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Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil says he intends to run for third

first_imgHALIFAX – Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil has made no secret of the fact he likes his job — and now he’s making it clear that he wants to stick around for a third term.In a year-end interview with The Canadian Press, McNeil said he believes he has work to do beyond his second term, which only began May 30 when the Liberals won their second consecutive majority government.“I have every intention to be seeking a third mandate,” said McNeil. “I’m very proud of what we have been doing.”McNeil pointed to the government’s work in putting the province’s fiscal house in order over the past four years as a primary reason for wanting to continue on in office.Two months after the Liberals took office in 2013, they forecasted a $481-million deficit, largely after deciding to book $280 million in pension obligations. By last September’s budget, the government estimated a slim $21.3-million surplus, following a surplus of nearly $150 million for fiscal 2016-17.The modest surplus was delivered to a large extent on the back of contract strife with public sector unions, including teachers and health care workers.There have also been challenges to the health care system, including persistent family doctor shortages, as the government moved to amalgamate the province’s nine health authorities into a single administrative unit.“I’m not sure people fully understand the level of resolve it took from my colleagues. No one enjoys having to go through some of the stuff that we’ve gone through as a government, but it was fundamentally in our belief the right thing for the province.”Occasionally the job has led to frustrations that boil over, McNeil admitted, including when he dressed down Auditor General Michael Pickup following a cabinet meeting last month.Pickup’s Nov. 22 report was critical of how the province communicates its health care strategy, and pointed out shortcomings in mental health and homecare. The auditor general also said public agencies had done a poor job of communicating their plan to address problems in primary care, including doctor shortages.McNeil swung back the next day, telling reporters that if Pickup wanted to comment on public policy he should run for office. He also questioned whether Pickup had strayed from his mandate — a question Pickup deftly addressed during an appearance before the legislature’s public accounts committee.The premier said he now believes his response was a personal low point in 2017.“While there are many days that are frustrating you need to be able to manage that frustration. That was not one of those days that I did manage it as well as I think someone in my position should.”The odd irritation aside, McNeil said he believes the government is now in a better position to build the province.“Not only our population, but economic opportunities in this province and I want to be part of that,” he said.McNeil said that’s the reason he has told members of his cabinet to have their future decided shortly after the budget is delivered in the second year of the current mandate.He said those who are leaving will be removed from cabinet, and it will be retooled with an eye toward a third mandate.“I don’t want all the hard work of the last four years to be for naught,” he said. “I think the province is on the cusp of doing some great things.”Note to readers: This is a corrected story. An earlier version wrongly said the current surplus was $1.3 million.last_img read more

Manitoba mother sentenced to eight years in sons beating death

first_imgBRANDON, Man. — A mother in Manitoba has been sentenced to eight years in prison for throwing her baby boy to the ground and causing his death.“This was not a child being shaken, but a child being thrown to the floor and struck in the head multiple times,” Justice Scott Abel told Jessica Melissa Brandon, 39, during a sentencing hearing Thursday.Draze Brandon-Catcheway was from the Waywayseecappo First Nation. He was 28-months old when he was found unresponsive at his home in January 2015. He never regained consciousness.An autopsy found the child died from an acute blunt-force head injury.Brandon pleaded guilty to manslaughter in September 2018.The Crown asked for a 10-year sentence, while the defence wanted seven years.Court heard how Brandon, a mother of eight, had struggled with alcohol for most of her life. She had been sober for about two months when a child-welfare agency returned the children to her care.“The accused says she realized she was not ready for her children to return home all at once,” Abel said.Court was told that Brandon was struggling with the transition and, on the night of the boy’s death, had taken five shots of hard liquor, an anti-anxiety drug and a sleep aid before passing out.She woke up to find Draze jumping around and refusing to listen to her. She grabbed the boy and threw him to the floor.Court heard Brandon doesn’t remember much about what happened next, but she concedes she struck the child multiple times in the head.An officer with the Dakota Ojibwa Police Service was called to the family’s home about 2:30 a.m. and found Draze on the couch. The child was limp, unresponsive and gurgling sounds were coming from his throat.He was brought to hospital but died the same day.Brandon at first told police that her son rolled off the couch while she was changing his diaper. She later said Draze was jumping on the bed and hit his head.A medical examiner found that neither story was consistent with the child’s injuries.The child-welfare agency involved with the family did not submit information for her pre-sentence report. But Brandon said she made numerous requests for a respite worker to help her with the children.The judge said he had to consider in his sentence the impact of the agency’s involvement — or lack thereof.Brandon’s other children were taken back into care after Draze’s death. A victim impact statement submitted in court from his foster mother explained how the boy’s siblings are struggling with their brother’s death.While Brandon has expressed she wants to be a good mother and will get help, she has shown limited remorse, Abel said.“The accused threw Draze onto the floor such that Draze immediately became unresponsive,” the judge said.“Add to that conduct that the accused struck Draze multiple times in the head area.”— By Kelly Geraldine Malone in WinnipegThe Canadian Presslast_img read more

Innu documentary filmmaker Kevin BaconHervieux makes history at the Gala du Quebec

first_imgLindsay RichardsonAPTN NewsAn Innu man from Quebec broke barriers on Sunday at the Gala du Quebec Cinema, taking home a prestigious trophy for his debut documentary.It was the first ever win for an Indigenous filmmaker, and Kevin Bacon-Hervieux’s first feature-length film.“Once I heard my name – for me, it wasn’t real,” Bacon-Hervieux said. “Never did I think I’d win.”The 26-year-old now touts the Iris Prize – the Quebec equivalent of an Academy Award – for his film Innu Nikamu: Chanter la Resistance, which took nearly six years to produce.“I thought it would be heavier,” Bacon-Hervieux explained while holding the prize, a 13-inch aluminum trophy designed by sculptor Marc-Antoine Côté.The 90-minute film – available in both French and English, chronicles the history of the Innu Nikamu Music and Aboriginal Arts Festival, which held its inaugural edition in 1985.“I wanted, with this film, for people – non-Natives – to feel invited. To come our way on the reserve, in Mali Utenam, to celebrate with us,” he said.The gathering is held annually in the community 900 kilometres northeast of Montreal.Before ever attempting a film, Bacon-Hervieux says he felt compelled to involve himself in the planning and execution of the festival, which for many years has tried to extend its reach to non-Indigenous spectators and performance artists.In 2014, at 22, Bacon-Hervieux entered a film prospectus into a contest and won a bursary that kick-started the novice filmmaker’s first-ever film project – while also working as the festival’s artistic director.But the story, he concedes, belongs to his home community.When scouting locations back in 1985, the community decided to reclaim their narrative and hold the festival on the grounds of the former Sept-Iles Indian Residential School – a dark stain on Mani-Utenam’s history.“It was an enormous challenge to integrate this heavy story into a film I wanted to be very positive,” Bacon-Hervieux said. “For me, and I think for people in general, the festival isn’t related to the history of residential schools.”“But the residential school in Mali Utenam united the community,” he added.The festival itself pays tribute to ancient traditions.Every summer, the Innu would return from the seasonal caribou hunt to hold weddings and festivities by the north shore of the Saint-Lawrence River.Many believe that Innu Nikamu re-ignited hope in a community that had known too much distress.A rough cut of the film ran nearly five hours long, Bacon says, because every anecdote was significant to the history of Quebec’s Innu population.Now shortened, the film serves as an introduction to Innu music, culture, and the complexities of Quebec history.“All that we did with this film was be honest. To retell what happened,” Bacon-Hervieux said.The Innu Nikamu festival will be held in Mali Utenam between August 1st and the 4th .lrichardson@aptn.calast_img read more

French troops start disarming C. African Republic fighters

first_imgBangui (Central African Republic) — French troops on Monday began disarming fighters in the Central African Republic after a swell in sectarian violence that has claimed hundreds of lives and terrified inhabitants.But Paris warned the task would be difficult as former Seleka rebels who seized power in a March coup shed their combat gear to avoid detection, and clashed sporadically with soldiers dispatched to quell violence in the unstable country.Announcing the beginning of the disarmament, the army’s general staff said the process was going smoothly for the moment, despite a brief shoot-out Monday morning between soldiers and armed men near the airport. French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius warned that the disarmament would not be “an easy task”.“The problem is that many of the former Seleka (rebels) have traded their uniforms for civilian clothes… and it is difficult to identify individuals,” he said on France Inter radio.France is deploying 1,600 soldiers to its former colony, which has plunged into chaos since the Seleka rebels seized power, with reports of widespread rape and public killings taking place.Fabius said former Seleka rebel leader turned interim president Michel Djotodia had appealed to his former fighters to give up arms, but some have gone rogue and imposed a reign of terror in the countryside.The capital Bangui has also been the scene of bloodshed over the past three days, and nearly 400 people have been killed in the violence, Fabius said.“We have explained to everyone by radio and through other available media that they should bring back weapons,” Fabius said.“If this does not yield sufficient results, force will be employed,” he said.French President Francois Hollande, who sent troops into the west African country of Mali earlier this year to stop Islamists and Tuareg rebels from advancing on the capital Bamako, has said France cannot turn a blind eye to the massacres perpetrated in the Central African Republic.But the military intervention has prompted criticism from the public over its cost at a difficult time for the French economy.France says deployment costs ‘minimum’Fabius on Monday said the cost of the deployment was “minimal” as the French troops were drawn from bases in other African countries.“If we did not intervene quickly it would have cost much more,” he said.“If in place of a few hundred killed, there had been tens of thousands of deaths we would have had in any case to intervene in a country that was totally destroyed.”France has also been anxious to avoid charges of medding in its former African colony for political or economic reasons.It has repeatedly emphasised that it troops are being dispatched to the CAR to reinforce a 2,500-strong African Union peacekeeping mission and that it is ultimately Africa’s responsibility to tackle the various crises on the continent.There have been no major incidents since the French deployment. French troops came under fire near the airport on Sunday and Monday, but there were no indications of casualties.France has more than 5,300 troops stationed in a string of bases across western and central Africa, according to defence ministry figures.The UN childrens’ agency UNICEF told AFP in Bangui that nearly 480,000 people — mostly women and children — had been displaced since the country of 4.6 million people plunged into chaos after the March coup.But the deadly attacks witnessed before the French troops rolled in have ceased and life in Bangui is slowly returning to normal.Djotodia, the first Muslim leader of the CAR, disbanded Seleka when he took power, but while some militiamen remained loyal to him, others wreaked havoc.Local Christians responded by forming vigilante groups and the government was never able to assert its authority over the Christian-majority country.Reports have highlighted a series of horrors, with security forces and militia gangs raping with impunity, carrying out public killings and razing entire villages.Djotodia has accused forces loyal to the exiled former president Francois Bozize, whom he had toppled, of being behind the vigilante groups.London-based rights group Amnesty International has said that many involved in the latest violence are child fighters recruited by the former rebels. It said some were reportedly armed with axes and iron bars.last_img read more

Canadian Pacific Railway execs brush off threat of Amazon effect

Looking forward to what they are calling a record-setting third quarter, executives at Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. said the “Amazon effect” poses no threat to the company and raised its full-year financial guidance amid a strong outlook for the remainder of the year.“Some consumers want to buy 1/8products3/8 from Amazon, some want to buy it from Home Depot,” said CP vice-president Jonathan Wahba.“We have the courier base, and we have the big box stores…We’re not concerned about the shift in consumer behaviour, because we believe it’s going to come through us either way,” he added, referring to what he called the “Amazon effect.”Amazon handled roughly 44 per cent of all American e-commerce sales last year, contributing to total sales of US$177.9 billion, or about four per cent of all U.S. retail sales, according to e-commerce analytics firm One Click Retail. The online retail giant is expected to rake in about half of all revenue from internet purchases in 2018.Amazon relies on a network of delivery services to handle its shipments, but its fleet of trucks and airplanes is growing. In June, it announced a new program to spur people to start their own businesses delivering packages for the company, threatening to sidestep major couriers.Wahba and CP chief executive Keith Creel stressed higher efficiency through algorithm-based scheduling, which they said has shored up business from delivery companies such as Purolator Inc. and United Parcel Service.“We’ve reinvented ourselves at this company. And it’s based on a model of precision-scheduled railroading,” Creel told investors at CP headquarters in Calgary on Thursday.The railway has beefed up capacity by levelling out the “peaks and troughs” of intermodal train traffic within each week, allowing for more consistent train lengths and higher volume, Wahba said.“Today we’re selling it like we’re FedEx” — which uses a graded pricing system based partly on speed of delivery — he said.CP forecast its adjusted earnings per share will grow by more than 20 per cent for the year, compared with an earlier guidance for low-double digit growth.“This is a strong indication that the momentum CP achieved in Q3 is likely to continue into Q4,” said RBC Dominion Securities Inc. analyst Walter Spracklin in a note to investors.In its preliminary third-quarter results, the Calgary-based company estimated revenue grew by 19 per cent to a record high of about $1.9 billion.CP said it expects reported diluted earnings per share to be about $4.35 for the third quarter, while adjusted diluted earnings per share are forecast to reach about $4.10 — the highest in the company’s history.Analysts on average had expected CP to earn $3.64 per share in the quarter, according to Thomson Reuters Eikon.The railway’s operating ratio for the quarter — a key measure of efficiency where a lower number is better — is projected to be under 58.5 per cent.Analysts expect volume growth to hit five per cent and earnings per share to grow by 13 per cent between 2018 and 2020.Spracklin said he was “particularly impressed” with the guidance and results as well as the management team’s “energy.”Companies in this story: (TSX:CP) read more

Annan condemns killing of UN military observers in DR of Congo

“The Secretary-General is profoundly saddened by the tragic deaths of two military observers,” UN spokesman Fred Eckhard said in New York, conveying Mr. Annan’s condolences to the families and governments of the nationals of Jordan and Malawi. Their remains were recovered yesterday from Mongwalu, a town 70 kilometres northwest of Bunia, in Ituri. He added that Mr. Annan also regretted the murder of two local Red Cross workers in Bunia last week.”The Secretary-General strongly condemns these appalling and shocking acts,” the spokesman said. “He appeals to all concerned to cooperate with [the UN Organization Mission in the DRC (MONUC)] in carrying out the investigations into the exact circumstances of their brutal murder. Those responsible will be held fully accountable for their actions.”Mr. Annan also called on all Congolese parties “to renounce violence and consolidate the hard-won agreements, both at the national level and in Ituri,” the spokesman said, and conveyed his appreciation to the courageous men and women of MONUC, who were “selflessly serving the cause of peace in volatile areas of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.” read more

Settling IsraeliPalestinian conflict would help curb terrorism says UN Middle East envoy

“These tragic events serve to reinforce the reality that the extremism and terrorism that has infected many parts of the Middle East is not constrained by borders,” Special Coordinator on the Middle East Peace Process Nickolay Mladenov told the Security Council in the latest UN update on the situation.“It can strike anywhere, anytime, and poses a grave threat to international peace and security. Against this backdrop we cannot separate the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from this global threat. Establishing a Palestinian state, while addressing Israel’s substantial security concerns, would yield major dividends not only for Israelis and Palestinians alike, but for the entire region.”Referring to the recent upsurge of violence in Israel and the West Bank, he noted that over the past month, there were 35 reported attacks, including stabbings or attempted stabbings, shootings, or car-rammings by Palestinians against Israelis, leaving six Israelis dead and 36 injured, while 25 suspected Palestinian assailants had been killed.Mr. Mladenov, speaking to the Council via videoconference, called on all parties to implement steps to end the violence, including “immediate efforts by all political, religious and community leaders to stop the hate-fuelled incitement that glorifies the murder of Jews or that brands all Palestinians as terrorists.”The status quo on the major religious site in Jerusalem that houses the El Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, known as Haram-Al Sharif to Muslims and the Temple Mount to Jews, must be maintained, he said, and Israel must address the apparent impunity for settler violence against Palestinians.He also called for bolstering security coordination between Israel and the Palestinian Authority to prevent any further deterioration of the situation, and said the use of firearms by Israeli security forces should be employed only when less extreme means are insufficient to address an imminent threat of death or serious injury.“Dealing with the threats that kill the prospect of a two-state solution is also critical,” Mr. Mladenov warned, voicing concern at the recent Israeli decision to issue tenders for 436 housing units in the East Jerusalem settlement of Ramat Shlomo, the first such announcement in over a year. “The reality in which a settler state is emerging in the occupied West Bank must be reversed if hope is to be reignited.” He called raid by Israeli forces on hospitals a “troubling development.”“Based on developments on the ground, the current conditions make a return to negotiations a challenging prospect,” he said. “But time, as always, is not on our side. Trust must be rebuilt and, for that, bold and significant steps on the ground must be taken in order to tangibly improve lives and irreversibly move toward the end of occupation and the establishment of a Palestinian state.“In the period before an eventual return to negotiations, the parties and their international partners must pursue measures that will significantly improve the lives of Palestinians, including by strengthening their institutions, economic prospects and security. This will require substantial policy changes on the ground by Israel.”He called on the Security Council to provide additional guidance on developing a new peace architecture for resolving the conflict.“I refuse to be convinced that Israelis and Palestinians want to live ‘by the sword’ and in a state of perpetual violence,” he concluded. “We owe it to the many Palestinians and Israelis who, despite endless setbacks and disappointments, have continued to maintain hope that negotiated peace can be realised.“I can assure you that the Secretary-General remains steadfast in his support of any effort to restore the hope that a two-state solution can be achieved through negotiations. But the long road ahead requires leadership. Leadership that has been glaringly absent to date.” read more

NBA Bids Farewell To Jason Collins LGBT And Advanced Stats Pioneer

Veteran center Jason Collins announced his retirement Wednesday, officially ending his 13-year NBA career.Collins last took the court as a member of the Brooklyn Nets a season ago, when he became the first openly gay active player in the history of North America’s “big four” professional sports leagues.“It feels wonderful to have been part of these milestones for sports and for gay rights, and to have been embraced by the public, the coaches, the players, the league and history,” Collins wrote in Sports Illustrated this week.Collins’s most important legacy will be as a trailblazer for the LGBT movement, but his retirement also deserves a footnote for his status as one of the first “hidden” stars of the NBA’s advanced stats movement.In 2005, Collins headlined a group of unsung players whose value was only beginning to emerge via a new metric known as adjusted plus/minus (APM). Controlling for every other player on the court (for both teams), APM attempted to determine how much effect an individual had on his team’s per-possession scoring margin. And Collins, whose meager per-game averages would normally render him invisible to statistical analysts, had a far greater one than his conventional stats would suggest.“According to [APM expert Dan] Rosenbaum’s calculations, Collins is not a stiff at all but one of the NBA’s premier defensive centers: the fourth-most effective in the league over the last three seasons,” SI’s Chris Ballard wrote before the 2005-06 NBA season. “Over the last three seasons the Nets have been remarkably more effective at the defensive end with Collins in the lineup; they foul less, allow fewer free throws, rebound better and allow fewer points. ‘He’s very consistent and consistently very good,’ says Rosenbaum, ‘meaning he’s either the luckiest center alive and teams just fall apart when he’s on the court, or he’s doing something.’”According to regularized APM (RAPM), a Bayesian version of APM that forms the basis of ESPN’s new Real Plus/Minus stat, Collins continued to be an above-average on-court presence for one more season. (Then, the negative effect of his nonexistent offensive contributions began to outweigh his elite defense.) But over the 2001-2014 period for which Regularized APM can be calculated, Collins came out as a net positive (+1.6 points per 100 possessions) relative to the average NBA player.For a player who averaged merely 3.6 points and 3.7 rebounds per game over his career — with a lifetime player efficiency rating (PER) of 7.0 — that’s an astonishing accomplishment. If we map every player’s RAPM (minimum 10,000 minutes played) against that which we would expect solely from his PER, a useful per-minute proxy for the conventional statistical perception of a player, Collins comes out as the NBA’s most underrated player of the past decade and a half.For more reasons than one, Collins was a player whose impact on the NBA can’t be divined from the box score alone. read more

Dangerous man serving 12 years for killing pensioner absconds from jail

first_imgA man who killed a retired lecturer is on the run after absconding from prison.Anthony Curry, 43, left HMP Kirkham in Lancashire between midday and 2pm on Wednesday and is described by police as “clearly a dangerous individual”.He was jailed for 12 years at Preston Crown Court in July 2013 after admitting the manslaughter of Christopher Proctor, 88, whose body was recovered from his fire-ravaged bungalow.Curry had earlier ransacked the Blackburn home of the great-grandfather – whom he had befriended over time – with his girlfriend, and they stole his wallet and bank card.Both went to a nearby cash machine to draw money out but they were thwarted because Mr Proctor had changed his pin number hours earlier.Curry returned alone to the bungalow, where it is thought Mr Proctor suffered a cardiac arrest “out of fear and shock”, the court heard.The heroin addict then set about trying to destroy evidence of his wrongdoing by torching the property in Pleckgate in the early hours of November 10 2012.Curry, formerly of Blackburn, also pleaded guilty to arson, burglary and two attempted thefts.Clare Randall, then aged 31, from Dewsbury, was jailed for two years and five months after she pleaded guilty to burglary and two attempted thefts. He has links to the Blackburn, Preston and Cumbria areas.Anyone with information should contact police on 101 quoting log reference 1131 of August 9. Sentencing the pair, Mr Justice Macduff said that reading the victim impact statement from Mr Proctor’s anguished daughter “makes me want to weep”.The judge said: “What a tragic case – this lovely old man, 88 years old, vulnerable, living alone, a retired lecturer, a degree from Cambridge, relatively well-off and targeted by people like you. And not the first time you had targeted him.”You say you are sorry. So you should be.”I have read the impact statement from his daughter. I have read it three times now. It makes me want to weep.”On Thursday, Detective Sergeant Madeleine Park, of Blackpool Police, said: “We are appealing for information leading to Curry’s whereabouts.”He is clearly a dangerous individual and we would urge anyone who sees him or knows where he is not to approach him but instead contact police.”Furthermore, I would ask Curry, if he sees this appeal, to do the right thing and contact officers so he can be returned to prison.”Curry is described as white, 5ft 8in and of stocky build with brown hair. He has a tribal tattoo on his neck, a tattoo of a dot close to his left eye and tattoos on his arms featuring a dragon and rose.center_img Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Underage children could be blocked from using social media sites

The age verification scheme, which is the first of its kind in the world and has already attracted interest from countries wanting to protect children from porn and… New regulations, laid before Parliament, give Britain’s chief censor new powers to close down porn sites that fail to prevent children under 18 getting onto them from January. Anyone seeking access to the sites will have to prove they are over 18 via third party firms who will use people’s mobile phones, cards bought in newsagents, passports or credit cards to check ages and then confirm them anonymously to the porn companies. Under-aged children could be barred from social media as part of a government crackdown on access to porn. read more

The New Testament can show us how ancient people dealt with the

first_img Sep 8th 2019, 7:01 PM 75 Comments Image: Chester Beatty Library VISITING DUBLIN SEVERAL years ago, Seattle-born Dr Garrick Allen fell in love with the place – long before he started working for Dublin City University. But we needn’t flatter ourselves. It wasn’t the Irish charm or even the sights of the city that grabbed his attention. Instead, in a quiet crevice of the Chester Beatty Library, Allen found himself looking at a collection of manuscripts that was an undeniable haven for an expert on religious texts. Far from the tourists flocking to see the Book of Kells over at Trinity College, Allen lost himself in reading the oldest copies of St Paul’s letters to be found anywhere in the world. It was a “small Mecca” for me, Allen says in an interview with Now the DCU academic and his six-strong team have been awarded €1.5 million from the European Research Council to research the New Testament. “Dublin is a surprisingly rich place for this sort of thing,” he says.“Where do you think the earliest copy of Paul’s letters are?” he often asks students. They never guess Dublin. For a single arts researcher to get over €1 million is somewhat rare. Indeed, Allen sounds surprised himself – he was the only Irish researcher to be awarded money in this funding round of the highly-prized grants. The work certainly sounds complex. DCU’s description of it reads:  Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Sunday 8 Sep 2019, 7:00 PM Part of St Paul’s letters to the Romans, Philippians and Colossians, in the Chester Beatty Library. Image: Chester Beatty Library Share17 Tweet Email4 Part of St Paul’s letters to the Romans, Philippians and Colossians, in the Chester Beatty Library. 22,703 Views By Dominic McGrath By adopting new philology as a methodology, Titles of the New Testament critiques dominant approaches by taking each manuscript seriously as evidence for specific reading events, using titles as primary evidence.If you’re not an expert on ancient religious texts or are wondering what philology means (it’s the study of language, often in literary texts) the whole thing might even sound like a colossally obtuse project. Allen says otherwise. Rediscovering perspectivesThe point of the work, he says, is to understand human culture through the prism of these manuscripts and to recover “perspectives of past people” that might have been lost to time. This doesn’t mean simply going over old texts to find the oldest, or translating back the well-trodden ground of the four gospels. Instead, using the titles, chapter names and various other details found on New Testament manuscripts from throughout the centuries, Allen will be seeking out what exactly these documents meant to the people and communities who read, wrote and believed them. He offers the example of the Book of Revelations. Known as the most surreal part of the New Testament, full of strange visions and stories, it’s most infamous in popular culture for its “666″ reference.Taken by academics as a reference to Nero – the emperor typically seen as the scourge of early Christians – a more radical interpretation argues that it refers to an Antichrist figure due to arrive in the future. It’s these kind of re-imaginings that Allen wants to achieve throughout the project. And with no shortage of larger-than-life Nero-esque villains in the world today, Allen suggests that there is a broader relevance to these New Testament manuscripts.  ”Not least with all the political upheaval and right-wing politics, it gives us a view to how ancient people dealt with the issues we’re grappling with,” Allen says. Of course, it does have more prosaic academic components, much of which will be time-consuming. Allen estimates that the project will take five years between six staff members. But he’s certainly used to it. As a young researcher, he honed his craft sifting through page after page of ancient religious texts. “My job was to sit and read manuscripts and transcribe them,” he says. It was this process – laborious, even monkish – that led him towards this current fascination with how human society, at various points in time, interacted with the New Testament. But banish from your mind images of academics sitting over wooden desks reading dusty manuscripts. Instead, the vast majority of ancient works have today been digitised – texts from all corners of the world, written throughout the centuries, are now available online. While it might take away some of the fusty romance, Allen says it has made the work of academics immeasurably easier. “This project would be impossible without that work being done already,” says Allen. In five years’ time, what will the project have taught us? Allen admits he doesn’t know.But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be looking, he says. “The New Testament is a product of human culture and it has played a role in our culture for 2,000 years. Whether we want it to or not.” ‘The New Testament can show us how ancient people dealt with the issues we’re grappling with’ A DCU academic received €1.5 million from the European Research Council. Short URLlast_img read more

Video Dash Wilder of The Revival punches fan that attacked Bret Hart

first_imgFacebook Andrej Mangold spricht über seine Hochzeitspläne Jerry “The King” Lawler’s former podcast partner accused of scamming fans for artwork Bret Hart Tackled During WWE Hall of Fame Speech Twitter Now Playing Up Next Now Playing Up Next As reported earlier, a fan jumped into the ring and tackled Bret Hart while he was giving his speech at the Class of 2019 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday.Although the speech was able to resume a few minutes later, chaos broke out inside the ring when Hart was tackled and many members of the WWE roster and staff jumped inside to help him and calm down the situation inside the ring.WWE’s production team quickly cut to a black screen and then proceeded to show crowd shots for around a minute. Surprisingly, the live shot resumed showing various WWE stars entering the ring to try and check on Hart near a corner of the ring.Videos immediately started showing up on Twitter from those attending live, including @AntonioGethers who shared this video below showing RAW Tag Team Champion Dash Wilder of The Revival getting in a punch on the unidentified fan.DASH WILDER PUNCHED THE DUDE DONT EVER DISRESPECT BRET #WWEHOF— kvngtoni00gaming (@AntonioGethers) April 7, 2019Mainstream media has already started picking up on the story as well.– ESPN: Bret Hart jumped by fan during WWE HOF speech– TMZ: BRET HART TACKLED BY FAN During WWE HOF Induction Speech– MMA Junkie: A man rushed Bret Hart at the WWE Hall of Fame, and Travis Browne immediately jumped in– New York Post: WWE legend Bret “Hitman” Hart attacked by fan during Hall of Fame speech– USA Today: Bret Hart tackled by fan while giving WWE Hall of Fame speech– CBS Sports: Fan jumps barricade, attacks Bret Hart at 2019 WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremonyRecommended videosPowered by AnyClipBret Hart Attacked At WWE Hall of Fame CeremonyVideo Player is loading.Play VideoPauseUnmuteDuration 0:39/Current Time 0:02Loaded: 100.00%0:02Remaining Time -0:37 FullscreenUp NextThis is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.Replay the list Now Playing Up Next Adam Martin RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart set to appear at the SummerSlam meet and greet center_img Rob Van Dam Broke Sabus Jaw Learning To Kick WhatsApp Pinterest Now Playing Up Next Pro Wrestler Attacked During WWE Hall Of Fame Speech Now Playing Up Next Google+ Bret Hart Attacked At WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony WWE to honor Hall of Famer in Japan this Friday; Bruce Prichard rushed home for oral surgerylast_img read more

Fatal Accident in Bahamas

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppBahamas, July 6th 2017 – Nassau – A fatal accident along New Providence Highway yesterday afternoon has left one man dead. According to police reports, shortly after noon a white Kia vehicle driven by a male driver with another male in the passenger seat collided with a 2001 freightliner flatbed truck with a male driver along New Providence Highway, south of Saunders Beach. During the collision, the male passenger in the Kia vehicle was thrown through the windshield onto the street. He died while being treated a t hospital.Assistant Superintendent Craig Stubb, in charge of the Traffic Division confirmed that the passenger was not wearing a seatblet. The driver remains in a stable condition at hospital. The driver of the truck was not injured in the accident. Investigations are ongoing.Story By: Kay-Marie Fletcher#MagneticMediaNews Related Items:#CarAccident, #magneticmedianews Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Local business owners ask officials to lift Zika travel advisory

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Local business owners in the Zika transmission zone are urging health officials to lift a travel advisory as they claim it has been “bad for business.”Two restaurant owners from Miami’s Wynwood neighborhood participated in a call with the director for the Center of Disease Control and the CEO of the U.S. Travel Association to explain the economic impact of the virus.Meanwhile, Governor Rick Scott is feeling positive for that area. “We will get them everything to get back to work. We are about now 42, 43 days without a case in Wynwood, which is really positive. We will be 45 days to that point,” the governor said.Business owners said their employees are feeling the effects of the travel advisory. “We had to make tough decisions,” said restaurant owner Owen Bale. “We had to put our teams in drastically reduced hours. Many of our staff working less than 60 percent of their weekly hours.”There are six new non-travel-related cases in Miami-Dade. Three of theses cases are in Miami Beach and officials are trying to determine where the other cases occurred.The CDC said it could lift its advisory for one-square-mile in Wynwood on Sept. 19 if no new locally contracted cases are confirmed in the area.However, Zika spraying continued overnight in Miami Beach. Miami-Dade County Mosquito Control deployed specialized trucks to attack mosquito larvae. The trucks provide better ground coverage — targeting breeding areas between 28th and 47th streets.However, the spray came with controversy. Protests continued at city hall as many residents remain fearful of the long-term effects the spraying will have.Naled, the controversial chemical in question, was not used.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

UFC 235 Jon Jones vs Anthony Smith How to watch the main

first_img Top 5 WWE wrestlers who should face Brock Lesnar Share your voice Post a comment Now playing: Watch this: Jon Jones is the overwhelming favourite this weekend, but anything can happen in MMA! MediaNews Group/Los Angeles Dail Today, Saturday March 2, the UFC plays host to UFC 235 and the return of Jon Jones, most likely the greatest fighter on the planet currently competing. He faces off against massive underdog Anthony Smith. The fighters have all made weight and all that’s left it to make the walk.It’s been a while since we’ve had two title fights on one card. But this event is stacked from top to bottom with compelling match-ups.Who’s fighting?Main Card(Starts 10 p.m. ET)Jon Jones vs. Anthony Smith (Light Heavyweight Championship match)Tyron Woodley vs. Kamaru Usman (Welterweight Championship match)Ben Askren vs. Robbie LawlerTecia Torres vs. Weili ZhangCody Garbrandt vs. Pedro MunhozPrelims(Starts 8 p.m. ET)Zabit Magomedsharipov vs. Jeremy StephensMisha Cirkunov vs. Johnny WalkerAlejandro Perez vs. Cody StamannMickey Gall vs. Diego SanchezUFC Fight Pass Prelims(Starts 6:15 p.m. ET)Charles Byrd vs. Edmen ShahbazyanMacy Chiasson vs. Gina MazanyFrankie Saenz vs. Marlon VeraHannah Cifers vs. Polyana VianaWho’s worth watching?There are some great fights on UFC 235, including two title fights. Jon Jones takes on Anthony Smith and Welterweight King Tyron Woodley faces off against Kamaru Usman. Those are both compelling match-ups for their own reasons (although Jones is an overwhelming favourite).But on the undercard there are some must-see bouts.Zabit Magomedsharipov is a rising star and faces his first big test in Jeremy Stephens, a knockout artist and a big leap in competition for Zabit.Cody Garbrandt is coming off two loses to bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw. It’ll be interesting to see how he responds against Pedro Munhoz.But perhaps the most intriguing match-up is Ben Askren vs. Robbie Lawler. World-class wrestler Ben Askren makes his long awaited UFC debut against Robbie Lawler, a fighter with top-notch takedown defence well known for beating wrestlers on the feet. Should be a humdinger.How can I watch or stream the UFC 235 prelims?The Fight Pass prelims can be watched on UFC Fight Pass, which is subscription based.Regular prelims are available on WatchESPN. You can find out more about UFC scheduled content, including pre-show content, on ESPN here.How can I watch or stream the UFC 235 PPV?The main card is pay-per-view. There are a number of ways to watch.You can purchase the event on DirecTV or SlingTV.You can buy the card direct from the UFC website itself. You can also buy it through Amazon.Another option is using your home consoles. The Xbox One has a UFC app which allows you to buy and stream UFC 235 through your console.The PlayStation 4 also allows you to buy the UFC 235 PPV direct through the PlayStation Store. Tags 0 2:48 Sportslast_img read more

Anchorage firefighter wins nearly 780000 in lawsuit against city

first_imgThe municipality of Anchorage has paid one of its firefighters more than three-quarters of a million dollars after his successful lawsuit against the fire department.Listen nowIt’s the second large civil award this year the municipality has paid to a public safety employee, after two police officers won $2.7 million last summer in a lawsuit over racial discrimination.While the firefighter’s lawsuit also started as a discrimination allegation, it ended with a jury verdict against the muni for breach of contract.The firefigther, Jeff Graham, filed the lawsuit alleging he had been passed over for a promotion to be an engineer because of his race and age. Graham is Korean-American and in his 50s. He’s been a mechanic and firefighter with the Anchorage Fire Department for more than 20 years.Through his attorney, Jeff Jarvi, Graham said he tested well on the first exams to become an engineer. But there is also a more subjective oral exam that Graham failed, and he said that was because the testers were biased against him.“It’s really about the old boys club that is the Anchorage Fire Department,” Jarvi said. “It’s over 90 percent white men, and they can pick and choose who they want to pick and choose regardless of whether they’re the most qualified person for the job.”The initial testing occurred in 2012, Graham filed the lawsuit in 2015 and it went to trial this past summer. Jarvi says he was not allowed to present some evidence of discrimination and that resulted in the case becoming largely about problems with how Graham was treated as an employee in general.“We wish they’d been able to hear the whole case, for sure, because we think there are some broader and more important issues out there than just a simple breach of contract,” Jarvi said.In October, the jury returned a verdict that said Graham had been treated unfairly, but they decided that it was not the result of racial discrimination. A judge awarded Graham $778,951.69 in November. Both sides are still haggling over attorneys’ fees, but municipal attorneys said they do not plan to appeal.Jarvi said the lawsuit wasn’t just about money: Graham wanted to see changes in how the fire department tests and promotes its employees. And while the department uses a different testing format than in 2012, Jarvi said it doesn’t appear as though they’ve made significant changes.Jodie Hettrick, deputy chief of operations at the fire department, said the jury did not offer specifics on what to change.“It was a little frustrating for our side not to know exactly what they felt that we did wrong,” Hettrick said. “Because we want to treat our employees fairly and equally and make sure that they don’t feel the department is doing something wrong. We want to fix things. It’s just hard to do that when you don’t have all the details.”Hettrick said the oral exams are very similar to a job interview for any employer, and the fire department uses a scoring system for each question.Hettrick rejected Jarvi’s accusation that the testers are simply picking the people they like the most rather than those best prepared to do the job.“We’re a professional organization, we are not a good old boys club,” Hettrick said. “And this is an emergency services environment. We have to have people who, the first day they show up to sit in that seat, that may be the worst fire we have in the history of the municipality, so we have to make sure that they are a hundred percent qualified to do that work.”Hettrick also said the testers are required to divulge any conflicts of interest — including whether the person taking the test is a friend or family member — and they sometimes have to step aside.Meantime, Graham continues to work at the fire department and Jarvi, his attorney, said Graham plans to stay there until retirement.last_img read more

Soldier killed as Pakistan violates ceasefire along LoC in JKs

first_imgJammu: An Army jawan was killed as Pakistani troops violated the ceasefire and resorted to firing and shelling along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri district for the third consecutive day on Tuesday, officials said. Pakistani troops also shelled forward areas and villages along the LoC in Tanghar area of north Kashmir, the officials said. Also Read – Odisha’s Conjoined Twins To Return Home 2 Years After Separation Advertise With Us “The Pakistan army resorted to unprovoked ceasefire violation along the LoC in Sunderbani sector of Rajouri district today,” Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Army Lt Col Devender Anand said. He said the Indian Army responded strongly and effectively. “Heavy damage to Pak Army posts and casualties to Pak soldiers have been inflicted by our troops”, he added. In the exchange of fire, Naik Krishan Lal (34) was killed, Lal hailed from Akhnoor district’s Ghagriyal village. He is survived by his wife, Shashi Devi.last_img read more

Black money SIT asks agencies to guard against BoBlike cases

first_imgThe SIT on black money on Saturday held a review meeting here and instructed probe agencies to step up their action against those fake firms and entities which are using banking channels to launder huge illegal funds like the recent case at a Bank of Baroda (BoB) branch in Delhi. The meeting of the Special Investigation Team was chaired by Vice-Chairman of the panel Justice (retd) Arijit Pasayat and attended by top officials of the Income Tax department, Enforcement Directorate (ED), DRI, CBI and Finance Ministry. Also Read – Punjab on alert after release of excess water from Bhakra dam Sources said the SIT touched upon the BoB case and asked these agencies to crackdown on such cases where individuals or entities have registered multiple fake firms at one address or at non-existing locations to fraudulently undertake illegal import and export businesses and route slush funds.A similar modus operandi had been detected by the CBI and the ED in the BoB case where they detected about 59 fake firms being used by the accused to undertake illegal remittances to the tune of an estimated Rs 6,000 crore from the Ashok Vihar branch of the bank. Also Read – Union Min doubts ‘vote count’ in Bareilly, seeks probeThe panel also instructed the agencies to check cases of illegal funds, donations and contributions being made and generated by some identified charitable and educational institutes.It asked these departments to enhance their vigil on “domestic” areas where from black money is being generated and stashed.The panel is also understood to have asked the I-T department to conduct special operations against these fictitious firms and gather more information about their operations.Sources said the ED and the Income Tax department have also been asked to coordinate between themselves while working on some cases of common investigation of black money.The SIT, headed by retired Supreme Court judge M B Shah, was set up last May by the Central government on the orders of the Apex Court.last_img read more

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 70 released

first_imgMalwarebytes AdwCleaner 7.0 released by Martin Brinkmann on July 19, 2017 in Software – Last Update: July 19, 2017 – 23 commentsMalwarebytes AdwCleaner 7.0 has been released; it is a complete rewrite of the security application that Malwarebytes, maker of the popular security solution Malwarebytes, acquired in October 2016.We reviewed AdwCleaner back in 2012 for the first time, and have followed the program ever since, for instance when we reviewed AdwCleaner 5.0 which introduced Windows 10 support in 2015.AdwCleaner is a specialized tool for Windows that scans the system for adware or changes caused by adware to remove those and restore the previous state of the system.The main features of the application are the removal of adware, toolbars, potentially unwanted programs, and browser hijackers.Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 7The new version of AdwCleaner is a complete rewrite of the application. It ships with a new graphical interface and uses a new database format as well.The new graphical interface is not as radical as the change from Malwarebytes 2.x to 3.x though. If you compare the interface of version 6.0 to 7.0, you will notice that the new interface is streamlined and features less actionable buttons than before.The new interface displays a scan button and a button to access the logfiles. The clean, uninstall and donate options have been removed from the main interface. Clean is displayed automatically in the position that scan is displayed in once a scan completes.Note: Clean will close all processes affected by the operation, and may request a restart of the computer system as well.Uninstall is listed under File now, and will remove traces of AdwCleaner 7.0 from the computer system it is run on.You can access the logs with a click on the button, or by using the tools menu instead. There you find listed links to open the program’s quarantine and the options.The options feature a reset feature which you may use to reset certain settings such as firewall, winsock or IPsec of the Windows machine.The application comes with a new logo that highlights Malwarebytes in the name now to indicate that AdwCleaner is a product by the company.The remaining changes are mostly core changes that users won’t notice. The software uses a CDN now for database downloads which should improve downloads for worldwide users. Other under the hood changes include use of a new database management system, an update to the detection of Generics, and cleaning tools improvements that improve the handling of system and permissions issues.One interesting new option for users is the new submit samples option which us listed under help. This is not a direct “send to Malwarebytes” feature though, but opens a page on the Malwarebytes website that highlights the process.VerdictAdwCleaner 7.0 is a major upgrade of the adware cleaning software for Windows. While the interface and some core functionality has changed, the change itself is not as drastic as the change from Malwarebytes 2.x to 3.x.Now You: Do you use special programs to clean adware?Summary12345 Author Rating4 based on 8 votes Software Name AdwCleaner 7.0Operating System WindowsSoftware Category SecurityLanding Page Advertisementlast_img read more

Nurse survives breast cancer and tells her story…Nurse survives breast cancer and

first_imgVal Fraser was born in Spalding, England, in October 1951 and completed her schooling career there.Although her dream was to be a train driver, she later studied to become a nurse.Selflessly helping those in need of medical attention, she would later need that kind of attention herself, as she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999.Val says her dream to become a train driver was way back when she was but a little girl and the steam trains would pass. She’d wave and the driver would let out some steam and honk, but when she got a little older, her parents bought her a nurse’s outfit with a little stethoscope and that’s where nursing started creeping into her heart.When she was in a “bigger” grade, the school allowed the learners the opportunity to visit a place that specialised in the profession the children considered as their future occupation.Val paid a visit to hospital and that’s when she knew it was her calling.She and a colleague travelled the world and started working in Montreal, Canada, when they qualified.Not long after that, a nursing position opened for someone to be the “medical person” for the Eskimos in the North. While there, Val learnt to eat whale blubber and use a sleigh pulled by six dogs, and she lived in an igloo. After spending some time in the North, Val returned home and worked in Belfast when the IRA was at its worst. She worked as a volunteer in Belfast.After working in Belfast, her parents told her to pay a visit her to sister who was staying in Umhlanga at the time. So Val came to South Africa and fell in love with the country. When she returned home, she made the decision to come to South Africa for two years.She started working at Addington Hospital, Durban, in January 1979, met her husband at a nursing function in March of 1979 and they got married at the end of the year in December. They have now been married for 37 years.Val’s husband was born, schooled and matriculated in Ladysmith.There was a convent school where La Verna Hospital is now, and Val has worked as a nurse at La Verna Hospital since September 2011. Her husband attended the convent school when he was a youngster.As Val’s husband’s roots are in Ladysmith, the couple found themselves back here shortly after they got married. Val initially applied for a job at the Provincial Hospital and worked there for 17 years before quitting to go back to England to support her family.Val mothered three children – a son named Duncan who is currently working on the Canary Islands, Sadie (their first daughter) who has given Val three grandchildren, and daughter Olivia who is working in Johannesburg. Olivia was once head girl at Ladysmith High School (LHS).All was going well until Val was diagnosed with breast cancer in October of 1999. “How long am I going to live for?” was the first thing Val thought when she got the news.She stayed positive and, with the help of her family and friends, was able to overcome the disease. She tried making the best of the situation she and her family were facing and she has been clean for years now.“To anyone facing cancer, just be positive; it is not the end,” says Val.She now consults with patients facing the disease and assures them that there is life after cancer and it is not a death sentence. Val has, however, overcome more than breast cancer, as her husband and youngest daughter were in a car accident years ago. After the accident, her husband had a stroke, making most tasks difficult for him.Val says that her two Scottish dogs are company for her husband, and that Hamish and Nessie are like her children.As her husband was unable to work, Val went back to England and worked as a caregiver, where she was able to work for Sir John Mortimer. Sir John Mortimer was a famous author and many of his books were adapted for television. She said it was a big honour for her to be able to nurse him before he passed away. He taught Val how to read Shakespeare and she soon fell in love with reading.After five years of service at La Verna Hospital, Val will be retiring at the end of the year.Altogether, she has dedicated 44 years of her life to the nursing profession.She hopes to spend her time on her hobbies, which are cooking, reading and spending time with her family and her grandchildren. “A big thank you to everyone who always helps, especially to Regi and James Marshall, and our neighbour Christel for always helping when help is most needed,” concludes Val.DID YOU KNOW?Click on the words highlighted in red to read more on this and related topics.If you are reading this on your cellphone and there are telephone numbers provided in the text, you can call these simply by clicking on them.To receive news links via WhatsApp.For the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsitelast_img read more