principle of state judicial licensing and regulation of lawyers.”Secondly, it recommends amending Rule 5.5(b) of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct to provide that, as a general rule, it is not the unauthorized practice of law for a lawyer admitted in another United States jurisdiction to render legal services on a temporary basis in a jurisdiction in which the lawyer is not admitted if the lawyer’s services do not create an unreasonable risk to the interests of a lawyer’s clients, the public, or the courts.”As for transactional representation, counseling, and other non-litigation work, the ABA commission recommends a “safe harbor” that would allow a lawyer, on a temporary basis, to render non-litigation services outside the lawyer’s home state “when the lawyer’s work is reasonably related to legal work that is performed in and has a close connection to the lawyer’s home state. Specifically, the work outside the lawyer’s home state would have to be on behalf of a client who is in the lawyer’s home state. . . or arise out of or be reasonably related to a matter that has a substantial connection to a jurisdiction in which the lawyer is admitted to practice law.”Conti suggested that “temporary status has to be determined on a case-by-case basis.. . . You cannot hang up a shingle or have a permanent office. But is two months temporary?”Bar MJP Commission member Ruth Kinsolving asked Dimond why the ABA commission adopted a nexus test for transactional lawyers to have a safe harbor and not for litigation lawyers.“Why do transactional lawyers need an existing client relationship?” she asked.And Dimond answered: “It ties into the solicitation of business and lawyer advertising. If no tie is required, you’d have solicitation in newspapers and on TV. You’d have more lawyers coming into a state. This is an effort to preserve the status quo.. . . “Frankly, we anticipate wide acceptance of many of these recommendations. They will legitimize trade that takes place on a daily basis,” Dimond said.He gave this personal example of the global practice of law: He needed to depose witnesses from Saudi Arabia, and met them in Brussels for that purpose, only to discover it was against the law to take depositions in Belgium. So they had to scramble to make arrangements to take the depositions at the American Embassy in Belgium.“The interesting thing is that the rules in effect today are not written anywhere.. . . They have evolved,” Dimond said.“The only legitimate issue for The Florida Bar is public protection,” Dimond said. “We’re not in the arena of protecting the economic interests of lawyers in Florida.”But because there has been no outcry of harm to the public, Bar President Terry Russell said he considers the MJP issue “esoteric.”“It’s not like this issue is destroying lawyers every time they cross the state line,” Russell told the Bar MJP Commission. “It’s a nice, little esoteric thing to argue about. But we need to reach a recommendation (to give to the ABA). We are a global economy. Globalization has completely taken over.”Arthur Rice, a member of the Bar MJP Commission and BoG, said: “With all due respect, Terry, I think you’re wrong when you say it’s esoteric. The existing rule in Florida is being violated on a daily basis in hundreds and hundreds of ways, and Florida lawyers are violating rules in other states every day. We’re not destroying lawyers and law firms because there is no enforcement.. . . We have to do something, unless you’re comfortable having a rule nobody pays any attention to.”Russell responded: “This got our attention when it started out as an effort to create a national law license, on the heels of the MDP debate. They (the ABA MJP Commission) did away with that in the first recommendation. Once you get past that, it’s an intramural fight. The reason no one is paying attention to the rules being broken is because there is no public harm occurring. That is why, in my view, it is esoteric. I don’t sense the urgency. I do think it’s a theoretical fight, but that doesn’t mean it’s less worthy.”One of the shortcomings of the existing rule, explained Lori Holcomb, director of the Bar’s Unlicensed Practice of Law Department, is that a lawyer originally licensed to practice law in Florida who is disbarred can be admitted to practice in California.“Can that lawyer still practice in Florida under the California license?” she asked.Tony Boggs, legal director of The Florida Bar, offered other unanswered questions: What is the cost of regulation? Should The Florida Bar defray that cost by requiring out-of-state lawyers to pay a registration fee?“The Florida Supreme Court has no interest in taking direct responsibility,” Boggs said. “We’re looking at ourselves.”Somehow, he said, the Bar needs to provide funds to regulate MJP and UPL.“Arguably, we’re giving lawyers something they do not possess now. They should share in the cost of regulating and pay us something for that thing of value,” Boggs said.Just because a lawyer is disciplined in one state does not mean that lawyer will be disciplined in another state.“We see a lot of indifference in foreign jurisdictions, such as New York, to take disciplinary action for conduct in Florida,” Boggs said.Complaints, Boggs said, are generally not made by clients but by other lawyers.“I don’t see a lot of alleged harm, currently,” Boggs said. “But there is certainly a lot of potential for harm.”Boggs offered his personal view: “I have no problem with a New York lawyer putting out a shingle in Miami saying it is a legal service for New York clients on New York law only.”Also addressing the Bar MJP Commission at the public hearing was:• Frank Nussbaum, on the executive counsel of the General Practice, Solo and Small Firm Section: “Our society, as fluid as it is today” mandates that lawyers be allowed to cross state lines to conduct their practices, he said. But, Nussbaum said, he has questions on how to do it properly. He gave his example of serving as an arbitrator in a real estate case, where the New York client wants to try the case in Florida.“I don’t know what the rules are. There is no law on the particular point,” he said.• Bard Brockman, of Atlanta, president of the Out-of-State Practitioners Division, testified: “Over 12 percent, or 19,000, of Florida Bar members live out of state.. . . This issue is of great interest to out-of-state practitioners.”Though he has no problem with out-of-state practitioners coming to Florida for depositions or arbitration, he said, when it comes to reciprocal agreements between states, “We are not in favor of any proposal that makes the admission to The Florida Bar any easier than it now is.”• Paul Schwiep, a member of the Florida Board of Bar Examiners, testified about that group’s mission to “make sure the bar exam is fair in fact and perceived as fair” and to “admit qualified candidates with dispatch.”“There is some concern on the Board of Bar Examiners that our ability to perform our duty to protect the public would be affected by MJP.”• Jennifer Ator, a member of YLD said, “The Young Lawyers Division takes no position.” But she came to testify about her personal experience of working at a New York law firm with one office in Florida, where 27 lawyers are in Miami and 700 are spread out in international offices.“We aren’t the state we were even 15 years ago,” Ator said. “So much of our business and economy relies on working with people from other states.”Dimond told his Florida colleagues serving on the Bar’s MJP Commission: “The ABA is a voluntary group. They have no authority to do anything. A lot of my colleagues at the ABA may lose track of that. But you have the real power. You are the child of the Florida Supreme Court. What you say will be translated into the law.” February 1, 2002 Jan Pudlow Associate Editor Regular News Bar MJP panel considers the pro and conslast_img read more

Mulally: ‘It’s not about us’

first_img 2SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Commitment to customers and employees is at the core of every successful businessA surprising revelation from former Ford Motor Co. CEO Alan Mulally: “There are more important things than picking out a car.”“It’s too easy to get it in our heads that it’s all about us,” Mulally said Monday during Monday’s Executive Series session at the America’s Credit Union Conference and World Credit Union Conference in Denver. “But it’s not about us. It’s an honor to serve. The biggest change in mindset is moving from ‘I’ to ‘we.’”He said commitment is at the core of every successful business. “You have to commit to each other, with the idea that we’ll do whatever it takes to succeed. If your work environment isn’t safe, you won’t have high performance.”Consistency is another key to leadership success, Mulally said. “The most important thing as a leader is consistency of purpose—not changing the plan every week. Then everyone is in one place and knows what to do.” continue reading »last_img read more

Best of analytics 2019

first_imgBusiness intelligence gained much attention in 2019. What was once a wish-list item — having staff members dedicated to mining member data to uncover new service opportunities — has become central to the continued success and relevancy of credit unions everywhere.Better BI is helping credit unions across the country build relationships with members that run deeper than mere financial services, and the field is poised to continue growing in 2020 and beyond.For any BI department, two steps are paramount for success:Step 1: Establish a strong foundation.Step 2: Do something with the data.These articles show how to do that and more. continue reading » ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

Norwegian roundup: KLP, transfers, Finanstilsynet

first_imgNorwegian pension fund KLP saw an influx of 150 corporate and 16 local authority pension scheme transfers in the third quarter of this year following the withdrawal of major providers from the public sector pensions market.In interim results, the public service pensions giant said the transfers, which took place between July and September, represented NOK10.4bn (€1.2bn) of funds, and brought the total new membership inflow this year to 132,000 individuals.The transfers are a continuing effect of the decisions by Storebrand and DnB Livsforsikring to withdraw from the public occupational pensions market, leaving KLP as the only provider in the sector.However, Norwegian public bodies also have the option of setting up their own pension funds for staff. In June, KLP predicted its membership would grow by a total of 150,000 in 2014.It said that, of the 18 municipalities that still have their pension scheme with other providers, 16 of these had asked KLP to make them an offer with a view to transferring on 1 January 2015.Sverre Thornes, chief executive, said: “This migration represents one of the biggest ever influxes of new members to KLP’s pension schemes.”He said the company was responding to the changed market situation with continued focus on value creation through good returns, low costs and good service.KLP reported an overall return from January to September of 4.9% but said equities made almost nothing in the last three months of the period.Over the whole of the nine months, equities, short-term bonds and property were the primary contributors to the positive return.Total assets grew to NOK470bn from NOK399bn at the end of December.The nine-month return compares with 4.5% in the same period last year.Meanwhile, the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority (Finanstilsynet) warned that Norwegian pension funds and life insurers faced major challenges in the next few years, despite making strong returns so far this year.In its 2014 financial trends report, the supervisor said rising stock prices and capital gains on bonds had brought good results for pension institutions so far this year. “However,” it added, “the institutions face major challenges in coming years.”Low interest rates are making it difficult for them to secure a return above the guaranteed minimum rate, it said.“Although the volume of defined contribution pensions is rapidly growing, the bulk of life insurers’ liabilities still consists of contracts providing a guaranteed annual return,” the report went on.Other problems facing the sector are low interest rates, the effects of Solvency II regulation and rising longevity, it said.When Solvency II takes effect in the EU on 1 January 2016, it will bring substantially higher capital charges for a number of life insurers, Finanstilsynet said.“The latter must either reduce risk or increase their capital to meet the new requirements,” it said.Noting that the directive amending Solvency II – Omnibus II – allowed some relaxation of the requirements because of the difficulties facing many life insurers, the Norwegian supervisor indicated it would take advantage of this leeway.“Finanstilsynet has recommended applying some of these relaxations to Norwegian life insurers to give them more time to adapt to the new capital requirements,” it said.last_img read more

Friday people roundup

first_imgPensions-Sicherungs-Verein, UBS Asset Management, Transparency Task Force, Legg Mason, Standard Life InvestmentsPensions-Sicherungs-Verein (PSV) – Marko Brambach will be joining the board of the €5.5bn rescue fund for pension schemes in Germany and Luxembourg as of 1 January 2017. He replaces Hermann Peter Wohlleben, who will be retiring at the end of December after more than 20 years of service for the statutory body. Brambach is general counsel at insurance company Talanx, and head of the legal and tax department for Talanx’ retail business in Germany. He holds several non-executive director positions at Talanx subsidiaries that provide workplace pension scheme solutions, such as HDI Pensionskasse AG and HDI Pensionsfonds AG. Transparency Task Force (TTF) – Jackie Beard, director of manager research services, EMEA at investment research and rating firm Morningstar, has been named an Ambassador for the TTF, a campaign group aiming to increase transparency in the financial services, with a strong focus on fees. Beard has been at Morningstar since 2008.UBS Asset Management – Tim van Duren has been appointed executive director, with responsibility for institutional sales in Benelux and Denmark. He joined from Schroders, where his most recent role was as product manager for insurance-linked securities. Legg Mason – Andy Sowerby has been appointed head of Australia for the asset manager, with responsibility for building and managing the company’s local fund business there. Sowerby had been with Legg Mason affiliate Martin Currie for the past 11 years, as executive director for sales, marketing and client service. Before that he was at Investec Fund Managers. Sowerby replaces Annalisa Clark, who retired as head of Australia in July 2016.Standard Life Investments – Marc Brammer and Sophie Rahm have been hired as responsible investment analysts. Brammer joins from Inflection Point Capital Management, having previously been at MSCI Inc, and Rahm joins from Schroders. They will report to Amanda Young, head of responsible investment.last_img read more

Higher production, divestments boost Petrobras’ 3Q result

first_imgBrazil’s Petrobras reported an increase in 3Q net income, largely reflecting the increase in oil and gas production and the capital gain from the sale of fuel distributor BR Distribuidora.Net income attributable to Petrobras’ shareholders for the quarter was R$9,1 billion, up from R$ 6,6 billion in the third quarter of 2018.Petrobras said that in 3Q, the sharp drop in Brent was mitigated by the good operating performance and by the increase in pre-salt share in total production (60.4% of oil production in the quarter).According to the CEO Roberto Castello Branco, oil and gas production reached a record level of 3.0 MMboed in August, when a daily record of 3.1 MMboed was also reached, and the cost of the lifting of pre-salt oil dropped to only five dollars a barrel.“The ramp-up of the new platforms significantly influenced production growth, with pre-salt accounting for 60.4% of Petrobras’ total oil production in Brazil…Pre-salt cash cost (lifting cost) reached an unprecedented level of US$ 5.0 per boe, which contributed to the company’s average lifting cost averaging less than US$ 10 per boe (US$ 9.7 per boe),” the CEO said.In 3Q19, investments in the Exploration and Production segment totaled US$ 1.9 billion, down from $3.4 billion a year ago.According to data shared by Petrobras, 50 percent of its oil product exports went to the U.S., while 64 percent of its crude oil exports went to China.Debt reduced but still heavyCommenting on  Petrobras’ debt, the CEO said: “Petrobras’ gross debt reached US$ 90 billion on 9.30.2019 against US$ 101 billion at the end of 2Q19, which happened to be equal to Argentina’s current foreign debt… However, we have to recognize that much remains to be done, we are only at the beginning of a journey with many importantobstacles to overcome. We are still a heavily indebted company with high costs in an industry that faces major challenges in a global scenario of rapid changes and growing interdependence between different economic activities.”“Recognition of our deficiencies increasingly encourages us to work towards becoming the best energy company in generating shareholder value, focused on oil andgas, with safety, respect to people and to the environment.”Petrobras concluded the public offering of BR Distribuidora shares in July, which, together with the cash inflow from the Pargo cluster sale, signed in 2018, resulted in a cash inflow of US$ 2.9 billion in 3Q19. In addition, Petrobras has signed contracts for the sale of shallow and terrestrial water fields for a total of US$ 213 million.“These transactions, although of low values relative to the total of the portfolio of divested assets, are of paramount importance for efficient portfolio management and cost savings, as they are non-core assets. These sales have contributed to our total US$ 15.3 billion in total signed and completed divestment transactions by 2019 to date,including transactions signed in 2018 and completed 2019,” Petrobras said.Offshore Energy Today StaffSpotted a typo? Have something more to add to the story? Maybe a nice photo? Contact our editorial team via email.Also, if you’re interested in showcasing your company, product, or technology on Offshore Energy Today, please contact us via our advertising form, where you can also see our media kit.last_img read more

Chelsea ‘open talks with Jadon Sancho’ ahead of summer switch

first_imgBut the signing of the Morrocan has not stopped Frank Lampard’s men from pursuing 19-year-old England international Sancho.Liverpool, Manchester City and Manchester United have also been credited with an interest in the Dortmund winger, who has scored 13 goals and recorded 13 assists in 20 matches this season.But the report claims Chelsea have stolen a march on their Premier League rivals in a bid to secure the boyhood Blues fan’s signature.France Football also claim that Dortmund could receive a club-record fee for players sold for Sancho. Read Also: Bayern Munich star Alaba dreams UCL revenge against ChelseaThe Bundesliga side sold fellow winger Ousmane Dembele for an initial fee of £89.5million in the summer of 2017.But a move to the Premier League for Sancho this summer could see that fee superseded.Sancho’s excellent form this season continued on Friday night as he netted Dortmund’s second in their 4-0 win against Eintracht Frankfurt.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 The Blues brought in Ajax midfielder Hakim Ziyech earlier in the week to strengthen their creative options for next season. Chelsea have opened talks with the representatives of in-demand Borussia Dortmund star Jadon Sancho, according to France Football.Advertisementcenter_img Loading… Promoted ContentWhat Is A Black Hole And Is It Dangerous For Us All?9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A TattooThe World’s 7 Most Spectacular Railway StationsGreatest Movies In History Since 1982Couples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable Way10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoA Soviet Shot Put Thrower’s Record Hasn’t Been Beaten To This DayWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?10 Hyper-Realistic 3D Street Art By OdeithIf Zodiac Signs Were Women: Amazing Artwork By Vivien Szaniszlo10 Of The Most Successful Female Racers To Know AboutHere Are The Top 10 Tiniest Mobile Phones On The Planet!last_img read more

Celtic linked Awoniyi nears switch to Bundesliga outfit

first_img Greek side PAOK Salonika recently decided against tabling a bid for him and he has also been linked with a move to Scottish champions Celtic. But according to German daily Bild, the striker is expected to be on his way to Bundesliga with Union Berlin. It has been claimed that the German top tier outfit are close to working out an agreement to sign him from Liverpool. Loading… Promoted Content9 Facts You Should Know Before Getting A Tattoo12 Marvel Superheroes When They Were Kids6 Incredibly Strange Facts About HurricanesThe Best Cars Of All Time7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterThis Guy Photoshopped Himself Into Celeb Pics And It’s HystericalThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever MadeA Soviet Shot Put Thrower’s Record Hasn’t Been Beaten To This DayA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic Bombs2020 Tattoo Trends: Here’s What You’ll See This YearTop 10 Most Romantic Nations In The World Read Also: Bayern Munich thrash Schalke 8-0 in historic Bundesliga startIt is likely to be a loan deal and Awoniyi is ready to move to the Bundesliga again, where he made 12 appearances last season for Mainz.Interestingly, Union Berlin sold Sebastian Andersson earlier in the window and are working to sign the Nigerian as his replacement.FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Celtic linked Nigerian forward Taiwo Awoniyi is close to agreeing on a loan move to Bundesliga outfit Union Berlin from Liverpool. Liverpool signed the former Flying Eagles forward in 2015, but five years on he is yet to play a game for the Reds and has been on loan spells at FSV Frankfurt, NEC Nijmegen, Mouscron and Gent, with obtaining a work permit an issue. He spent last season on loan in the Bundesliga with Mainz and ahead of next month’s transfer deadline, Liverpool are again looking for a solution for the Nigerian.Advertisementlast_img read more