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StaND Against Hate Week promotes inclusivity, allyship

first_imgThis week, campus organizations will come together with members of the Notre Dame community for StaND Against Hate Week to discuss hatred on and off campus, and how to oppose it.Hosted by the Gender Relations Center (GRC), and co-sponsored by Student Government, Campus Ministry, PrismND and other campus groups, the week aims to promote discussion and foster a spirit of inclusion on campus, Sara Agostinelli, assistant director of LGBTQ initiatives and administration, said.“StaND Against Hate Week is a week that we host within the Gender Relations Center annually that really focuses on human dignity, as well as the intersectionality of identities and how are we fully, authentically ourselves and looking at these different intersections, whether it’s race, faith, gender identity or sexual identity,” she said. “It’s really founded in the spirit of inclusion as well as founded in Catholic social teaching on human dignity.”The various groups and individuals contributing to StaND Against Hate Week have planned events for every day this week, including a workshop on restorative justice on Tuesday, a pledge signing on Wednesday and a lecture by a Navajo code-talker on Thursday.While the mission of the week has remained the same as in past years, Agostinelli said that this year’s organizers have tried to expand the range of topics covered by the week’s programming.“While it’s always looked at human dignity, as we bring in more work around the intersections with race and bring in some more work in those other areas, I think it’s allowed us to not be stagnant in the same thing every year, but really take on different opportunities,” she said. “This year we’re doing an event around restorative justice, and that’s not something we’ve ever done before as part of this week, but it’s a great way for students of all identities to really think about their own communities and how they can learn practical skills such as restorative justice and bring that into their groups, and really think about restorative justice as an opportunity to discuss and dialogue.”Agostinelli said that, although the event is hosted by the GRC, students play a critical role in designing, planning and running the week’s programming.“I think a lot of these ideas are things that came about from students, and what students are wanting to see and are passionate about and ‘How do we as an office help support the vision they have for their Notre Dame?’” she said. “Even [regarding] the design, we have student graphic designers, so the logo, the ‘Spread love not hate,’ was developed by students. I think what’s really special is that the GRC provides a home and a base go start this but by no means is our sole conversation. It’s rather us cultivating relationships with students and expanding on how do we talk about human dignity as a group and how are we supporting our students in the conversations they’re wanting to see on this campus.”Senior Kenzie Isaac is the Student Government director of diversity and inclusion, and is co-leading the ‘Let’s Talk About Race’ event planned for Thursday. The event, part of a four-part dialogue, will explore the intersection between race and gender, Isaac said.“Compatible with the greater StaND Against Hate Week mission in the GRC, we’re going to be looking at race and gender and sexuality and how race informs gender and sexual expression, and then conversely, how your gender and your sexual orientation and identity can inform your experiences with race or if it can compound with some of the experiences with race that other people have,” she said. “So that’s kind of my main undertaking for StaND Against Hate Week.”Isaac said this year’s StaND Against Hate Week is timely, given the recent announcement that Notre Dame will host the 2020 United States Presidential Debates.“I think it’s especially important that we move towards a radical hope and radical healing and reconciliation, because we’re going to need it,” she said. “When the presidential debate happens on our campus next year, we need to have a fundamental comfort with ourselves before we try to engage in the high-level dialogue that those debates are going to thrust us into. I think that this is a really timely week, and I’m just grateful to be a small part of the operation.”Isaac said she encourages students to attend the events planned for StaND Against Hate Week, and hopes that the week can inspire students to become active allies for marginalized students on campus.“I think that that the operative term in [‘StaND Against Hate Week’] is ‘stand.’ I think that it could be widely agreed upon that hatred in all of its manifestations is unacceptable,” she said. “We kind of navigate a campus, especially such a campus rooted in values as this, with that being an unspoken rule of interacting and engaging with one another, but there’s not a lot of active advocacy and allyship that’s directed towards our marginalized students.”Tags: Diversity and Inclusion, GRC, PrismND, StaND Against Hate Weeklast_img read more

5 Questions with Jesse Cobb, Former Infamous Stringdusters Mandolin Player

first_imgI first met Jesse Cobb a number of years ago, when he was playing mandolin with The Infamous Stringdusters.  I remember being struck by Jesse’s aggressive playing; his mandolin work was distinctive, his solo runs both melodic and furious.  I’ll never forget the first time I heard “No More To Leave You Behind,” from the ‘Dusters’ first record.  The timing, tone, and precision mystified me.Jesse’s story is an intriguing one.  A native of Wisconsin, he is one of four musical brothers.  Brothers Matt and Shad are both mean fiddlers, with Shad being one of the most sought after players in Nashville, and brother Jed is one hell of a clawhammer banjo player.  The three of them spent much time on the road during their formative years, picking bluegrass in The Cobb Brothers Family Band. Later, Jesse spent time logging timber, running sled dogs, doing construction, and working on the railroad.A move to Nashville in 2000 brought Jesse back to music.  Jesse was a founding member of The Infamous Stringdusters in 2006, spending five years recording and touring with the genre-bending ‘grassers before leaving the band in 2011.  These days, Jesse calls the Ontario area home, where he lives with wife Nicole and their daughters Kayla and Mackenzie.  I caught up with Jesse to chat about where his musical career has taken him recently.  BRO – How was recording this record – a solo project – different from your previous recording experiences? JC – I went into my buddy Mark Lalama’s Sumbler House Studios with no intention of making an album.  This started as an idea for teaching mandolin camps and workshops, just to show my style of improvisation that could be dissected with a class.  It wasn’t until months later, when working on another project at Mark’s, that we came up with the idea to let this be a stand along project.  In most recording situations, especially band sessions, there are very thought out arrangements and lots of opinions to consider.  In this case, I wanted a raw, live, improvisational feel, so there was very little planning.  I just went straight to playing.BRO – We are featuring “Solitude,” the title track of your record, on Trail Mix this month.  The song is an instrumental, but there still has to be a story behind it.JC – I’ve been traveling pretty much my whole life, starting with moving back and forth between the West Coast and Midwest three or four times when I was a small child.  I played with my family band when I was in my teens, worked on the railroad in my early twenties, and was a musician again after that.  During all that time crisscrossing the country, I have always loved sitting in the back of a van or truck, late at night, playing my mandolin when most folks are asleep.  This tune was written in one of those situations, somewhere in Wyoming, I believe.  Everyone, no matter how busy, needs some solitude.Finish this thought . . . “Playing the mandolin is better than logging work because…”JC –  …the mortal danger in playing mandolin is considerably lower, unless, of course, you get involved in the “what is bluegrass?” discussion.BRO – You and your brother, Shad, have spent some time on the road doing some duo shows lately.  Are you guys more like the brothers Everly or Robinson? JC – I’d say the influence of both can likely be heard, although I am pretty sure Shad doesn’t know who The Black Crowes are!  That’s one of the best things about playing with Shad.  He has a very deep respect for the older sounds, and I’d say we are more influenced by the Louvin Brothers that either of those two.  We are open to more modern influences from the jam and modern rock worlds I’ve been exposed to over the years, though our vocal styles are very much in the vein of the Everlys.BRO – You recently spent some time on the road with a bad ass band.  Tell me about that project.JC – Bad ass indeed!  I was on the road with Noam Pikelny, Bryan Sutton, Barry Bales, and Luke Bulla.  I was fortunate to do 15 shows with these guys over about three weeks.  We had an absolute blast.  These guys are both amazing musicians and great friends on the road.  Noam always finds the best food, Barry is the best late night bluegrass DJ I’ve ever heard, Bryan is a great influence, both musically and personally, and Luke is one of the best singers I know and his advice and encouragement were priceless.  Things came together pretty quickly as far as getting our set list locked in.  Everyone was given the opportunity to show off their various chops and it was so fun to play music we rarely get to play with our other projects.  I also need to get a shout out to Dan Foldes, our road manager, sound guy, roommate, and all around good dude.  He made us sound good every night.  I hope we get to do some more of this next year.——————————————————-You can find out more about Jesse Cobb and his brand new record, Solitude, by surfing over to  Also, be sure to check out the title track from the record on this month’s Trail Mix.last_img read more

Keeping members virtually safe – Should credit unions issue virtual cards?

first_img 72SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Lou Grilli Lou Grilli is a Senior Innovation Strategist. Lou is tasked with building and shaping a superior payment and member experience capability for PSCU and its Owner credit unions. Lou’s … Web: Details It’s fairly well known that as chip cards and chip card readers are putting a big dent in fraud conducted at the point-of-sale (counterfeit fraud), the bad guys are shifting their efforts to committing fraud online. E-commerce fraud (52%) clearly outweighs swiped fraud (28%) on credit cards, with debit card fraud still experiencing swiped fraud, since not as many debit cards have been reissued with chips – that will change by the end of this year. Meanwhile, ecommerce breaches are popping up in the news with increasing frequency. What can a credit union do to help members stay safe when shopping online? One solution is to offer virtual cards. A virtual card is a separate temporary card number, associated with the member’s credit card account, randomly generated. The temporary card number has no real-life plastic version – it only exists as a number, an expiry and a CVV2. When a member wants to shop online at a site that is not known or trusted, or give a card number over the phone to a merchant that the member has reason to believe may not keep the card number secure, the member goes online, requests a virtual card, copies the card number onto the e-commerce site, or reads the card number over the phone. Think of the virtual card number as a token representation of the real card – a token that looks like and works like a credit card. Virtual cards come in three types: 1) Burner cards, which are single use cards. Once the virtual number is charged, the card is expired. If it is breached, it cannot be authorized. 2) Single merchant cards, which can be used multiple times, but only with a single merchant. If a member is planning on ordering multiple items, or multiple items will ship at different times, the card will authorize for that merchant. But after the first authorization, the card cannot be used with any other merchant. 3) Limited time cards, in which the member sets an expiry date, in order to shop at multiple sites, but only within a strict period. For example, the virtual card could be authorized for use over a two-day period or up to a one-year period.  The card could also be used for a Netflix subscription or for monthly deliveries of meal kits. In addition, each of the cards typically have a spending limit, for both a single transaction and total card usage. If the virtual card number is compromised, the true card number remains safe, and the breached virtual card number is limited by its expiry, or merchant or both, making it virtually worthless to a fraudster. Virtual cards are in the market today, but consumers who want this have two choices. For a true virtual credit card, a consumer can get a credit card with a financial institution that also offers virtual cards. Bank of America calls their virtual card program ShopSafe, while Citi refers to their program as Virtual Account Number. Both are free. The other option is from various third-parties that offer different forms of virtual cards. allows anyone to enroll their checking/saving/share draft account, and after installing a browser extension and following the instant account validation, immediately access virtual cards. The drawback to this approach is that each transaction using the virtual card draws immediately from the consumer’s account, much like a debit card works. Another third party that offers virtual cards is netspend, which is primarily a prepaid debit card, but also offers the ability to generate a temporary card number online and then cancel the temporary card online. Although virtual cards seem like a panacea for keeping a member safe when shopping online, there are a few drawbacks and some major criticisms against this unique capability. There are some hotels and some car rental agencies that validate a reservation by requesting to see the same card used to make the reservation. If a virtual card is used, not only is there no plastic representation of the card to show, but most likely the member didn’t write down or capture separately the full card number. If a member makes a purchase online, then returns an item to a brick and mortar store, the credit for the purchase is typically put back on the same card, by swiping or inserting the card at the returns desk. With no card to show, the only option the consumer may have is to accept store credit. Setting an expiry date provides a level of protection but can also cause unintended problems. Some merchants charge upon shipping, which could be several days or even weeks after the order. If the expiration date is set too soon, the order may be cancelled when the card doesn’t authorize. And most importantly, virtual cards offer very little protection over the real credit card. Visa and Mastercard both offer zero liability in case of fraud, and many issuers offer next day replacement for cards that need to be reissued. Some issuers who used to offer virtual cards, including AmEx, Discover, and Chase, found that the low number of users did not justify the cost of maintaining the functionality and subsequently dropped the service. Benefit to credit unionsThe key reasons why a credit union would consider offering virtual credit cards to its members is to help reduce fraud and to create a “sticky” member service. There is a cost to offer this service, but there is a cost of fraud – reissuing cards, shipping a replacement card overnight, refunding amounts to a breached debit account. And this service is popular with those who use it – so much so that it may keep a member from leaving just because virtual cards are offered. Luckily, virtual cards are not the only option to protecting members from card-not-present fraud. Using Apple Pay in-app and in browser where merchants have added Apple Pay as a payment acceptance method assures the user that a secure token is used in the transaction, if you are shopping from your phone. If shopping from a desktop or laptop or from a phone, using Visa Checkout or Masterpass also affords the same level of protection as Apple Pay where accepted – again the payment is tokenized. And the best part, the cost to the credit union to enroll in Apple Pay, Visa Checkout and Masterpass is less than creating virtual cards.last_img read more

Are you a typical top tier traveler?

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr Just how typical are you? Travel data co-op ADARA set out to portray what makes top tier travelers special and the result is a paper titled Understanding the Secret Lives of Top Tier Travelers: Uncover search and booking behaviors of loyalty members.So the obvious question is, am I typical?The other question is: do airlines and hotels really understand top tier travelers?Exactly what is a top tier traveler? Here’s the answer to the last question: “ADARA defined top tier as members with higher than basic status.” continue reading »last_img read more

Increase in the number of passengers and voyages of foreign cruise ships

first_imgForeign cruise ships in the period from January to August 2018 increased the number of voyages by 4,6% compared to the same period in 2017.In the mentioned period in 2018, the number of passengers on these ships increased by 12,5%, while the total number of days spent was lower by 3,8% compared to the same period in 2017, according to data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).In the period from January to August 2018, 61 foreign cruise ships entered Croatian seaports, with 451 cruises. There were 686 thousand passengers on these ships, who stayed in Croatia for 927 days.Source: CBSOut of a total of 451 cruises, most trips were realized in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County (55,9%) and the Split-Dalmatia County (24,0%), which is a total of 79,9%. The remaining 20,1% of trips were realized in the following counties: Zadar (6,4%), Istria (6,0%), Šibenik-Knin (5,3%) and Primorje-Gorski Kotar (2,4%).The port of Dubrovnik (346 visits) had the most visits of foreign cruise ships, followed by the ports of Split (166 visits) and Zadar (83 visits).RELATED NEWS:last_img read more

Sweden proposes new category of pension provider in IORP II draft

first_imgThe proposal includes a risk-sensitive capital requirement for the new occupational pension companies in line with the capital requirement in the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority’s traffic light model.Finance minister Per Bolund said the government had taken IORP II as an opportunity to create “modern and independent regulation” that was adapted for Swedish companies.“The purpose of the legislation is to enable effective management of occupational pension funds while providing future pensioners with adequate protection,” he said.The proposed regulation implements IORP II, but is also based on a previous domestic report on occupational pensions (SOU 2014: 57), the ministry said.The deadline for responses from stakeholders on the draft law is 12 October.The bulk of Sweden’s occupational pension provision is run by life insurance companies, though a small portion comes from tjänstepensionskassor.Insurance firms offering both occupational pension and life business have a choice of following Solvency II regulations for the whole business, or separating into two entities, including an occupational pensions entity following the newly-drafted rules.Transitional rules for occupational pension business within insurance companies came into force two years ago and remain valid until 2019. Providers of occupational pensions in Sweden will be able to change their pensions business into a new type of company under draft legislation published by the finance ministry, which implements the EU’s IORP II directive in local law.Under the new rules, providers — including insurance companies as well as workplace pension savings institutions or friendly societies (tjänstepensionskassor) — can be converted into occupational pension companies (tjänstepensionsföretag), as long as they meet certain requirements. The rules, which are proposed to take effect on 1 May 2019 and apply to firms that only offer occupational pension insurance, also allow for the fresh formation of new occupational pension companies. The ministry said that in order to achieve stronger customer protection, the EU framework was being supplemented in Sweden with a strengthened set of solvency rules.last_img read more

Atletico place £109m price tag on Oblak as Chelsea, Man Utd keep vigil

first_img Loading… Atletico Madrid will insist on £109million buy out clause for Jan Oblak amid concerns that Manchester United are preparing to rival Chelsea for the goalkeeper’s signature. According to Daily Mail report, Oblak is unsettled at Atletico and is looking for a bigger, more ambitious challenge with a switch to the Premier League at the forefront of his thinking. The 27-year old, regarded by many as one of the top three goalkeepers in the world, is understood to have grown unhappy at some of the decisions and direction taken by Atletico’s sporting director Andrea Berta. Oblak is aware that Chelsea would like to sign him but believes Manchester United are also prepared to revive their interest following David de Gea’s drop in form. United’s other major obstacle is where to sell De Gea as there are few clubs willing to pay a substantial fee plus his £360,000 a week wages. Chelsea want a new goalkeeper despite the fact £71million signing Kepa Arrizabalaga intends to stay and fight for his place. Ideally they could offset Oblak’s fee by using Kepa as a makeweight but Atletico don’t want to lose face with fans. They know Oblak is a huge favourite and should he leave they want it to be for a world record fee for a keeper. Chelsea have been bold in their recruitment so far this year with Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner signed and talks taking place with Bayer Leverkusen for Kai Havertz. They also want to add two defenders and a midfielder but a reliable keeper remains key to Frank Lampard‘a plans.center_img United’s other major obstacle is where to sell De Gea as there are few clubs willing to pay a substantial fee plus his £360,000 a week wages. Chelsea want a new goalkeeper despite the fact £71million signing Kepa Arrizabalaga intends to stay and fight for his place. Ideally they could offset Oblak’s fee by using Kepa as a makeweight but Atletico don’t want to lose face with fans. They know Oblak is a huge favourite and should he leave they want it to be for a world record fee for a keeper. Chelsea have been bold in their recruitment so far this year with Hakim Ziyech and Timo Werner signed and talks taking place with Bayer Leverkusen for Kai Havertz. They also want to add two defenders and a midfielder but a reliable keeper remains key to Frank Lampard‘a plans. Kepa Arrizabalaga, the world’s most expensive keeper, looks to be heading for the exit door Read Also: Saka: Fear grips England over Nigeria’s plot to cap Arsenal youngster However, Atletico’s stance on Oblak has prompted them to consider cheaper alternatives such as Marc Andre Ter Stegen at Barcelona, Alphonse Areola of PSG, Andre Onana at Ajax plus Burnley’s Nick Pope and United’s Henderson. Oblak though is the type of statement signing that would elevate Chelsea’s title credentials or, indeed, those of United. The key now is who is willing to spend the kind of money Atletico Madrid are demanding in the current climate. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 United have Dean Henderson chomping at the bit to stake his claim but while the 23-year old is poised to become England’s number one after an excellent season in loan at Sheffield United there are reservations he could still be a little inexperienced to become first choice at Old Trafford. Promoted Content7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend Better7 Ways To Understand Your Girlfriend BetterBest Car Manufacturers In The WorldThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreWhat Are The Most Delicious Foods Out There?Here Are The Top 10 Tiniest Mobile Phones On The Planet!7 Universities Where Getting An Education Costs A Hefty PennyWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?Birds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For ThemGorgeous Asian Actresses All Men Are Crazy About5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme Parks12 Celebrities Who Almost Ruined Their Careers With One Movielast_img read more

Sagna ready to fill Kompany role

first_img And Sagna, the former Arsenal full-back who signed for City over the summer, said of the prospect of filling in for the skipper in the middle: “I have played a few times at centre-back for Arsenal. “If I have to play I will play, and always try to give 100 per cent and my best for the team. “But hopefully he (Kompany) will be ready for (Saturday’s home league clash with) Crystal Palace.” The 31-year-old France international, quoted by the Manchester Evening News, added: “I could cope but we have other players as well who can play. “(Dedryck) Boyata did well against Sunderland (a 4-1 away league win on December 3). But if I have to play in any position then I will play.” Press Association City lost a key man in the position when captain Vincent Kompany was forced off in Saturday’s 1-0 Barclays Premier League win at Leicester due to a recurrence of a hamstring problem. Manager Manuel Pellegrini said after the contest that Kompany could be out of action until the new year. center_img Manchester City defender Bacary Sagna is ready to play at centre-back for the Blues if required.last_img read more

Cynics misread Crew

first_imgThe usual cynics have once again surfaced. A season once full of optimism for a franchise largely devoid of such feelings over the last decade has already lost its luster after 21 games. The Milwaukee Brewers’ record currently stands at 8-13. But it’s not time to throw in the towel on Ned Yost’s club quite yet.First off, the season is still young. The Brewers have played just an eighth of their schedule and have played only eight games at home. Though they have posted just a 2-6 mark at Miller Park, considering their schedule in the first month, the Brewers overall record isn’t as terrible as it appears at first glance.Milwaukee has had to travel to Wrigley Field, Minute Maid Park and Busch Stadium, the homes of the top three teams from the National League Central a year ago, and has, not surprisingly, struggled. Brewers skeptics should take heed. This is a franchise that started off well last year, reaching as high as seven games over .500 before the All Star break before plummeting into last place in the division. However, this season was supposed to be different. The addition of Carlos Lee into the middle of the lineup would offer protection for lefties Geoff Jenkins and Lyle Overbay. Wisconsin native Damian Miller would give the Brewers a respectable backstop for the first time in a great while. The offense would be improved. Ace Ben Sheets would finally get some run support. Yet, it seems in the opening month nothing has changed from a year ago. Sheets is 1-3 with a 3.95 ERA while striking out almost one batter per inning. The back of the rotation has battled the same inconsistencies that plagued it last season. The Brewers are averaging just over four runs per game, largely due to poor hitting with runners in scoring position. And Lee has started off slow, batting just .235.Still, it’s quite early in the year to give up all hope of a respectable season for the Crew. As great as April is for over-analyzing baseball to death, it is simply another month of the season.Brewer fans can take solace in the fact that teams like the Arizona Diamondbacks and Baltimore Orioles are currently in first place. No disrespect to either club, but the chances of the both teams ending the year on top are not real good. The Yankees are still under .500. Jim Thome is hitting just over .200. Eric Chavez, Steve Finley and Mike Lowell are all currently batting below the Mendoza line. The season is still in its infancy.Despite their current struggles, the Brewers still have a chance to compete in the division. This is certainly not a club that will challenge the Cardinals for the crown, but Milwaukee does have a team capable of finishing around the .500 mark. And in a division with no standout teams outside of St. Louis, such a finish could put the Brewers in contention for second or third place. They still have many holes and questions; yet the answers to those questions will not be answered in April, nor should they be. Yes, J.J. Hardy is struggling. But a rookie shortstop needs more than a month and just over 50 at-bats to show any indication of what type of player he will be. Remember, even Alex Rodriguez hit just .204 in his first taste of big-league action (54 at-bats in 1994).Junior Spivey (a career .274 hitter) is not going to bat .214 all season. Lee’s early season struggles won’t last for all of 2005. Geoff Jenkins is going to eventually break out of his two-homerun, five-RBI funk. Right now, the Brewers are simply a team struggling behind the slow starts of some of their best players.The Major League Baseball season is a marathon, not a quick sprint. There is a reason why Brian Roberts will not win American League MVP. There is a reason why Derek Lee will not win the National League Triple Crown. And finally, there is a reason why Gustavo Chacin, regardless of how cool his glasses are, will not win the AL Cy Young.The Brewers simply have to continue to work hard and wait for their stars to wake up.last_img read more

Stock up/Stock down: Jordan Fredericks impresses against Rhode Island

first_img Published on September 6, 2015 at 1:55 pm Contact Paul: [email protected] | @pschweds Facebook Twitter Google+ Judging by the scoreboard, Syracuse’s 47-0 season-opening win over Rhode Island couldn’t have gone any better. But as SU’s rotation of players continues to be sorted out in the early part of the season, two key developments occurred on Friday night.Stock UpJordan Fredericks, freshman running backWith Devante McFarlane on the sideline and the Orange opening up an early lead, Fredericks received significant playing time behind junior George Morris. Two-thirds of the way through the first quarter, Fredericks took his first collegiate handoff for 31 yards, SU’s longest run of the game, immediately putting Syracuse in field-goal range. With a 14-0 lead to start the second quarter, Fredericks racked up 32 yards on five runs during a 13-play, 76-yard drive that ended with a field goal.On Wednesday, head coach Scott Shafer said Fredericks was ready to play and the freshman proved Shafer right with 103 yards and a touchdown on 14 carries.“(Fredericks) knows the offense inside out,” Shafer said on Wednesday. “He’s got good football IQ. Like a lot of our freshmen, we have a lot of smart kids on this team that pick things up quicker than a lot of freshmen do and Jordan’s one of those guys.”AdvertisementThis is placeholder textStock DownAustin Wilson, sophomore quarterbackWith starting quarterback Terrel Hunt sustaining a season-ending injury just seven minutes into the game, the Orange had to turn to backup freshman quarterback Eric Dungey. Third-string sophomore quarterback Austin Wilson got in during the fourth quarter and perhaps the quarterback battle could have heated up with a strong performance, but Wilson didn’t complete his only pass attempt. Meanwhile, Dungey went 10-for-17 for 114 yards and two touchdowns.Immediately after the game, a reporter asked SU offensive coordinator Tim Lester if Dungey would “definitely” be the starter if Hunt is out for more games. Lester said yes, which bodes poorly for Wilson after losing the backup spot to a true freshman.“I mean, (Dungey) played well and he showed it in camp,” Lester said. “He had the second best numbers and the guy with the second best numbers is the guy you’re playing. So, unless something crazy happens, he’ll be the guy, if Terrel is out any more.” Commentslast_img read more