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16 health screenings all women need

first_img Share Sharing is caring! HealthLifestyle 16 health screenings all women need by: – July 21, 2014 60 Views   no discussions You feel perfectly fine – and maybe you are.But that’s not always the case, hence why health screenings – physical exams, tests and procedures used to detect disease early – are so important. From mammograms to colonoscopies and Pap smears, U.S. News talked with the experts about 16 screenings all women need.Gynecological healthAll women need regular check-ups with their OB-GYN, starting at age 13 to 15, says Shannon Clark, an associate professor in the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine at University of Texas Medical Branch Hospitals.Frequency varies until age 21, when appointments – which cater to preventive health services – should become annual. “It’s very important that all women establish care with an OB-GYN and be routinely seen,” Clark says.History and physical exam“History changes for everyone,” says Mary Rosser, an obstetrician and gynecologist at Montefiore Medical Center. An annual reassessment “may flag risk factors early, before they cause harm or lead to serious or chronic medical conditions.” In addition to reviewing changes in family history, doctors should inquire about menstrual history, sexual practices and orientation, social habits, and emotional, physical and sexual abuse. The other component – the physical exam – is an opportunity to assess blood pressure, weight and body mass index, Rosser says.Clinical breast examDuring this physical exam, a doctor will look at and feel your breasts and under your arms for lumps or anything that seems unusual. CBEs should begin at age 20 and be repeated every one to three years for women ages 20 to 39, and yearly beginning at age 40, Clark says. Self-checks, meanwhile, are easy to do at home – and you ought to check for lumps every month or so.MammogramMammograms are key to the prevention – and early detection – of breast cancer, Rosser says. This is a low-dose X-ray exam of the breasts, and beginning at age 40, women should undergo yearly mammograms. If you’re at high risk – with a family history of breast cancer, for example – your doctor may recommend earlier mammograms.STD screeningAll women need to be screened for sexually transmitted diseases once they become sexually active, Clark says. Those 25 and younger should receive yearly gonorrhea and chlamydia screenings; after that age, screening depends on risk factors or symptoms. Screening “consists of a cervical culture or urine test for gonorrhea and chlamydia, and a blood test for HIV,” Clark says.Colorectal cancerA colonoscopy can lead to the early detection and treatment of colon cancer, which is the third most common cancer diagnosed in both men and women in the U.S. The screening should start at age 13 to 18 for those with pancolitis or who have a history of familial adenomatous polyposis – a genetic condition that’s diagnosed when someone develops more than 100 adenomatous colon polyps. Women ages 19 to 49, meanwhile, should be screened if they’re high risk – which includes having inflammatory bowel disease or Crohn’s disease. In general, women should undergo a colonoscopy every 10 years starting at age 50, or age 45 for African-Americans, who have increased incidence and earlier age of onset.DiabetesBeginning at age 45, women should be screened for diabetes every three years, Rosser says – and earlier if someone is at high risk with factors such as obesity or family history. The disease is “the leading cause of heart disease and on the rise in the U.S. due to the obesity epidemic,” Rosser says. “Early intervention is crucial.”Testing is typically done via a fasting plasma glucose test or hemoglobin A1C test.Lipid profile assessmentThis panel of blood tests will assess your risk of developing heart disease, plus measure your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Start at age 13 to 44 if you’re at high risk – for example, obese or have a genetic predisposition. Routine screening, repeated every five years, starts at age 45, Rosser says. “There are dietary changes which may reduce these levels,” she adds. “Medications are available if diet changes aren’t working.”Hepatitis B and CWomen at high risk need to think about these screenings beginning at ages 13 to 18, Clark says. Hepatitis B risk factors, for example, include injection drug users, those born in countries where the prevalence of infection is 2 percent or greater, and HIV-positive people. And risk of hepatitis C increases if you’ve been exposed to an infected needle, perhaps via tattoo; your birth mother had the disease; or you had a blood transfusion before 1992. Screening frequency depends on your doctor’s recommendations.Pap smearDuring a Pap smear, cells are scraped from the opening of the cervix to screen for cervical cancer.Though annual screening is common, theUnited States Preventive Services Task Force recommends a Pap smear every three years, starting at age 21 and ending at 65. “Any mild irregularities will prompt an HPV test to check for the high-risk strains of the HPV virus,” says Keri Peterson, an internist based in.HPVHuman papillomavirus, the most common STD in the U.S., causes cervical and other types of cancer. An HPV test – often done at the same time as a Pap smear – is recommended every five years for women ages 30 to 65. Since HPV is so common in women under 30, and experts say it often goes away on its own, the test typically isn’t recommended for this age group unless there’s an abnormal Pap test result.Pelvic organ prolapseAbout one-third of women are affected by prolapse or a similar condition over their lifetime, which means one or more of their pelvic organs – bladder, uterus, vagina, small bowel and rectum – stop working properly. Beginning at age 65, women should be screened yearly, Peterson says. Often, patients are aware there’s a problem – and notice a change in bladder or bowel habits – but aren’t sure what it traces back to.Bone densityWomen ages 65 and up should have a bone density scan every two years, Rosser says. And if you have risk factors for osteoporosis – such as an eating disorder or sedentary lifestyle – your doctor may recommend the test at a younger age. During a bone density scan, X-rays measure how many grams of calcium and other bone minerals are in a segment of bone; these tests often center on the spine, hip and forearm.Thyroid-stimulating hormone testingThis blood test checks for thyroid problems, such as hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. It should begin as recommended between ages 19 to 49 in high-risk women – such as those with an autoimmune disease or family history – and every five years starting at age 50, Clark says.Skin cancerVisit a dermatologist for a thorough skin exam every other year, Peterson says – or sooner if you notice any suspicious spots. “Once a month, check for any new or unusual spots,” she says. “Remember A-B-C-D-E: asymmetry, border irregularity, uneven color, diameter bigger than 6 millimeters and evolving shape and size.”Visual acuityYou know this test: It measures the smallest letters you can read on a standardized chart held 20 feet away.The American Optometric Association recommends eye exams at least once every two years, Peterson says – though annual exams are suggested for anyone with current vision problems. After the basic test, you’ll likely look at an eye chart through a variety of lenses, which will help your doctor determine your glasses or contact lens prescription.Healthyliving.msn.comcenter_img Share Share Tweetlast_img read more

Colton T releases “Friends with Benefits”

first_img Tweet Share Sharing is caring! Share EntertainmentLocalNews Colton T releases “Friends with Benefits” by: – April 23, 2012center_img Share 14 Views   no discussions The much anticipated release of “Friends with Benefit” is here.Colton T just won’t go away-with hits after hits.This latest single which is expected to form part of his soon to be released 2012 album, was written by the artist himself and produced by O Banga Productions, Tiger “Triggah” Magloire.The song was recorded by So Sick Studios.“This is a more mature song but the young people will also appreciate it as well,” Colton T said.The artist is also gearing up for several upcoming performances and promises his fans bigger and better things in the coming months.Friends With BenefitsPress Releaselast_img read more

Cruise ship carrying 3,700 quarantined in Japan

first_imgTOKYO – Thousands of people facespending the next fortnight stuck on a luxury cruise ship quarantined off theJapanese port of Yokohama, after initial results showed 10 passengers havetested positive for the novel coronavirus. Cruise ship Diamond Princess is seen anchored off the Yokohama Port, after ten people on the cruise liner have tested positive for coronavirus in Yokohama, Japan. REUTERS Of a further 273 people on board who have since been tested following health screenings, 31 results had come back – and of those 10 were positive, according to Japan’s health minister, Katsunobu Kato. It is not clear if more tests will be carried out. None of the 10 infected people – three each from Japan and Hong Kong, two Australians, one American and one Filipino crew member – had severe symptoms, public broadcaster NHK said. (The Guardian)center_img The Diamond Princess, with more than3,700 passengers and crew onboard, had been prevented from sailing on Mondayafter an 80-year-old passenger who had travelled on the vessel late last monthtested positive after he arrived home in Hong Kong.last_img read more

Batesville Area CYO Basketball Semi-Final Results-All St. Louis Final

first_imgBatesville Area CYO Basketball TourneySunday  (2-10)  Semi-Final ResultsGame 1-St. Louis 1  50     All Saints 2  26Game 2-St. Louis 2  69     St. Michael’s  552019 tourney (3)In a game were St. Louis-1 defense would be the difference, St. Louis-1 defeated All Saints-2 50-26. The first half saw a close game as St. Louis-1 would lead by 11  23-12. Our defense was playing extremely well and I knew if we could get our offense going we would be able to win. Second half St. Louis-1 defense would continue to play well and earn them a spot in the Deanery Finals. In a game were our offense didn’t play real well, our defense carried us to the victory. Courtesy of Bruins Coach Roger Dietz.St. Louis-2  defeated St. Michael’s 69-56 and advanced to the finals of the deanery tournament.  St. Louis-2 started the game off slow as they found themselves down 15-8 after one quarter. We didn’t match St. Michael’s intensity in the first quarter. St. Louis-2 would regroup and would lead 31-26 at half. The 2nd half would become a very physical game and St. Louis-2 would manage to keep their composure to hold St. Michael’s. Courtesy of Bruins Coach Fuzz Springmeyer.‘In my 31 years coaching St. Louis CYO basketball, this only the second time that a team 1 and 2 from the same parish would meet in the finals. 1995 St. Louis-1 would defeat St. Louis-2. St. Louis-1 would go on to win the Indianapolis Archdiocesan State Championship.’ Batesville CYO Tourney Director Roger Dietz.last_img read more

GHB eyeing host status for Pan-Am 2017

first_imgTHE Guyana Hockey Board (GHB) is aiming to host the 2017 edition of the PAHF indoor championships, with a real eye to securing a more firm footing on the international stage.With the tournament suffering a delay in the announcement of a host nation, the GHB through president Philip Fernandes and his executive, is looking to seize the opportunity before it closes this month-end.He told the media, “We have the Pan American Championships and we are looking at that as a possibility. That would be in 2017 so there isn’t an awful lot of time and some preparation and improvement works to the gymnasium would have to be done.”“We do host our Diamond Mineral international club tournament but we are talking about something with more national teams from all the Americas (like) Argentina, Canada and the United States etc.,” the GHB boss confirmed recently.However, he is already of the view that the decision for this does not lie solely with the GHB. “We are hoping to discuss it with the Director of Sports and maybe find a way that Guyana can in fact be considered as a host.”And should Guyana be considered as a host the venue for the one of the Western Hemisphere’s biggest tournaments, the spin-off benefits would be phenomenal, of course, apart from saving the GHB the cost of taking two teams abroad.“In addition, we would be able to raise the profile of the game locally; expose all of our young players and our new players and even spectators and fans to top level hockey at an indoor tournament, a Pan American tournament,” Fernandes beamed.The Veteran player contended, “We would also establish Guyana as an international host so whenever we are to approach the international body for funding and artificial surface and that sort of thing; once land is made available and we are to approach the federations for funding then it would go very well to show that Guyana has a capability, a track record of hosting internationals and has done a good job at it.”last_img read more

Local NGO joins in celebrating int’l day of sport

first_imgA local group is aiming to make its mark in the sport field by giving back to various disciplines, as the world celebrates United Nations Day of Sport for Development and Peace (UNDSDP) today.Every year on April 6, the day, according to the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP), targets children and their role in sport and promoting peace and development.Royston Alkins, a former youth cricketer whose brainchild is an organization called The Xercise, will be using the day to promote sport among young children in three different schools, namely Queens College, St Stanislaus College and Stella Maris Primary.Alkins, who spoke to Chronicle Sport, contended that the plan is to give back to the system that once benefited him and added that, “not many past players give back to the system, and that’s what ‘The Xercise’ is about.”The plan of the body is to get prominent athletes both past and present, in the form of Former West Indies Captain Ramnaresh Sarwan and multiple time Caribbean Squash Champion Nicolette Fernandes, to do presentations at the aforementioned schools. Popular Radio Announcer Nuriyyih Gerrard is also on board with the initiative.Royston AlkinsFollowing the morning session with the schools, there will be a brief ceremony at the Demerara Cricket Club Ground where the body will honour several persons for their contribution to sport development locally.They are Hilbert Foster (Cricket), Stanely Ming (Motor Racing), Gordon Brathwaithe (football), Lavern Frazer (Netball) and Paula Sampson (Volleyball). Following that, there will be a T20 match featuring a Guyana Cricket Board XI taking on a Georgetown XI.According to the UN, in establishing the Day, the General Assembly “invites States, the United Nations system and, in particular, the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace, relevant international organizations, and international, regional and national sport organisations, civil society including, non-governmental organizations and the private sector, and all other relevant stakeholders to cooperate, observe and raise awareness of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace.”Meanwhile, Wilfried Lemke, the Special Adviser to the UN Secretary-General on Sport for Development and Peace said, “Sport has the capacity to empower individuals and bring one’s moral values to the forefront; it can play a strategic role in transferring life skills and communicating useful, encouraging messages on important issues, thus driving social change. This new commemoration on the international calendar will further promote the value of sport as a catalyst for development and peace.”The local arm of the initiative is sponsored by DDL, NSC, News source, Guyana cricket board, IntellectStorm, One Young World, Caribbean youth peace ambassadors network, UNICEF and UNDP.last_img read more

Rawlins stars as Bermuda see off Cayman

first_imgHAMILTON, Bermuda (CMC) – Sussex all-rounder Delray Rawlins’ quick-fire 49 helped  guide Bermuda to a six-wicket victory over the Cayman Islands, while Canada edged their North American neighbours United States by four wickets on day three of the week-long quadrangular ICC Twenty20 World Cup Qualifier Americas final on Wednesday.Rawlins, 21, smashed five sixes and a four in his 31-ball knock, adding 70 runs for the fourth wicket with Kamau Leverock (28 not out), who plays for Nottinghamshire Seconds, to take the game away from Cayman, who had earlier subsided from a promising 85 for one to 116 for nine off their 20 overs.After Cayman elected to bat at White Hill Field, Durban-born opener Chad Hauptfleisch hit three fours and a six in his 42, putting on 32 for the first wicket with Sri Lanka-born Sacha De Alwis, who made 19, and adding a further 53 for the second wicket with Darren Cato, who made 20.However, the introduction of fifth-change Onias Bascome halted the Caribbean side in their tracks.The medium pacer, later named Man-of-the-Match, claimed four for 10 from three overs while off-break bowler Rodney Rott chipped in with two for 15. Opener bowler George O’Brien returned to claim two wickets in the final over to finish with two for 15.An early wobble left Bermuda – whose team players were all born on the island – struggling at six for two, and although Bascome was third out at 36 for 22, Rawlins, who earlier took three catches, was quickly into his stride with a flurry of boundaries before falling one short of his second half-century of the tournament.Alessandro Morris, a 36-year-old Jamaican off-break bowler, was the pick of the Cayman attack with two for 17 from four overs.Canada, with a superior run rate, joined Bermuda on five points after squeezing home with five balls to spare after Steven Taylor (38) and former West Indies batsman Xavier Marshall (22) helped guide the U.S. to 144 for six.A half-century by Man-of-the-Match Navneet Dhaliwal laid the foundation of Canada’s reply, but they slipped to 112 for six at the start of the 17th over as leg-break bowler Timil Patel made serious inroads with four for 27 from four overs.Guyana-born Dillon Heyliger proved to be Canada’s hero, teaming up with Hamza Tariq (11 not out) to steer Canada home. Heyliger’s 11-ball unbeaten 23 included 13 runs off the penultimate over, delivered by Cameron Gannon.Tariq then dispatched Saurabh Netravalkar’s first ball of the final over for four.The top two teams from this week’s tournament will earn places in the final qualifier to be held in the United Arab Emirates later in the year ahead of next year’s 16-team T20 World Cup in Australia.last_img read more

Mix Up win Ryan Rambalak Aggregate dominoes tourney

first_imgTHE curtain came down last Sunday as Ryan  Rambalak celebrated his birth anniversary with a 15-team, three-round, aggregate points system dominoes tournament. Teams participating were In Time, Mix Up, Transport Sports Club, Masters, All Seasons, Top Strikers, Providence Sports Club, Gold Is Money, TNT, Spartans, Renegades, Phantom, Big Boss Girls, On Point and F&H Printery.The aggregate system that was employed saw the team that brought first being awarded 5 points while second-placers were given 3 points and third-placers managed one point. Mix Up, Top Strikers, Spartans, Phantom and All Seasons blazed the first round with maximum 5 points each.The second round also saw Mix Up, Phantom, Providence, In Time and Transport Sports Club with 5 points. The game was wide open, and Mix up went on to win maximum 5 points in the third round thus cementing their dominance and outright win.Second place was awarded to Spartans with 15 points while Phantom were edged into third position with 14 points.Prizes were as follows: – First prize of $150 000 and trophy was sponsored by Ramps Logistics, Second prize was $75 000 and trophy, sponsored by Auto Color, and third prize was $45 000 and trophy, sponsored by Essential Supplies Inc. June Watts and Martin Premaul received hampers compliments of Dynasty Sports Club after being adjudged Most Valuable Players.Other notable sponsors included Parts Plus, Wizard Electronics, Dynasty Sports Club, Builders Lumber Yard, Regency Suites, Cell Phone Shack, A & M Jewellery & Pawnshop, Strikers Sports Club, Tent City, Tony’s Jewellery, Bel Air Lions Club, Faye Joseph, Mac’s Auto Parts, and All Seasons Racing Service & Pawn Shop.Mr Orrin Boston, who had the responsibility of organising the games, in his closing remarks, thanked all participants, sponsors and was impressed with the cordial manner in which the game was played in a cohesive manner.last_img read more

Practice places focus on limiting two impact players

first_imgRedshirt sophomore running back Vavae Malepeai is on track to surpass his 2017 season rushing yard total. (Tucker Judkins | Daily Trojan)USC took the practice field Wednesday ahead of Saturday’s matchup with No. 19 Colorado with two Buffaloes in mind: junior quarterback Steven Montez and sophomore wide receiver Laviska Shenault Jr.Montez is a model of efficiency, as proven by his 11:2 touchdown to interception ratio this season. He has completed 75.2 percent of his passes, good for second in the nation despite attempting more passes than anyone else in the top five. The third-year starter doesn’t only rely on short passes either; his 9.3 yards per attempt ranks 14th in the FBS.“Now he’s been in the system for a little bit, you can really see his maturity within the offense,” defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast said. “He can make all the throws, and he makes a lot of plays with his feet as well.”Unlike Montez, Shenault came into 2018 as a relatively unknown player, but he’s made a name for himself early this season. He ranks third in the country in both receptions and yards — 51 and 708, respectively — and has added six receiving touchdowns. Shenault is a multifaceted threat, reflected in his four rushing touchdowns in just five games. His 749 total yards from scrimmage rank 11th in the nation, partially a result of a creative Colorado offense.“They line him up in a lot of different spots, they do a really nice job of covering him up,” Pendergast said. “I think the most impressive thing offensively that they do is multiplicity within their formations, and he’s a big part of that.”Coming off a 13-reception, 127-yard performance against Arizona State that featured four total touchdowns and earned him Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Week, the Trojans will be hard-pressed to limit Shenault.Part of the Buffaloes’ offensive creativity comes from their use of trick plays and wildcat formations. Trick plays have burned the Trojans at times this year, most notably on a 71-yard touchdown run from UNLV during Week 1.“We just have to play with good eye discipline and control, and play them when they come,” Pendergast said. “They’ve got a really good package of trick plays, and they use multiple people in [them].”Although the calls may seem like a gimmick, players have full confidence in their coaches’ play-calling.“It’s a lot of eye candy no doubt, but coach [Pendergast] just says ‘keep your eyes on your luggage,’” freshman safety Talanoa Hufanga said. “We need to see where our guy goes, and make sure that we follow up. When the ball crosses the line of scrimmage, that’s when we know we have to attack.” Wednesday’s practice featured an emphasis on third down, which Helton said would be crucial against a talented offense like Colorado’s, especially with Montez’s ability to create outside the pocket at 6-foot-5 and 235 pounds.“You look at what he’s doing right now, escaping and creating, and not only running the ball and pulling it down, but actually finding his receivers,” Helton said. “We’re going to need to contain him and get off the field.”That also applied to the other side of the ball; Helton said that Colorado brings a variety of pressures on third down, and that protecting freshman quarterback JT Daniels could be a deciding factor.After a sloppy start to the season, the Trojans are looking to prove themselves in a matchup with a ranked team under the Coliseum lights.“We’re trying to get back to that Pac-12 Championship [game],” redshirt senior cornerback Ajene Harris said. “Every game is important, and we’re all aware of that. We’re just ready to compete.”Injury updateSophomore running back Stephen Carr did not attend practice due to a stomach illness. The staff held out redshirt senior center Toa Lobendahn with back spasms. Senior linebacker Porter Gustin is expected to be at full strength Saturday after recovering from an ankle injury.Senior linebacker Cam Smith left practice early with a tight hamstring. Helton said it was nothing serious, just a preventative measure. The staff also pulled Brandon Pili after the sophomore defensive lineman had his toe stepped on. Helton said they would get an X-ray as a precaution.last_img read more

Some good news on the injury front for Tipp

first_img Tipp manager Michael Ryan says the outlook for O’ Meara is positive, but this weekend may come one week too soon for him…Tipp FM’s live coverage of this Saturday’s Allianz Hurling League 2nd round, Tipperary versus Waterford, comes in association with Sullivan Family Butchers Brooklands, Nenagh. Photo © Tipp FM There’s some positive news on the injury front for the Tipperary senior hurlers – both Seamus Callanan and Niall O’Meara are in recovery.Callanan had back surgery last week, and is expected to miss the league campaign.However, Niall O’Meara is aiming to be fit for this weekends game against Waterford in Semple Stadium.last_img read more