first_imgNova Scotia’s Justice Minister Murray Scott is speaking out against a violent video game, in which players earn points for killing police and criminal suspects. Mr. Scott is joining police from across North America in criticizing the video game, “25 to Life”. “Glorifying death in anyway is reprehensible, but celebrating this kind of killing is truly disturbing,” said Mr. Scott. “I am calling on game players, parents and retailers to use common sense in controlling distribution of this game.” The video game allows players to role-play shooting gang members and police officers. It also gives players the option of using bystanders as human shields. “Relationships between police and communities should be strengthened, not eroded by these graphic and offensive images that are packaged as a game,” said Mr. Scott. “We need to be especially careful that our young children are protected from this kind of violence and negative themes.” Nova Scotia introduced a video game rating system in April 2005, which requires vendors to ask for identification when renting some games to younger players. “25 to Life” has been rated “Mature”, meaning only those 17 and older may rent the game. “I am calling on all retail outlets who sell and rent video games to abide by the law and ask for ID when the game is being purchased,” said Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, Minister of Environment and Labour. “Many games are not for people under the age of 17 and that is why we implemented a video game rating system in this province — to help retailers and the public know exactly what content is in the video.” The Department of Environment and Labour’s alcohol and gaming division regularly visits video game retailers to ensure compliance with the law. If a retailer is found to be in violation of the law, the department has the authority to give a warning or to suspend or revoke a licence. Ms. Bolivar-Getson said everyone from the industry — retailers, government and parents — have a role to play in ensuring the video games that young people buy or rent are suitable for their age.last_img