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Sars, banks sign tax accord

first_imgThe South African Revenue Service (Sars) and the Banking Association of South Africa have signed an accord to improve the levels of tax compliance countrywide. Once accepted by both the banking industry and Sars, the framework has the potential to be translated into industry standards. 4 February 2009 “We are totally committed to sound tax morality and continue to endeavour to instil sound tax practice across the industry. Source: BuaNews On the other hand, the accord encourages Sars to dedicate specific resources to the banking industry and ensure professionalism in the services they provide to the industry. The accord encourages the banking industry to promote tax compliance, both within banks and their clients, to periodically determine the effective tax rate of banks, and to regularly engage with Sars to resolve any matters of dispute. “We’ve been engaging Sars over the years to formalise a constructive relationship,” Booyesen said. “We are a critical element of the economy of the country and we believe it is appropriate that we indicate the importance of establishing sound interaction between business and Sars. Briefing the media at the signing of the accord in Johannesburg last week, the Banking Association’s Steven Booyesen said the agreement established a platform for constructive interaction between the industry and Sars.center_img It also provides greater certainty on the interpretation and application of tax and custom laws, and the identification of tax risks. Promoting tax compliance Sars commissioner Pravin Gordhan explained that the accord would establish a framework for cooperation between the parties to discourage impermissible tax arrangements, while also enhancing their own services. Gordhan said the revenue service also aimed to offer an advance ruling system that would be responsible for, and facilitate, tax certainty for banks and the industry as a whole. It would also promote the highest standards of tax compliance and also discourage practices that were inconsistent with the law. ‘Higher tax morality’ “As Sars, we are committed to offering dedicated services to the banking industry through the Large Business Centre, which will include the appointment of a taxpayer relationship manager to focus exclusively on the banking industry,” he said. “We will deepen our understanding of the banking industry in terms of building technical and professional skills.” “The framework will promote exemplary service offerings to the banking industry, while pursuing a climate of higher tax morality,” he said.last_img read more

Football, love, conflict musical a winner

first_img25 May 2010Not everyone would agree that “football is the only reason God gave us feet”, but the players in The Boys in the Photograph certainly believe this.The show stirs emotions with which South Africans are familiar, revolving as it does around ethnic hatred and violence, but also love and passion. Put the two together, throw in some religious tension, and you have the theme of the Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ben Elton musical, on stage at the Joburg Theatre Complex until 11 July.The South Africa production, with an entirely local cast, is bursting with talent. Add awesome sets, Lloyd Webber’s terrific score and clever choreography, and you have a winner.Originally called The Beautiful Game, taken from Pele’s autobiography My Life and the Beautiful Game, the musical centres on a group of youngsters growing up in Belfast in Northern Ireland in the late 1960s and early 1970s, at a time when religious intolerance and violence dominated people’s lives.The musical opened in London in 2000 and ran for almost a year before closing. It never made it to Broadway, but was reworked and given a new name, The Boys in the Photograph, and premiered in Winnipeg, Canada in 2008.Lloyd Webber and Elton had felt that audiences thought they were going to see a musical about football, which the original title suggests, whereas the story is far more complex. Besides, things had changed since 2000.The young people portrayed in the musical are reaching adulthood during the Troubles, in essence a civil war in Northern Ireland that continued for 36 years. It was finally resolved in 2005, when the Irish Republican Army renounced violence and the occupying British army left Northern Ireland. A power-sharing deal was struck in 2007.It is in fact a story about “a community divided by shared passions and above all it [is] about love in a time of terrible trouble”, says Elton, who wrote the book and the lyrics for the musical.He and Lloyd Webber were “honoured and thrilled” when the musical was chosen to be presented in Joburg as one of the parallel events to the 2010 Fifa World Cup.“Of course, the football theme is very relevant here at this time, but we believe that the greater themes of two communities struggling to come to terms with terrible violence and past wrongs and work towards a shared future are more relevant still,” Elton says in the programme introduction.The parallels with apartheid South Africa, with its irrational hatred and forced separation, pop up all the time, reminding us that we were sliding into oblivion in 1990 when the tide turned.Says Elton: “The post-apartheid struggle in South Africa to achieve a rainbow nation, and the desperate need for the young people of your great country to be allowed to live and love in peace, with whomever they choose, are clearly reflected in the Northern Irish story.”It’s useful to see a struggle with echoes of South Africa’s former racially destructive solution being played out elsewhere in the world, in a different context, one that is now going to unite South Africans like nothing else, if only for a month.Source: City of Johannesburglast_img read more

Meet the global leaders heading WEF Africa 2016

first_img11 May 2016The 2016 World Economic Forum on Africa, taking place in Kigali, Rwanda, from 11 to 13 May, will bring together business, government and civil society leaders to discuss and agree on important issues facing the future of the continent, and the world.It aims to find ways to help the new digital economy drive radical structural transformation, strengthen public-private partnerships working on important challenges, and decide on actions to create shared prosperity across the continent.The gathering is headed by five co-chairs: African Development Bank President Akinwumi Ayodeji Adesina, Foundation for Community Development founder Graca Machel, McKinsey & Company global MD Dominic Barton, Agility CEO and board vice-chair Tarek Sultan Al Essa, and Tony O Elumelu, founder of the Tony Elumelu Foundation.Akinwumi Ayodeji AdesinaPresident, African Development BankAkinwumi Ayodeji Adesina is an agricultural economist and specialist in African agriculture. His particular interests are the development of pro-poor agricultural policies, markets and institutions, the reduction of rural poverty, the management of large research and development operations, and the development of public-private partnerships to help African countries improve opportunities for poor.Adesina is a member of the MDG Advocacy Group, which works to boost support for the UN Millennium Development Goals. He is the immediate past president of the African Association of Agricultural Economists and a board member for the International Association of Agricultural Economists. He is also an author, and the recipient of the 2010 Borlaug CAST Communications Award.Graca MachelFounder, Foundation for Community DevelopmentFormer South African and Mozambican first lady Graca Machel is a renowned global advocate for the rights of women and children. A social and political activist for many decades, she serves in various capacities in several organisations. One of these is the Elders, a group of independent global leaders working together for peace and human rights, brought together in 2007 by her husband, Nelson Mandela.Machel also contributes to the Africa Progress Panel and, like Adesina, the MDG Advocates Panel. She has been named an eminent person in the GAVI Alliance, and works on the UN Foundation’s High-Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Machel chairs the board of the African Centre for the Constructive Resolution of Disputes, and is chancellor of the University of Cape Town.Dominic BartonGlobal Managing Director, McKinsey & CompanyAn author of more than 80 articles and two books, Dominic Barton has worked at worldwide management consulting firm McKinsey & Company for 29 years. Before his appointment as global managing director he led the Korea office, and was chairman for the Asia region.Barton is an adjunct professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, a Rhodes Trustee and an honorary fellow of Brasenose College, Oxford. He is a member of a number of boards and committees, including the Canadian Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee on Public Service, the International Advisory Council for the Singapore Economic Development Board, and the China Development Bank’s Capital Group advisory board. He is an active participant in international forums including WEF Davos, the St Petersburg International Economic Forum and Asia Business Council.Tarek Sultan Al EssaChief Executive Officer and Vice-Chairman of the Board, AgilityTarek Sultan Al Essa has a BA in economics from Williams College and an MBA in finance from the University of Pennsylvania. He has served as the managing director of New York Associates, a Middle Eastern investment banking services provider, and as an associate at Southport Partners, a US-based corporate finance advisory firm specialising in technology. He has also worked on the Singapore Economic Development Board’s International Advisory Council, and on the executive board, EMEA, Wharton School.Tony O ElumeluFounder, the Tony Elumelu FoundationTony O Elumelu is a serial entrepreneur and a philanthropist. Born, raised and educated in Nigeria, Elumelu has been responsible for creating businesses across Africa, in sectors critical to the continent’s economic development.In 2010, he founded Heirs Holdings, an African investment holding company, with investments in financial services, power generation, oil and gas, agribusiness, real estate and hospitality. In the same year, he established the Tony Elumelu Foundation, an Africa-based and African-funded philanthropic organisation, dedicated to catalysing entrepreneurship across the region.Elumelu is chairman and founder of UBA Group Plc, one of the largest banks in Nigeria and a regional partner of the World Economic Forum. In addition, he chairs Transcorp Plc, Nigeria’s largest listed conglomerate. He is a member of the board of USAID’s Private Capital Group and of the National Competitiveness Council of Nigeria. Hi co-chairs the Aspen Institute Dialogue Series on Global Food Security, and serves on the Global Advisory Council of the Wilson International Centre for Scholars.SouthAfrica.info reporter. Source: World Economic Forumlast_img read more

Architects of Amazon Web Services Launch Nimbula, Promise an OS for the Cloud

first_imgTop Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Tags:#Announcements#cloud A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai…center_img audrey watters Nimbula emerged from stealth today, and as you might expect with co-founders who developed the Amazon EC2 cloud service, it’s poised to be a pretty dig deal. The new project of Chris Pinkham and Willem van Billjon, Nimbula merges the technology of the public cloud – with all its efficiency and scalability – with the security and control of the private data center. And with such luminaries on board, it’s no surprise that the startup seems to be tackling some of the key challenges associated with enterprise cloud adoption: questions of private versus public clouds, security, and interoperability.Challenging the Public/Private Cloud DichotomyRecognizing the necessity for both public and private clouds, Nimbula seeks to make the two coexist more easily and hopes to disrupt the perceived dichotomy between the spheres. “Our solution allows customers to combine the operational efficiencies of the public cloud with the control, security, and trust of today’s most advanced data centers,” says CEO and co-founder Pinkham. Nimbula plans to make this combination seamless and fluid and supports private data centers that can make metered bursts to public clouds like EC2 during peak times or for specific applications. In this way, Nimbula wants to avoid some of the bottlenecks and siloing associated with private clouds, and also hopes to bring the easy accessibility of AWS-like services to the private cloud.But as Nimbula are targeting industries like finance and health, it’s clear that this agile move between public and private is undertaken with privacy, security, and regulatory compliance in mind.Security in the CloudNimbula offer a robust authentication system, with a finely-tuned policy-based authorization. Identity is granular, with control over not just who has access, but what parts of a server and what systems a user has access to.The Question of Interoperability: A Cloud Computing Operating SystemNimbula Director, the company’s product, is an operating system for the cloud, addressing questions of security, reliability, flexibility, scalability, and ease of use. Nimbula offers an API, a command line and a web control panel in order to control all the cloud resources.According to Pinkham, Nimbula and a cloud OS will “redefine operating systems and what they do for us.” In the cloud environment, he adds, an operating system does more than merely control one machine. It’s about managing cloud resources, machines, and users. With a cloud OS, Nimbula seeks to addresses one of the major drawbacks to the current state of cloud computing: interoperability. Nimbula is in currently in beta, with a formal launch planned for the fall. The startup has been operating in stealth since 2009 and has received investment from Sequoia Capital and VMWare. 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Fractured Families: Impacts of Crisis/Trauma

first_imgBy Bari Sobelson, MS, LMFTFlickr [end of days by greg, August 29, 2006, CC BY-ND 2.0]It’s 3am and she has just gotten in bed after a very long process of getting her 2 year old back to sleep after his tube feeding. He has been diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder that came after nearly a year of countless tests and doctor appointments and stress that she has not had the opportunity to process. She lies down in the bed and puts the covers over her body. She hears the vibration of her cell phone against her nightstand and her heart begins to race. She reaches for the phone and answers. The person on the other end tells her the news that she has come to fear almost nightly. Her husband has been in a horrible car wreck. He was drunk. It was his fault. He may not make it. She experiences a hundred emotions all in one minute. Her first child was born while her husband was deployed. It was very soon after his birth that she realized something just wasn’t right with him. In the 10 months that her husband was deployed, she learned to become a mother, a nurse, a doctor, and a speech therapist, physical therapist, and occupational therapist. She also learned to become an advocate and fighter for her child. She was relieved at the idea that she could share some of these new job titles and responsibilities with her husband upon his return. But, she knew the moment she saw him that something had happened. He was not the same man she sent overseas. Within a couple of months of his return from deployment, her husband was diagnosed with PTSD. He was relying heavily on alcohol to mute the sounds and sights he was experiencing post-combat. He was spending most evenings away from home. She was alone, afraid, and trying her very best to hold everything together.Although the story depicted above is not a true story, there are certainly many families that have experienced very similar scenarios. As military service providers, we have a duty to assist these families when they are in crisis or experience trauma. The two questions I would like to address in this blog are 1. What do we need to think about when it comes to crisis/trauma and family? 2. How do we help these families?The Impact of Crisis/Trauma Not all families experience trauma the same – Just like no two individuals react the same to situations, neither do families. Some families may kick in to “high gear” and face their problems head on where some may do the exact opposite.All families are shaped by their experience – Whether purposefully or not, experience shapes us. Families can be shaped negatively and/or positively by their experiences. How families are shaped will impact the way they live indefinitely.Some families have more than one crisis/trauma at the same time – It is important to remember that life does not delicately and kindly place hard times in our laps; nor does it only create one problem at a time. Families may be having more than one crisis or difficulty at a time. In fact, trauma can lead to crisis and vise versa. There can be a ripple effect that takes place.Resources and support systems can lessen the hardships – When support systems and resources are put in place, the effects of the events can feel less cumbersome and stressful for family.Families will always remain connected, even if they physically fall apart – Although some families may end up separating or splitting as a result of what has effected them, they will always be connected in some way by the fact that they were once a family.How do we Help?Listen – It may sound simple. But giving families an opportunity to be heard can make a huge difference for them. Their experience is like no one else’s even though you may have heard a similar story. Provide your families with the opportunity to share their story and always listen to what they have to say.Lean forward – This is literal and figurative. Some of the stories that families may share with us can be hard for us to hear. They may even be things that are hard for us to process as humans. But, we must always remember that the therapy we provide is about them, not us. We must lean forward so that they never feel judged or criticized.Provide resources – Always, always, always have a plethora of resources to share with your clients. You never know which may be helpful to them and which may completely change or impact their lives and what they are going through. You can never have too many resources in your pocket!Create a safe environment – If families don’t feel safe in the therapy room, then they won’t be successful and neither will you. Gauge their comfort level and adjust accordingly. When we feel safe, we are more likely to open up and create change for ourselves.Ensure that no one is in danger – In volatile situations, it is always important to constantly make sure that everyone is safe. Assess and reassess situations and ensure that every member of the family is safe. This post was written by Bari Sobelson, MS, LMFT, the social media and webinar coordination specialist for the MFLN Family Development Team. The Family Development team aims to support the development of professionals working with military families.  Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network Family Development team on our website, Facebook, and Twitter.last_img read more

Dalit man’s family to receive compensation from Punjab government

first_imgThe Punjab government on Monday offered to pay compensation of ₹20 lakh and a government job to the deceased Dalit man’s wife and free education for his children. The family of 37-year-old Jagmel Singh who was mercilessly thrashed and forced to drink urine earlier this month ended their protest after the announcement. The family had refused to allow the post mortem of the body till their demand of ₹50 lakh compensation and a government job for the victim’s wife were met. Sandeep Sandhu, political secretary to Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, said a compensation of ₹20 lakh including ₹ 8.15 lakh provided under the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act will be given to the next of kin. Sandhu, who held a meeting with the victim’s family here, further said that a government job would also be given to a family member of Jagmel. Besides, an Additional Director General of Police-rank officer will conduct a probe to find out if there was any lapse on the part of police in this case and a challan against all the four accused would be submitted within seven days, he said. The government will also bear the education expenditure of his three children till their graduation. He further said that a sum of ₹1.25 lakh would also be given for repair of their house. On October 21, the victim, who was a resident of Changaliwala village in Punjab’s Sangrur district, got into an altercation with one Rinku and some other persons. The dispute was resolved with the intervention of villagers, the police said. Before his death, the victim had told the police that on November 7, Rinku called him to his house where the two talked about the issue. He had alleged that he was then thrashed by four persons with a stick and an iron rod after being tied to a pillar and was forced to drink urine when he asked for water. After the incident, the opposition parties have attacked the Congress government over “barbaric treatment” being meted out to Dalits in the state. The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said a “rule of jungle” was prevalent in the state.last_img read more

Expansion of Court of Appeal Building to be Completed by the End of November

first_imgMinister of Justice, Hon. Delroy Chuck, says expansion of the Court of Appeal building on King Street in downtown Kingston is on track for completion by the end of November.He made the announcement at a Justices of the Peace training seminar held at the Jamaica Conference Centre in Kingston on November 3.In April, the Minister signed an $846-million contract to undertake the project, which will see the addition of three new courtrooms, 13 judges’ chambers and two lounges.The building, now owned by the Ministry of Justice, formerly housed the Administrator General’s Department, which has been relocated to the former Oceana Hotel building on Ocean Boulevard, downtown. Mr. Chuck said the expansion project is part of an aggressive government mandate to create a “first class” justice system.“The Government is going to give this justice system 110 per cent support. From the Ministry’s position, we intend that all of our courts should have not only first-class facilities but they must also be five-star facilities,” he stated.“The contractor is going to deliver the Court of Appeal at the end of this month and it will be first class facilities when it is opened and Jamaica sees it,” he added.The Justice Minister said the expansion of the building will facilitate the appointment of more judges.Jamaica received €4 million in budgetary support through the European Union’s 11th European Development Fund (EDF) Programme during fiscal year 2017/18. This allowed for increased budgetary allocation to the Ministry of Justice to fund the project.last_img read more

Maha Cong demands complete loan waiver for floodhit farmers

first_imgMumbai: The Congress on Wednesday sought a complete loan waiver for farmers affected by floods in Maharashtra and demanded that the state government provide them an assistance of Rs 60,000 per hectare of crop damage. A delegation of state Congress leaders met Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis here to discuss the flood situation. They demanded that the government ensure fresh loans to farmers and provide them compensation for the death of their livestock and repairs of houses, the Congress said in a statement issued here. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’ They also asked the government to provide farmers an assistance of Rs 60,000 per hectare of crop damage, it said. The delegation comprised state Congress president Balasaheb Thorat, former chief minister Prithviraj Chavan, Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Vijay Wadettiwar and other party leaders. When contacted, senior state Congress leader Naseem Khan, who was part of the delegation, said the chief minister informed them about the assistance that he will be seeking from the Centre and the steps being taken by his government. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&K “He said he would look into our demands positively,” Khan added. On Tuesday, Fadnavis said his government will seek an assistance of Rs 6,813 crore from the Centre – Rs 4,708 crore Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara and Rs 2,105 crore for Konkan, Nashik and rest of Maharashtra – in view of the floods following heavy rains in several parts of the state. “A memorandum for this assistance will be sent to the Centre, but till then the Maharashtra Cabinet has approved to spend the amount from the state corpus,” he said. Fadnavis also said a cabinet sub-committee headed by him will discuss changing rules for rescue, relief and rehabilitation, while an expert committee will be appointed to suggest an action plan in case of excessive rainfall, like 700 per cent in four days (that parts of western Maharashtra witnessed recently).last_img read more

The Bachelorette Canada After Show WT Debuts September 13th Live at 1030

first_imgTORONTO, Canada – Fans eagerly awaiting The Bachelorette Canada (#BacheloretteCA) now have their Tuesday night post-episode gab sessions taken care of. W Network announced today it will continue The Bachelorette Canada conversation with a weekly, half-hour, live The Bachelorette Canada After Show (WT) immediately following the broadcast. The hotly anticipated series premieres September 13th at 9 p.m. ET/PT and much-loved Canadian TV legend and long-time Bachelorette franchise fan Jennifer Valentyne will host the After Show. In addition, ‘The Bachelorette Canada After Show SuperFan Experience’ launches today at wnetwork.com/superfan, where nine lucky SuperFans will be selected from across the country to make a special appearance on the nationally televised After Show with Jennifer.“The Bachelorette franchise has a strong following of highly engaged fans. As it is such a social show, we want fans to be part of the story and the After Show provides a platform to open up that conversation all season long,” said John MacDonald, Senior Vice President, Women and Lifestyle Content, Corus Entertainment. “With a roster of past and present Bachelors and Bachelorettes stopping by to weigh in, fan insights and opinion and long-time TV personality and avid Bachelorette fan Jennifer Valentyne leading that dialogue, the After Show is bound to stir up some interesting discussions.”Produced by Good Human Productions and shot live in Vancouver, each half-hour After Show episode follows Jennifer Valentyne as she dissects the juiciest and most dramatic moments from the latest episode of The Bachelorette Canada. She’ll be joined weekly by a rotation of guests including this season’s cast members, former Bachelor and Bachelorette cast members, as well as celebrity fans and SuperFan Experience winners from across the country. Jennifer will share questions and comments from viewers, debut deleted scenes, outtakes and exclusive additional content while encouraging fans to join the conversation online. Starting today, Canadians can visit wnetwork.com/superfan to prove they truly are The Bachelorette Canada’s biggest SuperFan for the opportunity to appear on a live After Show episode with Jennifer Valentyne. SuperFans are invited to complete a short, online questionnaire and upload a photo of their best ‘Rose Ceremony Reaction’. Nine lucky SuperFans will receive round-trip airfare and accommodation in Vancouver and will appear in an episode of the After Show. For more information about the contest, visit wnetwork.com.In the Canadian version of this widely successful reality series, hosted by Canadian actor and television star Noah Cappe, Jasmine Lorimer is in search of her soul mate – and hopefully her groom-to-be. The 20 male suitors compete for the Bachelorette’s affection on individual and group dates involving local and far-flung romantic encounters and adventures in exotic locations around the world. As Lorimer narrows the field and the number of men dwindles, romance and tensions rise. Ultimately, she will choose the one man with whom she wants to spend the rest of her life.The Bachelorette Canada is produced by Good Human Productions Inc. The series is based on the U.S. format created by Mike Fleiss and produced by Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television. Sales of the format are handled by Warner Bros. International Television Production.About Corus Entertainment Inc.Corus Entertainment Inc. (TSX: CJR.B) is a leading media and content company that creates and delivers high quality brands and content across platforms for audiences around the world. The company’s portfolio of multimedia offerings encompasses 45 specialty television services, 39 radio stations, 15 conventional television stations, a global content business, digital assets, live events, children’s book publishing, animation software, technology and media services. Corus’ roster of premium brands includes Global Television, W Network, OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network Canada, HGTV Canada, Food Network Canada, HISTORY®, Showcase, National Geographic Channel, Q107, CKNW, Fresh Radio, Disney Channel Canada, YTV and Nickelodeon Canada. Visit Corus at www.corusent.com.About Good Human Productions Inc.Good Human is a Vancouver-based production company that delivers hit content for their broadcast and production partners. The company is built on strong relationships with talented artists, thinkers and top production personnel.  Good Humans have developed and supervised the production of 1000+ hours of quality prime-time original programming including The Bachelor Canada, The Bachelorette Canada and Cheer Squad for ABC Spark & Freeform.  For more information, please visit www.goodhumanproductions.com and @Goodhumanprods and facebook.com/goodhumanproductions. Twitter Facebook Advertisement LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Login/Register With: W Network Advertisement SOCIAL MEDIA LINKS:Follow Corus PR on Twitter @CorusPRSubscribe to the W Network YouTube channel: YouTube.com/user/OfficialWNetworkFollow W Network on Twitter @W_Network, Facebook facebook.com/wnetwork and Instagram @w_networkFollow The Bachelorette Canada on Twitter @BacheloretteCA  Facebook facebook.com/BacheloretteCA and Instagram @bacheloretteca Advertisementlast_img read more