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I get scared when critics give good reviews to my films says

first_imgMumbai: Salman Khan says his validation of doing a good film comes solely from the box office collections but when critics praise his movies, he feels “scared”. The actor, who had a major career turnaround with “Wanted” in 2009 which was followed by “Dabangg”, said public acceptance is the ultimate verdict for him. “My validation comes from the box office collections… that the people have liked or not liked a film. It doesn’t make a difference if someone (a critic) has given it so many stars (ratings) or ridiculed the film. Also Read – ‘Will be acting till I die’ “It’s their bread and butter. God bless them, give them two more (slices of) bread,” Salman said in a group interview. Asked how he feels when the critics give glorious reviews to his films, the actor said he is unable to wrap his head around it. “I get scared. That why did they give (those star ratings) because their thinking never matches with the audience. Then I wonder ‘oh what if this doesn’t do well’. But the reason I do the kind of movies I do is because I loved the scripts. Also Read – ‘Always looking for that one great love’ “I want people to come inside the theatre and forget about their life. Enjoy the film. Take away the heroism or leave the theatre becoming a good person. These are the things I follow while doing a film,” he said. Salman is currently elated with the response to his latest, “Bharat” which released last week on Eid. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, the film also features Katrina Kaif and Sunil Grover. The 53-year-old actor said it is the “best Eidi” his fans have given him. “I am very happy with the film doing really well and everyone’s work is being appreciated… Success of every film is very important. ‘Bharat’ is a film that we have given our lives for, like every other film.” The film, a remake of the 2014 Korean drama “An Ode To My Father”, is set against the backdrop of Partition 1947. Salman said the emotions in a scene must speak to him in order for him to be able to make the audience believe in it. “There are lots of times when a scene is written, I don’t feel it. Then I sit with the writer, director and work on the scene till I don’t feel it. This is the quality of a bad actor,” he said. “If you give Mr (Amitabh) Bachchan, Yusuf sahab (Dilip Kumar) any scene, may be the most ridiculous scene, they’ll own their scenes, make them believable. They will get that amount of heroism, emotion or comedy from a bad scene. For me, I really have to work on these things,” he added.last_img read more

Nova Scotia not looking to open up adoption records minister says

first_imgHALIFAX – Nova Scotia’s community services minister says the province isn’t looking to open up adoption records, even as many other provinces ease access.Kelly Regan said the province took steps a few years ago to provide more information to adopted children, and also heard “loud and clear” from parents who had given up their children that they are opposed to opening up the records.“We make a lot of information available to adopted children if they want to learn about their families, but I think we need to respect the women who have decided to give up their children and who may not for very good reasons want to be contacted,” she said.“At this point it’s not something we are considering.”That doesn’t mean her department may not revisit the issue in the future, but the current priority is transforming its programs, she said.“I’m not saying not ever. I’m saying right now we have a lot of work underway and that’s what we are focusing on.”Prince Edward Island is holding public consultations on adoption records in the new year.Nova Scotia, Quebec, P.E.I., and New Brunswick are the only provinces to have closed adoption records, although birth records will be unsealed in New Brunswick beginning in April 2018.British Columbia, Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and Newfoundland and Labrador have all changed their laws to make it easier for adoptees and birth parents to access adoption records.Manitoba decided to unseal 75 years of adoption records in June, resulting in a flood of applications that prompted the province to add more staff to deal with the backlog.last_img read more

Edmonton Fringe Festival pulls play written by man convicted of child porn

first_imgThe Canadian Press EDMONTON — The Edmonton Fringe Theatre Festival has pulled a show from its lineup following concerns about playwright David Belke, a registered sex offender.Belke wrote the production “Who Goes There,” a play about a soldier recovering in a hospital.He was sentenced to six months in jail in 2017 after pleading guilty to possession of child pornography.The festival said it cancelled the production after people in the community complained.People who purchased tickets are being offered refunds.Adam Mitchell, the festival’s executive director, said it could not allow the show to go on during the annual Fringe, which runs from Aug. 15 to 25.“We will immediately engage in a structured conversation with the community about this issue to discuss how we move forward,” he said in a release Friday.The production at the Fringe was curated by the Holy Trinity Anglican Church, which said it expected some pressure, but wanted to see Belke get a second chance.“We don’t believe in punishing people for the rest of their lives,” said Father Chris Pappis. “The idea of redemption as a Christian is something that’s very strong.”Pappis said the play will be performed, but not as part of the festival. (CTV Edmonton)last_img read more

Two Algonquin communities gripped by grief following fatal shooting

first_imgAnnette FrancisAPTN National News An early morning shooting in a community one and a half hours north of Ottawa has left one Algonquin youth dead, and another charged with his murder.18 year old Bret Jerome from Rapid Lake was found outside a home in the nearby Manikwaki June 5. He was later pronounced dead in hospital, police say.Amik Mitchell, 22, has been charged with first-degree murder. Mitchell is from Kitigan Zibi.afrancis@aptn.calast_img

Friend of Colten Boushie heard bullets whistling by him on Saskatchewan farm

first_imgThe Canadian Press BATTLEFORD, Sask. – A friend of an Indigenous man shot during an altercation on a Saskatchewan farm broke down in tears in court when forced to examine a photo of Colten Boushie’s body.“How come you have to have that body laying in front of that thing like that?” said an emotional Eric Meechance Wednesday when asked to look at a photo of the barrel of a .22 calibre rifle that was near Boushie’s body.Saskatchewan Chief Justice Martel Popescul asked Meechance if he needed a break. Twenty minutes later he was dismissed as a witness.Gerald Stanley, 56, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in the August 2016 shooting death of Boushie. The 22-year-old, who was from the Red Pheasant First Nation, died from a single gunshot wound to the back of his head.Meechance, 22, testified that he, Boushie, Cassidy Cross, Kiora Wuttunee and Belinda Jackson had been drinking throughout the day and had been swimming in the South Saskatchewan River. He said they heard a leak in one of the tires when the SUV crossed a culvert.He said they continued driving and stopped at one farm where Cross broke the stock of .22 calibre rifle that was in the vehicle trying to smash the window of a truck. They later drove on to the Stanley farm near Biggar, Sask., and were on an all-terrain vehicle but took off when someone started yelling at them, he said.When Cross crashed into another vehicle in the yard, Meechance said they both got out of the SUV and started running.“Within seconds … I heard two shots and I swear that they were toward me because I could hear a whistling,” Meechance told court. “I heard two shots whistle by me.”Meechance said he heard the third shot when he was crossing the main road near the farm.“Did you see what happened with that third gunshot?” asked Crown prosecutor Bill Burge.“No,” Meechance said. “You get shot at, you hear a third gunshot, you’re not going to turn around and start looking.”Defence lawyer Scott Spencer asked him why the group didn’t tell police they had a gun in their vehicle, suggesting that was a “pretty serious piece of information that the police need.”“I had a gun ban,” Meechance said.Spencer suggested Meechance wasn’t upfront when he said they went to the Stanley farm because they needed help with a flat tire. Meechance and others were “motivated by theft” and didn’t tell the Boushie family the whole story, he suggested.“Don’t you think they deserved to know that you were out checking vehicles? That you had a gun in there, you were shooting a gun out of the vehicle,” asked Spencer. “Didn’t you think the family deserved to know the truth?”“It’s not like we went there in a stolen vehicle. Not like we went there and whipped out a gun or nothing,” Meechance said.Sheldon Stanley told court his father looked like he was going to be sick after the shooting.He said an SUV drove into the family’s farmyard. Shortly afterwards, he said he and his father heard an all-terrain vehicle start and thought it was being stolen. The pair ran toward the SUV as it tried to leave the farm and Sheldon Stanley went in the house to get his truck keys.He said he heard two gunshots while he was inside and a third when he came back out.“I turned as my father walked behind the back of the grey vehicle towards me with a gun in one hand and a magazine in the other. He turned and looked at me and looked like he was going to be sick,” Sheldon Stanley, 28, told court. “He said ‘I don’t know what happened. It just went off. I just wanted to scare them.’“It just went off.”After Boushie was shot, Sheldon Stanley said the two women in the back seat of the SUV were “obviously upset and yelling at us.” He said they pulled Boushie’s body out of the car and, along with him, a gun that was missing a stock.“It was laying between his legs and, as they pulled him, it came out with him.”He said the two young women also attacked his mother while they waited for police.“They had her on the ground and they were hitting her,” he said, adding he told them to get back in their vehicle. “They did stop and got back in their vehicle.”last_img read more

No margin for error

first_imgIt is not likely for an autonomous body of such reputation as the Election Commission of India (ECI), which is “always open to bringing about any improvements that would further the cause of free and fair elections”, to resist the prayers regarding more VVPAT verifications. However, in the affidavit submitted to the Supreme Court of India following the petition filed by 21 political leaders of India, naturally belonging to the opposition parties, ECI has stated that the present method adopted by the body for counting and verification of votes is the “most suitable”. ECI elaborated on how the Voter-verified paper audit trail (VVPAT) works, stating that VVPATs are used in conjunction with the EVMs. The VVPAT exposes the printed slip to the voter for a duration of seven seconds through a transparent window and thus, as per ECI, counting of these slips will only be necessary in case of a discrepancy between the results shown by the EVM and that reflected on the printed paper slip. ECI further responded on the specific prayer of cross verification of 50 per cent EVMs by stating how the average time required to undertake such verification would be “six days”; with some constituencies having more polling stations it may take up to 8-9 additional days, delaying the results of the elections. Complimenting this obstacle with an additional requirement of extensively trained personnel and large halls to undertake such an activity, ECI justified its resistance to the petition’s prayer. To provide the apex court with a little aid in its verdict, ECI also stated how similar concerns had arisen earlier and that the court had found ECI’s proceedings regarding VVPATs to be satisfactory. ECI cited a cent per cent accuracy of VVPATs during the 2017 assembly polls as well as the recent assembly elections in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh. Statistically, a 50 per cent sample to adequately match VVPAT tallies with those of EVM is not necessary as per the Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata. Its report on possible and appropriate VVPAT counts to the EC states that a sample verification of 479 EVMs would bring the level of confidence in the process to 99.9936 per cent. The current process of counting only one booth per constituency in each state is due to the presence of 10.35 lakh polling stations and 4,125 Assembly constituencies in the country. While ECI, logistically, may be stating the unadulterated version of its response but in a democracy, many may still argue the 50 per cent cross-verification process’ feasibility. In all likelihood, a delay of six days on an average is something that the petitioners might settle for owing to their desperation to eradicate any margin for error. Displaying strong determination to prevent BJP from a second term, and having confidence in the voters to register a victory, it is certain that these opposition leaders don’t want to leave any stone unturned in their pursuit. With the introduction of VVPAT which was specifically brought for an additional layer of accountability to the electoral process, ECI’s argument for more manpower and days might not convince the petitioners and the general public. However, an increase in the counts might be the most likely solution. Even the Chief Justice of India, Ranjan Gogoi strongly urged the deputy election commissioner present in the court that ECI should consider increasing the number of VVPAT verifications to enhance the purity and credibility of the democratic exercise. The matter is to be heard today in the apex court. While the opposition parties are strongly supporting the prayer to make the counting process more transparent, there is not a word from the ruling BJP. In front of an entire term of a government which will be decided based on the results of the mandate, a delay of the result by few days is completely justifiable. In fact, ECI should deduce, if not 50 per cent, some percentage which satisfies the apex court. This would increase ECI’s credibility in front of people who may have concerns regarding ECI’s resistance to the prayer. The process of vote counting is supposed to be sacrosanct and as such must be done with everyone’s satisfaction to remove even an iota of doubt regarding any tampering – which is not impossible in case of EVMs. The very purpose of VVPATs is to ensure transparency, then why not exercise it?last_img read more

Senators urge Trump admin to delay decision on India’s GSP review

first_imgWashington: Two top American Senators have urged the Trump administration to delay until the end of the general elections its decision to terminate India’s designation as a beneficiary developing country under the Generalized System of Preference due to a lack of compliance.The Generalized System of Preference (GSP) is the largest and oldest US trade preference programme and is designed to promote economic development by allowing duty-free entry for thousands of products from designated beneficiary countries. The US Congress in March last year voted to renew the GSP through 2020. In a letter to US Trade Representative (USTR) Robert Lighthizer, Senators John Cornyn from the Republican party and Mark warner from the Democratic party argued that India-US relationship was too important to rush such an important decision in the middle of an election cycle. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscal”As you know, India’s elections will conclude on May 23, 2019. We believe that the election season may serve as a hindrance for our Indian counterparts in negotiating and concluding a deal on difficult political issues,” the two Senators wrote in the letter to Lighthizer on Friday. It was in April last year that the USTR announced that it planned to review the GSP eligibility of a number of countries, including India. The USTR’s announcement specifically cited “concerns related to its compliance with GSP market access criterion,” based on petitions filed from the US medical device and dairy industries. “If another round of negotiations during the election season does not resolve the outstanding issues, we would ask you to consider delaying the issuance of a Presidential proclamation to withdraw India’s GSP benefits by at least 30 days, beyond the 60-day calendar, in order to move the negotiations beyond India’s elections,” the Senators said. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boostAllowing for continued negotiations beyond the elections would underscore the importance of this bilateral relationship and provide a real opportunity to resolve these market access issues, potentially improving the overall US-India relationship for years to come, said Cornyn and Warner, who are co-chairs of the powerful Senate India Caucus. “We understand that the Trump administration may issue a proclamation withdrawing India’s GSP benefits 60 days or later from the congressional notification date,” the two Senators wrote. The letter comes in the middle of an intense Indian election cycle, during which the ruling government cannot take a major policy decision, which holds officials from making substantial progress on the crucial negotiations between India and the United States. “As Co-Chairs of the United States Senate’s India Caucus, we fully appreciate and support your efforts to address a host of market access issues facing American businesses in India. “Congressional support for the GSP programme was made clear last year when the US Senate and US House of Representatives reauthorised the programme, in nearly unanimous fashion, for three years,” they said. On March 4, 2019, Congress was notified of USTR’s intention to terminate India’s designation as a beneficiary developing country under GSP due to a lack of compliance. “While we agree that there are a number of market access issues that can and should be addressed, we do remain concerned that the withdrawal of duty concessions will make Indian exports of eligible products to the United States costlier, as the importer of those products will have to pay a ‘Most Favoured Nation’ (MFN) duty which is higher than the rate under GSP,” the Senators said.last_img read more

Suncor calls for early end to Alberta oil cuts because rail economics

CALGARY — Suncor Energy Inc. is calling on the Alberta government to make an earlier-than-planned exit from the oil curtailment program it enacted on Jan. 1 because of its “unintended consequences.”CEO Steve Williams says the program designed to draw down crude storage and free up space on export pipelines has worked too well, reducing local price discounts to the point that shipping crude by rail into the United States is no longer financially sustainable.The same charge was levelled last week by Imperial Oil Ltd. CEO Rich Kruger, who said his firm would cut its crude-by-rail shipments to near zero this month, a major setback in oil movements as it had been responsible for about half of Canada’s rail shipments in December. Suncor blames Canadian oil price discounts for $280 million loss — but it’s hiking its dividend Imperial blasts Alberta’s ‘drastic, dramatic’ oil curtailment that has made crude-by-rail uneconomic Alberta chips away at oil curtailment to placate unhappy oil companies On a conference call to discuss Suncor’s fourth-quarter results, Williams said the production cuts are also having a long-term negative affect on investor confidence in Canada.The criticism came as Suncor reported a $280-million net loss in the fourth quarter of 2018, in part due to the very price discounts the curtailments were designed to reduce.Calgary-based Suncor said its average realized price in Canadian dollars for raw bitumen in the quarter was just $7.96 per barrel, versus $42.80 in the fourth quarter of 2017. Its average realized price for upgraded synthetic crude was $46.07, compared with $70.55.“If you look at what’s happened, the differential corrected — and over-corrected — very quickly and the unintended consequence of that is … rail economics are severely damaged and a lot of the rail movements are stopping or have stopped,” said Williams.“That’s going to have the opposite impact to what the government wants.”The difference in price between Western Canadian Select bitumen-blend oil and New York benchmark West Texas Intermediate widened to as much as US$52 per barrel in October, but shrunk to single digits in December and January.In order to support the higher cost of rail over pipelines, the differentials need to be higher than US$15-$20 per barrel, Imperial says.Companies in this article: (TSX:SU, TSX:IMO) read more

AP sources Boeing proposes a fix for 787 batteries but planes unlikely

AP sources: Boeing proposes a fix for 787 batteries, but planes unlikely to fly before April by Joan Lowy And Joshua Freed, The Associated Press Posted Feb 22, 2013 4:11 pm MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email WASHINGTON – Boeing attempted a major step Friday toward getting its 787 Dreamliners flying again, proposing a fix for the plane’s troubled batteries that could allow the flights to resume as early as April, congressional officials said.The next question is whether the Federal Aviation Administration will agree to let the planes fly even though the root cause of a battery fire in one plane and a smoking battery in another is still unknown.A Boeing team led by CEO Ray Conner presented the plan to Federal Aviation Administration head Michael Huerta. The airliners, Boeing’s newest and most technologically advanced, have not been allowed to fly since mid-January.The plan calls for revamping the aircraft’s two lithium ion batteries to ensure that any short-circuiting that could lead to a fire won’t spread from one battery cell to the others, officials said. That would be achieved by placing more robust ceramic insulation around each of the battery’s eight cells. The aim is to contain not only the short-circuiting, but any thermal runaway, a chemical reaction that leads to progressively hotter temperatures.The additional spacers will enlarge the battery, requiring a bigger battery box to hold the eight cells. That new box would also be more robust, with greater insulation along its sides to prevent any fire from escaping and damaging the rest of the plane, officials said.The plan will require testing and partially recertifying the safety of the plane’s batteries, said the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak publicly.The testing and recertification will take time, with engineers currently estimating completion sometime in April at the soonest, they said. Even after the batteries are recertified, it could take some more time to get the planes back into the air. Boeing will have to send teams to seven airlines in six countries to retrofit their planes.It’s up to Huerta to decide whether to approve the plan. But Boeing’s plan is not a surprise, since the company has kept regulators closely informed, the officials said.Boeing, the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board still have not identified the root cause of a Jan. 7 fire that erupted in an auxiliary power unit battery of a Japan Airlines 787 about a half-hour after the plane landed at Boston’s Logan International Airport. The safety board is investigating that incident, but NTSB officials didn’t attend Friday’s meeting and declined to comment on the proposal.Engineers and battery experts gathered by Boeing developed a list of possible causes for the fire and a plan to modify the batteries to address the spread of a fire created by any of those causes, officials said.Nine days after the Boston fire, an All Nippon Airways 787 with a smoking battery made an emergency landing by in Japan. The FAA and aviation authorities overseas ordered the planes grounded soon afterward. There are a total of 50 of the planes in service worldwide, and Boeing had orders for 800 of the airliners at the time they were grounded.On Thursday, United Airlines cut its six 787s from its flying plans at least until June and postponed its new Denver-to-Tokyo flights as airlines continued to tear up their schedules while the plane is out of service. United is the only U.S. carrier with 787s in its fleet.The 787 is the world’s first airliner made mostly from lightweight composite materials. It also relies on electronic systems rather than hydraulic or mechanical systems to a greater degree than any other airliner. And it is the first airliner to make extensive use of lithium ion batteries, which are lighter, recharge faster and can hold more energy than other types of batteries.Boeing has billed the plane to its customers as 20 per cent more fuel efficient than other mid-sized airliners. That’s a big selling point, since fuel is the biggest expense for most airlines.Having the plane flying as soon as April “would be fantastic news for Boeing,” said Carter Leake, an aerospace analyst at BB&T Capital Markets.If the battery fix ends up being as described, “I don’t think it’s that difficult to retrofit. I think it would be viewed very favourably” by investors, Leake said. If FAA were to approve Boeing’s proposed fix as early as next week, that would be a “home run” for the company, he said.However, the idea of recertifying part of the design is trickier. Getting certification from the FAA for a particular part or design is an involved process — and one that’s likely to make investors nervous.“Recertification suggests time,” Leake said. “Given what most know about aircraft certification processes, six months would be sort of quick.”Leake added: “The FAA takes it slow. You’re talking about statistical testing. You’re proving through testing that this meets very stringent criteria. That usually involves time, and time is not on Boeing’s side.”Among the many unanswered questions is how the 787 battery problems will affect Boeing’s effort to win FAA permission for the planes to make flights that venture further from the nearest airport, such as those that travel over wide expanses of ocean. The FAA has tighter requirements for such flights in twin-engine planes because it wants to make sure the plane can keep flying if it loses an engine or encounters other problems far away from a safe landing.Until it was grounded, the 787 could fly up to three hours away from the nearest airport. That’s far enough for flights between the U.S. and Europe and some flights over the Arctic, for instance. But Boeing wants permission for flights up to 5.5 hours from the nearest airport. Its 777 is already certified for such flights.Boeing said last month before the grounding orders that it was close to submitting a plan for those longer flights.The grounding has forced airlines that own the 787 to rework their schedules. LOT Polish Airlines has said the grounding of its two 787s is costing it $50,000 per day. Most affected has been ANA, which has 17 of the planes.Boeing has had hundreds of people looking for the cause of the problem and working on possible solutions.The mess comes just as Boeing is boosting 787 production from five planes per month to 10 per month by the end of this year. It has said the speedup will still happen, even though it can’t deliver the planes — or collect most of their $200 million-a-plane list price from airlines — until they’re flying again.“Even with the FAA review/grounding, we believe it’s more likely than not that Boeing continues to build at its planned rate until it’s apparent that a fix for the battery issue will require an extended period of time (more than couple of months),” UBS analyst David Strauss wrote in a note this week.___Freed reported from Minneapolis.___Follow Joan Lowy on Twitter at read more

Wirtgen surface miner increases efficiency at New Acland coal mine

first_imgThe New Acland Mine (NAC), located adjacent to the township of Acland (Queensland), is part of the Australian based New Hope Group. Since the opening of the mine, coal and interburden have been extracted by means of bulldozers fitted with ripper teeth and assisted by wheel loaders. However, a sharp drop in coal prices compelled the NAC management to look for alternative, more efficient mining methods. A solution was soon found in Wirtgen surface mining technology which Wirtgen states “offers the ideal method for the challenging geological conditions in the mine, which comprise up to 27 mostly thin coal seams interspersed by layers of interburden. Compared to conventional methods, the selective surface mining technology simplifies the mining process, thus reducing operating costs and supplying coal of higher quality to the neighboring processing plant.”Wirtgen surface mining is used as tried-and-tested technology in numerous coal mining projects, and a six-month trial phase with defined target performance levels was agreed upon between NAC and Wirtgen. The 4200 SM achieved the projected cutting performance of up to 3,000 t/h in the tough everyday mine environment. The point-attack cutting tools used were subjected to in-depth trials and optimised to fit the specific application as they were required to cut not only coal but also hard interburden material. “Cooperation with the Wirtgen customer service, which was on permanent stand-by, was also perfected at an early stage. This enabled many areas which typically offer room for improvement when introducing an entirely new technology to be identified and optimised quickly. Since all of the targeted performance rates were met during the trial phase, NAC decided to purchase the 4200 SM.”To maximise exploitation of the coal deposit, the high-performance 4200 SM cuts and loads the material in a single machine pass, producing an even and easily trafficable surface in the process. It was additionally established during the trial phase that, while offering the same performance, the surface miner replaces two bulldozers and one wheel loader. The resulting savings, mainly in labour and fuel, lead to a significant reduction in operating costs. Additional marks in favor of the 4200 SM include emission measurement results showing significantly reduced machine vibrations and noise levels. Paired with the ergonomically designed cabin, impacts on the operator’s health are thus minimised particularly in the long run.A camera system designed exclusively for this operation enables the machine operator to conveniently differentiate between coal and interburden, thus significantly improving coal quality. The strict safety regulations and machine standards specified by the Australian coal industry were fully met by making the relevant machine modifications prior to shipment. The cutting drum has been specially designed for operation in soft rock and is ideally suited to mining not only coal (unconfined compressive strength = 20 MPa) but also the significantly harder interburden layers (50 MPa). The 4200 SM mines coal in a selective process at exactly the specified cutting depth, producing a clean cutting surface and guaranteeing high degrees of purity. As a result, there are less truck travels required to transport the material to a special coal-washing plant for further processing and to return the separated tailings to the mine. Compared to the mining method used to date, the 4200 SM also produces a smaller percentage of fines (grain size < 2 mm) and a higher percentage of the end product fraction (grain size < 38 mm). In the final analysis, this also improves the efficiency of the processing plant.“I am impressed with the economical, modern and environmentally friendly Wirtgen surface miner. NAC saves hard cash as soon as the miner is in operation,” says Andrew McDonald, Managing Director at NAC, praising the highly productive giant machine.last_img read more

Unlimited streaming porn comes to Ouya

first_imgThough the Ouya has been met with negative reviews that hailed the console as more of a beta product than a finished one, and though it only has around 100 games available for now, some people will find that the Ouya is about to get a little better. SugarDVD, which is essentially Netflix but for adult films, has announced that it is launching for the little Android console.Currently, SugarDVD offers a DVD-by-mail renting option, as well as streaming options for Roku, PS3, Android, and other devices and platforms. If you really dig a film, you can also purchase it through either a digital download or a DVD option.Ouya controls its own store, so it might be surprising to know that the company would’ve approved a Netlflix-for-porn. However, a SugarDVD spokesperson, Rebecca Bolen, explains how SugarDVD gets around the approval. In a somewhat sneaky movie, the SugarDVD app can be launched through a browser. It doesn’t actually run in a browser, so it is a dedicated app, but since it can be launched through a browser, it apparently doesn’t require approval from any developer. Since Ouya will have a web browser, SugarDVD’s app should run just fine. This is also how SugarDVD is able to get onto devices like the iPad, where Apple doesn’t allow adult-based apps on its store.Yes, if you have any sort of proclivity toward the internet, you might be wondering exactly why you’d pay for porn. You could just mosey on over to a number of sites, and stream to your libido’s content. However, if SugarDVD really is Netflix’s porn equivalent, then it should in theory provide that same breadth of choice and expansive library that Netflix offers compared to internet streaming sites, and without the worry of having to commit piracy.last_img read more

Fire breaks out on passenger ferry in Greece overnight WATCH

first_imgThe 1,016 people onboard Eleftherios Venizelos had a night from hell, as the ANEK Lines passenger ferry caught fire in the early hours of Wednesday (Greece time) while travelling to Crete.With 875 passengers and 141 crew, the vessel was en route and off the coast of Hydra island when it reportedly transmitted a distress signal to the coastguard.The ferry’s crew notified authorities that a car parking compartment had caught fire.Eleftherios Venizelos had set sail from Piraeus at 10pm and started sending out emergency signals after 12am, a coast guard official said confirming that there were no injuries.“It was a huge operation and everything went to plan,” said Nikos Lagdianos, spokesman for the coast guard.“Two firefighting boats, ten tenders, 48 firefighters and two emergency response teams were involved,” as the fire quickly expanded and heavy black smoke billowed out of the ship.The ANEK ferry was safely escorted back into Piraeus while disembarkation of all passengers was completed around 7am, Kathimerini reports.“It was difficult to breathe from the smoke,” a passenger named Natassa, told Skai TV explaining that all passengers were advised to wear lifejackets and head to assembly areas as soon as the crew was made aware of the situation.An investigation to determine the cause of the fire is already underway, although, a first assessment indicated it may have started from one of the 200 vehicles onboard.Travelers were put up in local hotels by the ferry operator while a replacement vessel is expected to complete the route as soon as possible.Watch the video below: Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Derailed train leaks ethanol into waterway

first_imgDES MOINES, Iowa — Railroad officials said it was unclear Thursday how much ethanol has leaked into the Mississippi River from a train that derailed a day earlier in eastern Iowa, but that they were working to monitor the environmental impact and offload fuel from the train.The cars went off the tracks Wednesday morning in a steep, remote area along the river about 10 miles north of Dubuque. Canadian Pacific said 14 of the derailed cars were carrying ethanol, and eight of them appeared to be leaking.“We have verified some ethanol has reached the water but we do not have an estimate of how much,” said CP spokesman Andy Cummings.Ethanol mixes with water and, in high concentrations, can deplete the oxygen in water and kill fish, said Iowa Department of Natural Resources spokesman Kevin Baskins. He noted the impacted segment of the river was within the Upper Mississippi National Fish and Wildlife Refuge.Baskins said the primary concern is the threat to fish and other aquatic life, such as mussels, which can’t easily move away when oxygen levels dip. The DNR plans to sample fish collected from fishermen and monitor open-water areas in the river for signs of dead fish.Downstream water samples are being taken along 10 miles of the river, though samples also will be taken upstream.last_img read more

45 days later a proposal with few details on LIO building

first_imgDownload AudioTuesday was the deadline set by the Legislative Council to figure out what to do with the controversial lease on the Legislative Information Office in downtown Anchorage.In December, the council set a 45 day limit to decide whether or not to break a 10 year lease with the building’s owner, 716 West Fourth Avenue, LLC, comprised of developers Bob Acree and Marc Pfeffer. As of Tuesday, the office of Kodiak Republican Senator Gary Stevens, who chairs of the council, said it received a proposal relevant to the considerations over the lease. Stevens’s office declined to specify what those materials entail, but said they expect to release more information later in the week.The course of action is laid out in the proposal is not yet public. A representative for the developers, Amy Slinker, wrote in a statement Tuesday, “Out of respect for the Legislative Council process, we are not able to share specifics of the proposal.”Senator Stevens could convene the Legislative Council to discuss the proposal as early as next week. The council’s recommendation to the full body of lawmakers has the potential to shape what happens to the LIO building and tens of millions of dollars in state funds.Critics say the lease deal was inappropriately negotiated and profits the development company at the expense of taxpayers. The developer says the lease agreement was approved by lawmakers at a below-market rate in 2013, and that legislators are now reneging in a tougher economic climate.The LIO building is also at the heart of a lawsuit brought forward by a neighboring business. In her statement, Slinker wrote that conversations with Senator Stevens “appear likely to result in the dismissal of the lawsuit.” Reached for comment about the terms of that potential dismissal, the plaintiff in the case, Anchorage attorney Jim Gottstein said simply, “We’ll see,” and declined to elaborate.The future of the LIO lease is pegged to a budget appropriation. Other options proposed include moving the legislative operations to the state-owned Atwood building, abiding by the original terms of the lease, or buying the building outright.last_img read more

Egan calls for criminal justice bill income tax

first_imgState Sen. Dennis Egan, D-Juneau, speaks to the Juneau Chamber of Commerce on Thursday. He called for another attempt to revise the 2016 criminal justice law. (Photo by Andrew Kitchenman/KTOO)State Sen. Dennis Egan said the Legislature should have passed a bill revising last year’s criminal justice overhaul.Listen nowSenate Bill 54 would have increased jail times for some offenses. The Senate passed the bill by a wide margin.“Senate Bill 54 passed the Senate on a vote of 19 to 1,” Egan, a Juneau Democrat, said. “It’s now being held up in the House of Representatives. I think that should have gone immediately, but it’s being held up in a committee. So, we’ll bring it up in the second session.”Egan made the remarks about this year’s regular legislative session and three special sessions Thursday to the Juneau Chamber of Commerce.The criminal justice bill became stuck in the House State Affairs Committee. Two other committees – judiciary and finance – also were scheduled to discuss the legislation.People who support the bill have said the Legislature went too far last year in reducing penalties. Critics of the bill have said it’s too soon to know what changes are needed in response to last year’s law.Egan said there are other bills he’d like to see the Legislature pass. He wants the state to reintroduce an income tax, which he said would provide balance, along with a reduction to Permanent Fund dividends.“We didn’t make government stable, and that really, really concerns me,” Egan said. “We can stop the slashing of state jobs.”Egan said the Legislature could address a new source of state revenue during a fourth special session. He said he expects it to happen after the Alaska Federation of Natives annual convention ends in late October.Egan also defended the Juneau Access Project, a road that would extend north of the city. He said road supporters worked to keep one half the funding for the project.The capital budget the Legislature passed last week shifts some of the money to other Lynn Canal area projects. But Egan said he’s disappointed that other road money was shifted to build a school in Kivalina in Northwest Arctic Borough.“We had promises the money would remain in District Q,” Egan said. “It didn’t happen. We had school construction at a location 1,066 miles from us.”The school funding follows up on a 2011 settlement of the Kasayulie lawsuit that required the state to provide money for schools in some remote villages.last_img read more

Yes Bank gets shareholder nod to raise Rs 20000 crore

first_imgA security guard stands outside a closed Yes Bank branch in New Delhi, India, November 9, 2016.Reuters filePrivate sector lender Yes Bank secured shareholders’ approval on Wednesday to raise Rs 20,000 crore this financial year.”The shareholders approved through special resolution the proposal to borrow/raise funds in Indian/foreign currency by issue of debt securities, including but not limited to non-convertible debentures, medium term notes and bonds up to a total amount of Rs. 20,000 crore,” the bank said in a statement after the conclusion of its 13th annual general meeting in Mumbai held yesterday.In all, 456 members attended the annual general meeting, the bank said in a regulatory filing.The meeting conducted other usual business, including adopting the annual statements for the financial year 2016-17.The share price of Yes Bank closed 0.57 percent lower at Rs 1,494 on Wednesday.last_img read more

Greater Houston Transportation Program Helps Elderly Disabled

first_imgListen 00:00 /03:45 Gail DelaughterA truck passes over a bridge built by Harris County on Runneburg Road in Crosby.Harris County Rides helps provide on-demand transportation for the elderly and disabled. Int provided about 75,000 trips in 2015. News 88.7 Transportation Reporter Gail Delaughter talked about the service with Vernon Chambers, the Assistant Director of Harris County’s Office of Transit Services.Delaughter: How do clients use the services of Harris County Rides?Vernon Chambers: The client can use the service for wherever they need to go or whatever they need to do. However, we find that a lot of the trips, clients really use it for medical appointments. And many of them use it for various functions just to remain independent in the community.Delaughter:  How crucial is it to have a way to get to those appointments?Vernon Chambers: It’s very critical because a lot of those clients are dialysis clients, which are routine trips three days a week. And that’s a lifeline for them.Delaughter: There are places in Harris County that are essentially rural. If you live out there and have no transportation, what is it like?Vernon Chambers: Well, you’re dependent on services like Harris County Rides. It’s demand-response. We pick the client up from their home and take them where they want to go.It’s not about having a car. Many of them are at the age where they can no longer drive. And so they need services like Harris County Rides that can take them where they need to go to remain independent in the community. Delaughter: What are some of the things you hear from people who had no means of transportation but who can now get around?Vernon Chambers: A lot of clients, sometime they can rely on friends or relatives. But after a while they get tired of asking friends or relatives to take them where they need to go. And so with Harris Rides they feel that gives them independence to go where they need to go without having to depend on someone else. Delaughter: How much do you see the demand growing here in Harris County?Vernon Chambers: It’s really going to grow a whole lot because of the aging population. A lot of people have moved out to the outskirts of the city and the suburbs where there is no transportation. So they’ve aged in place. They can’t drive for various reasons. Delaughter: The way you provide the service, you’re basically subsidizing cab rides?Vernon Chambers: The rides program basically subsidizes at 50-percent. So if a trip for example is $20, the client will pay $10 and we will pay $10.Delaughter: Where do you think things are going to go in the future with the kind of transportation you provide?Vernon Chambers: We get calls from clients asking us, are you going to be looking at Uber or things like that. There are a lot factors that go into whether or not we could contract with someone like Uber. But I am not ruling that out. At this time, we are concerned about the client’s safety. And they would have to meet Harris County’s criteria to become a provider, such as insurance, background checks, and all that kind of thing. To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: Share Xlast_img read more

Simpsons Producer David Mirkin Developing SciFi Dramedy for YouTube

first_img“David is an incredible storyteller who consistently creates these iconic characters and series. Getting to work with him and our great partners at YouTube Premium is really an out-of-this-world experience,” added Dynamic’s Hines.Mirkin’s credits include “The Simpsons Movie,” “Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion,” and “Heartbreakers,” which starred Sigourney Weaver and Gene Hackman. He is set to direct “The Hating Game,” based on the Sally Thorne novel of the same name. ×Actors Reveal Their Favorite Disney PrincessesSeveral actors, like Daisy Ridley, Awkwafina, Jeff Goldblum and Gina Rodriguez, reveal their favorite Disney princesses. Rapunzel, Mulan, Ariel,Tiana, Sleeping Beauty and Jasmine all got some love from the Disney stars.More VideosVolume 0%Press shift question mark to access a list of keyboard shortcutsKeyboard Shortcutsplay/pauseincrease volumedecrease volumeseek forwardsseek backwardstoggle captionstoggle fullscreenmute/unmuteseek to %SPACE↑↓→←cfm0-9Next UpJennifer Lopez Shares How She Became a Mogul04:350.5x1x1.25×1.5x2xLive00:0002:1502:15 Popular on Variety center_img Longtime “The Simpsons” producer David Mirkin is working up sci-fi drama-comedy series “Jeff of the Universe” for YouTube Premium. Mirkin is teaming up with producer and distributor Dynamic Television on the live-action project.Mirkin will write, direct, and executive produce the series. Daniel March and Holly Hines will exec produce for Dynamic alongside Todd Berger and former Fox and Endemol Shine exec Emiliano Calemzuk.Few plot details were released, but Mirkin said: “Many have desperately tried to keep the stunning, disturbing, life-changing secrets exposed in ‘Jeff of the Universe’ from ever becoming public which is why I am so thrilled to be working with the brave folks at YouTube Premium and Dynamic Television. In addition, they are giving us a totally unlimited budget. At least that is what I am assuming.”last_img read more

VIDEO All of Nate Robinson went between a 73 defenders legs to

first_imgNBA vet Nate Robinson did his best El Chapo impression last night in the D-League. The former Slam Dunk Champion isn’t leaping over 7-footers anymore, he’s going under them.Nate is currently playing with the Delaware Sevens of the D-League with the hope of earning a late-season call-up.During the Sevens’ 110-90 loss to Raptors 905 – whatever the hell that is – the 5’9” Robinson was caught in a half-court trap by 7’3” Raptor center Edy Tavares and some white dude with a man-bun.Faced with a possible turnover, Robinson spotted daylight between Tavares’ legs and ducked through the rabbit hole. It’s the first known human nutmeg in the history of professional basketball. There’s a first time for everything, and even if Nate doesn’t make it back to the league, it’s a helluva highlight to end a career.  There’s zero shame in an 11-year NBA run from a guy that was never supposed to be there.This highlight should live roughly forever.Haters will say its photoshopped. @nate_robinson— NBA D-League (@nbadleague) February 26, 2017 Advertisementlast_img read more

How to tell if a loved one is abusing alcohol

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there! Alcohol abuse is very serious and can take over someone’s life.It doesn’t only affect the sufferer, but the people around them.Also read: Teenage drug abuse and addictionRead also: How to tell if your child is on drugsThere are signs one can look out for if a loved one is abusing alcohol, both short-term and long-term.These include:Red eyesPoor balanceSlurred speechAnxietyAggressive behaviourNauseaEmotional outburstsSmelling of alcoholForgetting things oftenInsomniaHallucinationsComa and death can be the result of alcohol poisoning.There are rehab facilities and qualified professionals who can help with alcohol abuse.For more information, click HERElast_img read more