Volunteer Fire Service Recognition Day

first_imgSunday, Oct. 12 has been designated Volunteer Fire ServiceRecognition Day in Nova Scotia. “Volunteer firefighters are shining examples of the pride NovaScotians have in their province,” said Kerry Morash, Minister ofEnvironment and Labour. “Just last week, we saw them once againstep up to help ensure everyone’s safety in the days afterHurricane Juan. We should all take a moment this Sunday to say’thank you for being there’.” The role of the volunteer fire service is expanding. Manyvolunteer departments now deliver vehicle extrication, advancedmedical first response, water rescue and hazardous materialsresponse capabilities. “These capabilities are visible enhancements of public safety,”Mr. Morash said, “but what often escapes public notice is thetime away from families that’s needed to train for thesespecialized activities.” A typical fire service volunteer spends about 10 hours each weekin training or operations. In Nova Scotia, there are 314 fire departments. More than 300 areall-volunteer and 12 are combined volunteer and careerfirefighters. Currently, about 7,500 Nova Scotians volunteer inthe fire service.last_img read more

Alcohol Ban in Some Provincial Parks

first_img June 14 to July 5 (inclusive): Dollar Lake Camping Park and Laurie Lake Camping Park, Halifax Co. June 14 – 27 (inclusive): Islands Camping Park, Shelburne Co., and Ellenwood Camping Park, Yarmouth Co. The Department of Natural Resources will place a temporary ban onalcohol in some provincial parks, beginning June 14. The purpose of the ban is to help ensure visitors have a safe andenjoyable camping experience, without incident. “The safety of visitors to our parks remains our number onepriority,” said Richard Hurlburt, Minister of Natural Resources. “Last year, there were a number of incidents involving alcohol ina few parks, which on one occasion resulted in the serious injuryof two teenagers. This is unacceptable.” The dates of the alcohol ban and the parks impacted are asfollows:last_img read more

Amendments to Pipeline Regulations Approved

first_imgWait times for residential gas hookups will be shortened, thanksto new amendments to pipeline regulations. “The amendments will allow customers to get access to natural gasin a more timely manner, without compromising public safety,” said Energy Minister Cecil Clarke. “As well, they will put NovaScotia regulations in line with current federal regulations.” The amendments clarify the testing and inspection provisionsrequired for newly constructed pipelines, bringing them in linewith current federal regulations, such as the Canadian SafetyAssociation Code and National Energy Board Onshore PipelineRegulations. The changes were approved on Aug. 27. The regulations distinguish between transmission and distributionlines (the larger lines that bring gas to an area or street) andservice lines (the smaller lines that would bring gas to anindividual residence). Under the amended regulations, acontractor that constructs a service line to a home can now hirean independent contractor to inspect the line, reducing costs andwait times for residential gas hook ups. The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board supports the amendments,which had been sent for stakeholder consultation and posted onthe Department of Energy’s website for public consultation fromJuly 13 to Aug. 3.last_img read more

Minister Speaks Out Against Violent Video Game

first_imgNova Scotia’s Justice Minister Murray Scott is speaking out against a violent video game, in which players earn points for killing police and criminal suspects. Mr. Scott is joining police from across North America in criticizing the video game, “25 to Life”. “Glorifying death in anyway is reprehensible, but celebrating this kind of killing is truly disturbing,” said Mr. Scott. “I am calling on game players, parents and retailers to use common sense in controlling distribution of this game.” The video game allows players to role-play shooting gang members and police officers. It also gives players the option of using bystanders as human shields. “Relationships between police and communities should be strengthened, not eroded by these graphic and offensive images that are packaged as a game,” said Mr. Scott. “We need to be especially careful that our young children are protected from this kind of violence and negative themes.” Nova Scotia introduced a video game rating system in April 2005, which requires vendors to ask for identification when renting some games to younger players. “25 to Life” has been rated “Mature”, meaning only those 17 and older may rent the game. “I am calling on all retail outlets who sell and rent video games to abide by the law and ask for ID when the game is being purchased,” said Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, Minister of Environment and Labour. “Many games are not for people under the age of 17 and that is why we implemented a video game rating system in this province — to help retailers and the public know exactly what content is in the video.” The Department of Environment and Labour’s alcohol and gaming division regularly visits video game retailers to ensure compliance with the law. If a retailer is found to be in violation of the law, the department has the authority to give a warning or to suspend or revoke a licence. Ms. Bolivar-Getson said everyone from the industry — retailers, government and parents — have a role to play in ensuring the video games that young people buy or rent are suitable for their age.last_img read more

Awareness Campaign Geared Towards Women Mood Disorders

first_imgWomen now have new resources to help understand anxiety and mood disorders and are encouraged to seek help if they think they may have symptoms of the disorders. Fact sheets, calendars, magnets and posters were launched today, Oct. 6, as part of Mental Illness Awareness Week. The calendar showcases artwork of women who are affected by mental health and includes facts and tips about mood disorders and how to improve and maintain mental health. “Studies show that 16 per cent of women are affected by an anxiety disorder,” said Health Minister Chris d’Entremont. “Through this campaign, we want to encourage people to know the signs and symptoms and seek help early.” A study conducted by Université de Montréal found that women are twice as likely to suffer from health problems related to stress. Mental Illness Awareness Week raises awareness and reduces stigma to show that those living with a mental illness can lead full, rewarding and productive lives. Phase one of the women and mood disorders campaign was launched in May, with the release of a booklet containing stories of five woman and their recovery. About nine per cent of Nova Scotians report being depressed, according to a Statistics Canada survey, and fewer than 40 per cent do something about it. “We want to encourage women to be aware of their mental health and to seek help as soon as possible,” said Linda Smith, executive director of mental health, children’s services and addiction treatment at the Department of Health. The Department of Health developed these materials with input from people who have experienced mental health problems, psychologists, nurses and social workers as well as representatives of non-governmental organizations to increase awareness. The materials are available at www.nsdepression.ca .last_img read more

Province Supports United Nations Convention

first_imgNova Scotia’s Minister responsible for the Disabled Persons Commission, Denise Peterson-Rafuse, today, March 12, applauded Canada’s decision to ratify the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. “Nova Scotia is proud to be such a strong advocate for individual rights for persons with disabilities and we congratulate the government of Canada for ratifying this important convention,” said Ms. Peterson-Rafuse. By signing the convention, Canada is committed to upholding the rights of those with disabilities and supporting their full participation and integration in a community. The convention also guides future policies for the rights of the disabled. The Disabled Persons Commission represents the needs of the twenty per cent of Nova Scotians who live with one or more disabilities. The Department of Community Services also supports 5,000 individuals with disabilities through the Services for Persons with Disabilities program. The $220-million program provides day programs, residential options and in-home support services. “We are committed to providing the necessary support to help individuals with disabilities live as independently as possible in their own community,” said Ms. Peterson-Rafuse. “I look forward to working with the commission to ensure the full inclusion of individuals with disabilities in our society.” For more information on the Service for Persons with Disabilities Program, go to www.gov.ns.ca/coms . For more information on the convention, go to the United Nations Convention website at www.un.org/disabilities .last_img read more

Funding to Help Grow Mineral Sector

first_imgGovernment is advancing the provincial natural resources strategy, growing the economy and making it easier for prospectors and exploration companies to make new discoveries. Minister of Natural Resources Charlie Parker announced today, July 13, a grant program to attract new mineral exploration investment and help bring new projects closer to development. The program will fund exploration activities and provide training and business development to support industry. “This mineral incentive program will make our province more competitive with neighbouring provinces in attracting investments from a global industry and is expected to lead to new mineral discoveries and new mines and that means job creation in rural Nova Scotia,” said Mr. Parker. “With this announcement, we are ticking off yet another commitment met to move the natural resources strategy forward.” Grants of up to $100,000 will be available for advanced exploration projects, with program funding to be matched by the company or prospector. Grants of up to $15,000 will be available to eligible prospectors for preliminary mineral exploration activities. This year $700,000 has been budgeted for the program. Prospectors will also be eligible for funding to support introductory and continuing training on exploration techniques, safety, regulations and business development. “The new mineral incentive program could help prospectors andsmall exploration companies to discover and develop potential economic mineral deposits,” said Pat Mills, president the Mining Association of Nova Scotia. “We are very appreciative of government’s decision to implement this program which will assist in the earlier establishment of jobs and economic activity in rural Nova Scotia. This program will assist Nova Scotians to participate in the exploration and mining boom and resulting prosperity that is being experienced elsewhere in Canada.” Details and applications for funds are available at www.gov.ns.ca/natr/meb/nsmip/nsmip.asp .last_img read more

Working Group to Build on Energy Action Plan

first_img -30- A working group, led by Alberta Premier Alison Redford, Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Kathy Dunderdale and Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger, will work with provincial and territorial energy ministers to build on an energy plan developed by the Council of the Federation. The announcement was made today, July 27, at the council meeting in Halifax. For more information go to http://novascotia.ca/cof/docs/Energy-FINAL.pdflast_img

Traffic Advisory Provincewide

first_imgProvincewide: Ferry Service Update Based on meteorological reports, provincial ferry services are expected to be impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The Tancook ferry service has already been halted. Because of expected strong winds and severe marine conditions, people who use Nova Scotia’s ferries are advised to monitor the province’s emergency road condition phone service at 511 for possible service suspensions. -30-last_img

Minister Takes Provinces Energy Plan for Lowest Fairest Electricity Rates to Antigonish

first_imgEnergy Minister Charlie Parker was in Antigonish today, Feb. 21, to share details of government’s energy plan for the lowest, fairest electricity rates for Nova Scotians at an event sponsored by the Antigonish Chamber of Commerce. This is his second stop on a tour across the province to discuss the energy plan for addressing electricity rates, which he said can be summed up in five words: local, reliable, green, tax-free and efficient. “It is great to be able to speak to Nova Scotians in their communities about issues that are foremost in their minds and ways to address them,” said Mr. Parker. “At the event in Bridgewater yesterday, we heard from a lot of people who, like all Nova Scotians, are concerned about electricity rates.” “We have a realistic, forward-thinking, innovative, competitive, made-in Nova Scotia plan to ensure Nova Scotians pay the lowest, fairest electricity rates possible, now and in the future, and that is what we are talking to Nova Scotians about.” Nova Scotia’s energy plan for lowest fairest rates is already working and being felt across the province, including the benefit to homeowners of the removal of the provincial portion of the HST on home heating. Energy-related projects in the Antigonish region include several Communities Feed-in Tariff (COMFIT) Projects in the Guysborough area: Each megawatt of energy produced through COMFIT results in $2 million to $3 million of economic activity in the local community. Warden Lloyd Hines of the Municipality of the District of Guysborough said that COMFIT has helped create the right conditions in his community to generate their own clean electricity while creating jobs and helping the environment. “From a rural community perspective, we must take every opportunity to generate local investment opportunities through renewable energy projects and programs such as COMFIT,” said Mr. Hines. “Our community is very committed to generating our own clean electricity that will also help the environment and create local jobs.” Guysborough will see more wind energy development in the future. The Municipality of the District of Guysborough is leading the development of the 13.8-megawatt Sable Wind Project located near Canso, one of three large wind energy projects in the province. In total, the three projects are expected to result in $200 million of new investment. Mr. Parker and Energy deputy minister Murray Coolican also provided information and an overview of the Muskrat Falls/Maritime Link project. “This project is an important part of our energy plan for the lowest fairest rates for Nova Scotians,” said Mr. Parker. “It provides price stability on that block of power for 35 years and it gives us two connections to the North American grid, which improves reliability and promotes competition. “It will create jobs and economic development, and it enables further Atlantic energy co-operation. It is the best and lowest long-term cost option for the province to meet federal environmental requirements.” five 50-kilowatt turbines operated by the Municipality of the District of Guysborough – three in Middle Melford and two in Goldboro three turbines operated by Celtic Current in Mulgrave – two 50 kilowatt and one 2.3 megawatt a 50-kilowatt turbine operated by the Town of Mulgrave.last_img read more

Province Working to Reduce Heating Costs

first_imgSome Nova Scotians who heat their homes with oil will now have access to a cheap and easy way to convert to natural gas. The province and Heritage Gas have identified a safe and cost-effective way to convert an oil furnace to burn natural gas. Metro Burner Services, a local company that specializes in heating, can do the conversion in a way that meets national standards. “We are committed to making life better and more affordable for families,” said Labour and Advanced Education Minister Marilyn More. “We know that heating costs are one of the biggest expenses for families. By working with our partners in natural gas, we are providing Nova Scotians with a safe option to convert to this cost-effective heating source, helping them to reduce their monthly costs. “For those Nova Scotians in areas that have availability, who have done their homework and have decided to convert, we’ve simply removed some of the barriers.” In the past, Nova Scotians who wanted to convert from oil to natural gas would have to replace their whole heating system, costing around $12,000 to $15,000. Now, only the burner has to be replaced, providing the appliance meets certain conditions, costing around $3,000 to $4,000, according to Heritage Gas. “My husband and I are in the process of purchasing a home in a neighbourhood that has natural gas availability, but before today, we thought it was going to be too expensive to convert,” said Emily Moir, a homeowner in Bedford. “There is no sense having access to a cheap heating source if the tools needed to provide it are too expensive. It is great to see that government and the right people are working together to make natural gas more accessible to existing and new homeowners, like us.” Jim Bracken, president of Heritage Gas, said conversion costs are about a third of what they were a year ago. “We are very excited about helping homes and businesses reduce their energy costs with a more affordable solution. Be it a homeowner or a small business, we want our customers to enjoy the cost savings, the reliability and the environmental benefits of using clean energy like natural gas,” said Mr. Bracken. “The burner conversion makes this possible for more Nova Scotians. This was an important step that will significantly increase the number of people who choose to convert.” Heritage Gas will be attending this weekend’s Real Home Show at the Halifax Forum Complex where they will be providing information to homeowners about the new option that has dramatically reduced the costs to convert from oil to natural gas. The province also offers the Natural Gas Equipment Rebate Program to help residents and businesses in Nova Scotia convert to natural gas using the most efficient equipment available. The program aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing fuel use and by using lower carbon intensity fuel. The program also helps reduce dependence on costly imported energy products. The program is administered by Heritage Gas. Natural Gas is currently available in Halifax, Dartmouth and Amherst.last_img read more

Traffic Advisory Pictou County

first_imgPICTOU COUNTY: Trunk 6 Trunk 6 is closed in the River John area until 5 p.m. today, Aug. 7, because of an overturned truck. Traffic is being detoured through Mountain, Louisville and Barron roads. -30-last_img

2015 Johnstone Scholarship Awarded

first_imgA student from the Maritime Muslim Academy is the winner of a prestigious provincial scholarship recognizing leadership in multiculturalism and human rights. Aisha Abawajy received the $6,000 Dr. P. Anthony (Tony) Johnstone Memorial Entrance Scholarship yesterday, June 14, at her school’s graduation ceremony. Ms. Abawajy said receiving the scholarship is a step in creating a more inclusive and accepting world. “Education is key to creating equality in Canada,” she said. “I’ve followed my moral compass and my love for helping people and inspiring others to lead me to the path of success.” In her spare time, Ms. Abawajy volunteers as a teacher’s assistant, religious studies teacher, student council president, co-host for the student body morning news, a peer mentorship program co-ordinator and as an IWK youth volunteer. “Aisha Abawajy is a terrific role model for our young people,” said Labour and Advanced Education Minister Kelly Regan. “Her passion for human rights and volunteering in her community is obvious, and that dedication will serve her well in her future studies and career.” Ms. Abawajy will attend university in the fall, and plans to double major in computer science and political science. After graduation, she intends to pursue a law degree. The scholarship is a tribute to the late Tony Johnstone, a long-time educator and human rights advocate who devoted his life to promoting multicultural understanding and social equality. Applicants must be a Nova Scotian graduating from high school who is pursuing an undergraduate degree program at a Maritime university in the fall. Students considered must also demonstrate interest in multiculturalism and human rights. This year, 53 eligible applications were reviewed.last_img read more

Looking Inside a Small Option Home During the Holidays

first_imgTrevor had a busy Christmas with a long visit from his dad, Barry, and opening his presents. Trevor is one of many Nova Scotians with disabilities, who successfully moved into a small option home – and he and his dad couldn’t be happier. The small option home where he lives in Lower Sackville is the model for how Nova Scotians with disabilities can be supported to live as part of their communities. “Here, it is what a small option should be – a home – with more one-on-one interaction with the staff and the residents,” said Barry, delighted to talk about his son’s story. Just before Trevor received a placement at his current house, he lived in a unit with about six other residents as part of the Community Transition Program. Prior to that, for about 14 years, he lived at a larger facility with many more residents. “They took good care of him, but I found, in a lot of cases, he would spend a considerable amount of time in his room,” said Barry. “I don’t think he had a whole lot of interaction with people over there. They didn’t have as much one-on-one time with staff.” In describing Trevor’s transition, Barry said, “There’s no comparison, really. Here, Trevor gets to choose when he wants to eat breakfast.” At the small option home, Trevor has two roommates, one of whom he has known for decades. They don’t talk to each other much, but when his roommates are gone, he’ll ask about them constantly. The house looks like any other house. It has a large, open, common area with a kitchen, dining room, and living room. Each resident has his own room, and there is a separate recreation room. “It really feels like a home here,” said Yvette, who works with Trevor regularly. “As a person that comes in to help everybody every day, the layout of this place is fantastic. For keeping an eye on the client it’s excellent. If I’m cooking supper, they’re in the living room, or the rec room, or their rooms – it’s an easy go.” Yvette says that the small option home model is ideal for getting clients out and into the community. “Trevor likes the bus. We’ll go into the Halifax Shopping Centre and we’ll pop in for a pop and a doughnut. We keep taking him out, and now he’s used to the crowds. He’s much better at it now.” Four people work in support roles at Trevor’s home. Yvette explained that the workers don’t just support the clients, they also support each other. “No two people are the same. You just work with them. This house has been fun, and I love the different houses that I work in.” Barry agreed. “I find that in this line of work, the people are special. They really are. They look after these lads and ladies. It’s fantastic, and they look after him well, very well. I’m quite sure there are more people who would thrive in a home setting.” Community Services is working with the province’s eight Adult Residential Centres and Regional Rehabilitation Centres to determine the best way to transition people like Trevor and his roommates into community living. Most members of the ARC-RRC Association (Adult Residential Centres and Regional Rehabilitation Centres) already operate community homes. The Breton Ability Centre in Sydney recently expanded their learning and development centre to focus more on preparing their program participants to move into the community. “We’re moving toward community-based homes because Nova Scotians with disabilities and their families want to be supported to live active lives as part of their communities,” said Joe Rudderham, executive director of the Disability Support Program at Community Services. “That’s why we’re working with the ARC-RRC Association, staff, and families to fully understand what we need to have in place as we move away from the larger residential settings and transition people slowly and safely into the community. We need to listen to our program participants and their families as we progress through planning eventual program closures.” The Disability Support Program is transforming to better serve Nova Scotians who need support. It will take time, but Trevor’s story is what success will look like. For Trevor, living in a small option home has given him the opportunity to live the way he wants to. “He has a favourite chair. Sometimes he goes in the other room and puts on his favourite movie, Grease. He had a copy of it way back in the day on VHS, but apparently, they wore it right out,” Barry said. “Staff will take him out for van rides, and that always includes a stop at Tim Hortons for a Pepsi and a Boston cream doughnut. Thursdays, he goes into Halifax for swims. He doesn’t swim, but he plays in the water. Saturdays, they go over to Alexandra’s Pizza for supper. “One day Trevor and I walked down to the bus depot and we scooted in to Spring Garden Road. We ended up walking down to the Tim Hortons at Young and Kempt because the Timmy’s on Spring Garden was full. It was quite a little hike, but we had a nice lunch, and then we made our way home. It was an adventure.” -30-last_img read more

Pragya appears in NIA court says didnt know about Malegaon blast

first_imgMumbai: BJP MP Pragya Singh Thakur Friday appeared before a special court here in connection with the 2008 Malegaon blast case, after failing twice this week to do so.When Special NIA Judge V S Padalkar asked the saffron-clad Thakur if she has to say anything about the blast, she said, “I don’t know.” Supported by two aides while entering the court, Thakur appeared before the special NIA Judge as per the direction of the court which is conducting trial in the 11-year-old case. Besides her, other accused in the case also attended the court. Also Read – Pak activated 20 terror camps & 20 launch pads along LoCThe judge read out his order to the accused where he directed them to be present in the court at least once a week. He said the court has till now examined 116 witnesses, including doctors and ‘panchas’ (a category of witnesses). During most of the hearings in the past, the accused were represented in the court by their advocates. After reading out his order, the judge called Thakur and another accused Sudhakar Dwivedi to the witness box. Citing statements of witnesses, the judge asked them whether they were aware that a bomb blast had taken place at Malegaon in North Maharashtra in September 2008 where six people were killed. Also Read – Two squadrons which participated in Balakot airstrike awarded citationsTo this, Thakur replied, “Mujhe jankari nahi hai (I have no information about it).” Dwivedi gave a similar answer. When asked about the proceeding in the case, the 49-year-old MP said she was not aware about the number of witnesses examined by the court. A red velvet cloth was put on the bench, where the accused sit, for Thakur to sit comfortably. When the judge called her to the witness box to stand till the order is passed she said she will stand leaning by the window instead of sitting in the chair given by the court. This was Thakur’s first appearance before the court after being elected to the Lok Sabha from Bhopal last month. The last time was during the framing of charges in the case in October last year. Judge Padalkar had last month directed all the accused, including Thakur, to appear before the court at least once a week.The judge then had said an exemption from appearance would be granted only if cogent reasons were submitted. The court is currently recording the testimony of witnesses in the case. Seven persons, including Thakur and Lt Col Prasad Purohit, are facing trial in the case.last_img read more

I get scared when critics give good reviews to my films says

first_imgMumbai: Salman Khan says his validation of doing a good film comes solely from the box office collections but when critics praise his movies, he feels “scared”. The actor, who had a major career turnaround with “Wanted” in 2009 which was followed by “Dabangg”, said public acceptance is the ultimate verdict for him. “My validation comes from the box office collections… that the people have liked or not liked a film. It doesn’t make a difference if someone (a critic) has given it so many stars (ratings) or ridiculed the film. Also Read – ‘Will be acting till I die’ “It’s their bread and butter. God bless them, give them two more (slices of) bread,” Salman said in a group interview. Asked how he feels when the critics give glorious reviews to his films, the actor said he is unable to wrap his head around it. “I get scared. That why did they give (those star ratings) because their thinking never matches with the audience. Then I wonder ‘oh what if this doesn’t do well’. But the reason I do the kind of movies I do is because I loved the scripts. Also Read – ‘Always looking for that one great love’ “I want people to come inside the theatre and forget about their life. Enjoy the film. Take away the heroism or leave the theatre becoming a good person. These are the things I follow while doing a film,” he said. Salman is currently elated with the response to his latest, “Bharat” which released last week on Eid. Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, the film also features Katrina Kaif and Sunil Grover. The 53-year-old actor said it is the “best Eidi” his fans have given him. “I am very happy with the film doing really well and everyone’s work is being appreciated… Success of every film is very important. ‘Bharat’ is a film that we have given our lives for, like every other film.” The film, a remake of the 2014 Korean drama “An Ode To My Father”, is set against the backdrop of Partition 1947. Salman said the emotions in a scene must speak to him in order for him to be able to make the audience believe in it. “There are lots of times when a scene is written, I don’t feel it. Then I sit with the writer, director and work on the scene till I don’t feel it. This is the quality of a bad actor,” he said. “If you give Mr (Amitabh) Bachchan, Yusuf sahab (Dilip Kumar) any scene, may be the most ridiculous scene, they’ll own their scenes, make them believable. They will get that amount of heroism, emotion or comedy from a bad scene. For me, I really have to work on these things,” he added.last_img read more

Delhi University releases revised eligibility criteria for UG courses

first_imgNew Delhi: Following the order of the court, the University of Delhi has uploaded the revised eligibility criteria for the admission to the undergraduate course in the varsity of 2019-20 for academic session in a PDF version on its official website. According to information mentioned in it, aspirants who scored 45 percent in their class 12 examination can apply for Bachelor of Arts (BA) excluding the vocational courses and student with 40 percent can opt for Bachelor of Commerce. Further, for B.Sc (Mathematics/Statistics) applicants who have scored 50 percent marks in Mathematics and an aggregate of 45 percent in the qualifying examination can fill the application form. Also Read – Kejriwal ‘denied political clearance’ to attend climate meet in DenmarkThe new eligibility norms of DU Admission 2019 was released against the scrapped rule, which mandated applicants to score a minimum of 55 percent marks in class 12 result. The official notification concerning revised eligibility criteria for DU Admission 2019 can be read by browsing the Delhi University official website. The University of Delhi has also extended the application process for undergraduate courses till June 22 on complying with order of Delhi High Court. Earlier, the last day for submission of application form was June 14. Also Read – Bangla Sahib Gurudwara bans use of all types of plastic items”It is also to notify to all the applicants seeking admissions to various undergraduate (UG) courses for the academic session 2019-2020 at the University of Delhi that the Registration Portal (http://ug.du.ac.in) neither calculate any marks for the “Best Four” subjects nor for any other purpose. Only the marks on pro-rata basis are shown. There is no ‘On-line Calculator’; however, ‘Eligibility Check Tool’ will be implemented at the time of Admissions. The official said that following the step at website, browse the banner headline reading on ” corrigendum: Eligibility Criteria for UG admission 2019-20 and later on the new window with revised eligibility criteria will open in PDF.” He also added that aspirant need to download and save a copy of the revised eligibility for future reference.last_img read more

2013 Edesmeta Massacre CBI takes over probe registers case

first_imgNew Delhi: The CBI has now registered a case in connection with the killing of up to eight tribal people and the death of one police personnel in Chhattisgarh’s Bijapur district on May 7, 2013, during a combined operation by state police, CRPF, and CoBRA.While the Chhattisgarh government had formed a Special Investigative Team (SIT) to probe the incident, often referred to as the ‘Edesmeta massacre’, the Supreme Court had earlier this year directed the CBI to take over the case and conduct the investigation in an expeditious manner. Also Read – How a psychopath killer hid behind the mask of a devout laity!The Apex court had also directed that the CBI team probing the case should not have any officer from the state of Chhattisgarh. The Supreme Court had earlier heard a plea filed by Degree Prasad Chouhan, a government school teacher in Chhattisgarh, who had initially requested the formation of an SIT. The Bench of Justice L Nageswara Rao and Justice MR Shah also directed the State of Chhattisgarh to file an affidavit informing the court about the progress made by the SIT. Also Read – Encounter under way in Pulwama, militant killedPursuant to this order, the Additional Superintendent of Police in Bijapur filed an affidavit, saying that only five witnesses had been examined by the SIT, other than the ones examined by the investigating officer earlier. The court had said that it was not satisfied with the SIT’s progress since 2014 and entrusted the probe to the CBI. The incident refers to a shootout in Edesmeta village in Bijapur district, where a combing operation by state police, CRPF, and CoBRA allegedly led to an encounter with Maoists in the area. Then Additional Director General of Police in the area had reportedly said that eight villagers had died in cross-firing, some of whom were allegedly Naxals. The police personnel who lost his life in the incident was identified as Devprakash Singh, of the CoBRA battalion 208. Interestingly, the CBI’s FIR in the case does not mention the deaths of the villagers during this incident. It refers to the incident as one where “an attack on a police party which resulted in the death of one police personnel”.last_img read more

To fight dengue and chikungunya Delhi govt releases Rs 109 cr to

first_imgNEW DELHI: The Delhi government has released Rs 109 crore to all three municipal corporations here for dealing with vector borne diseases, such as dengue and chikungunya, in the ongoing monsoon season. According to the government, the funds have been released following the direction of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal to the urban development department.Kejriwal directed the department to tell the BJP-led three municipal corporations –south, north and east –that there should be no excuse in dealing with dengue and chikungunya. Also Read – Gurdwara Bangla Sahib bans single use plasticIn a statement, the government said Kejriwal directed the department to take all necessary steps to ensure proper utilisation of funds so that preventive steps, like house-to-house visits of MCDs staff to check spread of mosquitoes, are carried out. In a statement released to media, the Chief Minister’s Office claimed the amount would be shared between the three MCDs with North MCD getting Rs 57.15 crore, East MCD Rs 28.40 crore and the South MCD Rs 23.57 crore to tackle the diseases. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderIn the past, the AAP government and the BJP-led municipal corporations have been at loggerheads on a range of issues, including strike of sanitation workers due to lack of funds. Apart from this, under the education head, the government has released around Rs 46.75 crore to East, North and South MCDs. North Delhi Municipal Corporation and East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) have got Rs 12.5 crore and Rs 22.5 crore respectively while the SDMC has been given Rs 11.75 crore under same head. Kejriwal asked the department to tell the MCDs that “maintenance of public health is their mandatory function as defined in the Delhi Municipal Corporations (DMC) Act,” and when enough fund was being provided ahead of time there should now be no excuse in effectively dealing with the diseases. The Chief Minister said the fund shortage should not be an excuse for lack of preparation for prevention of vector-borne diseases in Delhi.last_img read more

9 trains diverted due to flood

first_imgNew Delhi: Indian railways diverted at least nine trains due to flood on the Samastipur-Darbhanga section on Samastipur Division, officials said on Tuesday. The 12562 New Delhi-Jayanagar S. Senani express train commencing on July 30 will be diverted to run via Varanasi-Gorakhpur-Paniahwa-Narkatiaganj-Sikta-Raxaul-Sitamarhi-Darbhanga. Likewise the 15211 Darbhanga-Amritsar Jan Nayak express train commencing on July 31 will be diverted to run via Sitamarhi-Raxaul-Sagauli. Also Read – Uddhav bats for ‘Sena CM’They further said that the 15212 Amritsar-Darbhanga Jan Nayak Express train commencing on July 30 will be diverted to run via Sagauli-Raxaul-Sitamarhi-Darbhanga. The 14674 Amritsar-Jayanagar Shaheed Express train Journey commencing on July 30 will be diverted to run via Gorakhpur-Paniahwa-Narkatiaganj-Sikta-Sitamarhi-Darbhanga. The 14673 Jayanagar-Amritsar Shaheed Express train journey commencing on July 31 will be diverted to run via Sitamarhi-Sikta-Nakatiaganj-Paniahwa-Gorakhpur. The 19166 Darbhanga-Ahmedabad Sabarmati Express train commencing on July 31 will be diverted to run via Sitamarhi-Sikta-Nakatiaganj-Paniahwa-Gorakhpur-Barabanki. Also Read – Farooq demands unconditional release of all detainees in J&KThe official said the 12566 New Delhi-Darbhanga Bihar Sampark Kranti Express train commencing on July 30 will be diverted to run via Gorakhpur-Paniahwa-Narkatiaganj-Sikta-Sitamarhi. The 12565 Darbhanga-New Delhi Bihar Sampark Kranti Express train Journey commencing on 31.07.2019 will be diverted to run via Sitamarhi-Sikta-Narkatiaganj-Paniahwa-Gorakhpur. Likewise, the 12561 Jayanagar-New Delhi S.Senani Express train Journey Commencing on 31.07.2019 will be diverted to run via Darbhanga-Sitamarhi-Sikta-Narkatiaganj-Paniahwa-Gorakhpur-Varanasi.last_img read more